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Our recent post about the Millyard Viper V10 motorcycle started our curiosity regarding such huge powerplants being mounted on vehicles that are supposed to be fast, but also very agile. Our luck was to come across yet another two-wheeler powered by the same 8.0-litre V10 engine donated by a Dodge Viper car. It seems that this is a Boss Hoss motorcycle (originally powered a V8 engine) that got a serious upgrade.

The pictures were taken a few years back in Daytona, so it seems that the V10 thought has been haunting innovative minds for quite a while now. They actually show a nice (big, but nice) looking bike with a supercar (instead of muscle car) engine, but that’s pretty much it. Should I even remind you that Allen Millyard’s bike is an entirely new creation?

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If you are looking for a better interpretation for “safe riding”, it is very likely that this armored Boss Hoss motorcycle qualifies for the perfect thing. Let’s say you’re pretty good at riding and the problem for you now isn’t keeping your butt on the bike, but protecting yourself and the machine from a weapon assault let’s say.

Hollywood stuntman and inventor Eddie Paul has designed the “Secret Weapon” which is basically a Boss Hoss motorcycle covered in thick metal body parts positioned at an angle for maximum deflection (just like on tanks) and featuring a Lexan bullet-proof windscreen. The thing even features two 7.62mm electrically driven rotating Gatling guns (replicas, of course).

The only question here is: If the bike on which you plan to ride, do stunts or show off looks like that, what does gearing up for riding imply?

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A more appropriate title for this video would be “Everything about Boss Hoss Motorcycles and Trikes straight from the source”, but that’s a little too long so we’ll simply say here that Rad Hunsley explains the benefits and features of the Boss Hoss product.

Here are the answers to the most frequent questions about this bike.

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Cars especially made for those with disabilities are nothing out of the ordinary, but the American bike builder that broke all the possible rules has done it again, creating a trike especially for people who spend their lives in wheelchairs. Starting from the idea that everybody should be able to benefit of the Boss Hoss V8 rumble, the innovative manufacturer practically transformed their trike. A lift was added as well as hand controls and that was enough to make handicapped people (...)
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Boss Hoss Cycles, manufacturer of America’s ultimate V8 powered cycles, will ride their way into Ripley, TN on April 14 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Big Daddy Choppers. Come experience the mind-blowing Boss Hoss bikes and trikes, check out Boss Hoss merchandise, partake in a charity poker run and enjoy food, drinks and live bands at 423 South Washington Street, Ripley, TN, 38063. For riders who won’t be able to make it to a national bike rally this year, the PowerTour is an excellent opportunity (...)

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