Brammo Enertia

Brammo Enertia

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The Brammo Enertia Plus is the pumped up version of the standard Enertia model. This electric motorcycle is fitted with a stronger lithium-ion battery that offers a maximum range of 80 miles – 40 miles more than the standard Enertia.

In terms of design, the Enertia Plus shares the same body lines with its sibling. However, it can be easy recognized by its different paint job and graphics.

The motorcycle is equipped with a high output sealed brushless permanent magnet AC motor which cranks out a maximum output of 13 kW @ 4500 rpm and 40 Nm of torque available between 0 - 1450 rpm.

For enhanced agility in the city, the Brammo Enertia Plus also comes with a tighter turning radius.

As far as prices are concerned, the Brammo Enertia Plus can be yours for no less than $10,995.

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Brammo is one of the most popular electric motorcycle manufacturers. The company earned a favorable reputation in the world of electric two wheelers as its products are reliable and well built.

The Enertia Plus was always considered one of the most capable models in the company’s lineup and there is no wonder why, as it delivers strong performances and offers a pretty good handling. Furthermore, the bike has also received a set of significant upgrades for 2013.

One of the most important modifications is the new 6 kWh battery which increases range from 40 to 80 miles. It is the same battery system, developed during the company’s TT racing project, that will power the new Empulse 6.0. The bike has also received a tighter turning radius and new colors combined with the latest Brammo graphics.

For the moment, there aren’t revealed any official price specifications for the new Brammo Enertia Plus, but we can expect to be priced below $5000.

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There’s no question that the Brammo Enertia was built for one purpose: produce grins for newbie and experienced motorcyclists.

This bike is poised to become a popular ride, thanks to some of the best features you’ll find on the market, particularly a promise from Brammo that the Enertia comes with a quiet sound and zero-emissions.

All that can be achieved by a tuned exhaust barking a staccato note from a high-compression engine with the Enertia’s whirring 72-volt, brushless DC motor and 428 gauge DID chain. Sprockets are practically all you hear other than the wind rushing past your helmet. This feature fits the people who don’t like the noise.

Brammo’s zero-emission bike is promising to be a real motorcycle that offers a deep hue of environmentally-friendly greenness, making up for any apparent performance shortcomings. Even if its juice comes from coal-fired power grids, its pollution footprint is but a fraction of catalytic-converter-equipped motorcycles, which is always a good thing.

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On October 13, Brian Wismann, the director of product development at Brammo Inc. and Dave Schiff of Crispin Porter Bugosky have started a road trip from Ann Arbor, MI to Washington, DC. Their goal for the ten-day journey is to raise awareness of electric bikes with Brammo’s Enertia model, which has a 42-mile range and needs four hours to fully charge its six lithium ion batteries.

Considering the 520 miles that need to be covered, the guys will have plenty of time to familiarize people with their $11,995 powercycle. Yes, it is damn expensive, but considering that it only consumes $4 worth of electricity (for the specified trip), it should pay itself back in time and, preferably, during shorter distances and implicit fewer stops (after all, we do live in the century of speed).

Speaking of power, the Brammo Enertia has a 13kW electric motor, which powers it to a top speed of 60 mph. I wonder what the President will think about it. Meanwhile click pass the break to check out the video or go to, where the entire journey is being chronicled.

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After gaining popularity by racing the Enertia TTR sportbike at this year’s Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, Brammo announces that their bikes are now available at select Best Buy stores.

Brammofan blog was already interested in the subject and after reporting that the Enertia TTR racers were on display at select West Coast Best Buy stores, they started to dig deeper into it. So they went at the Cascade Station Best Buy in Portland, Oregon to take this picture of the bike and also to find out that there are three in stock. Those having a license with a motorcycle endorsement can take the electric bikes for a spin, but hopefully without trying to imitate the way professional racers rode the bikes back in June. Still, we’ve added a video of the Brammo Enertia TTR at the Isle of Man TTX GP in order to start your interest even more.

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It might seem that some things are there to look the same for ever and ever, but life is no fairy tale and as things are evolving, people are trying to reinvent the past with what they got on their hands now. For instance, Brammofan has come up with a very interesting way to promote the famous Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle with excellent results. People are sending in Photoshop creations such as the “Enertiaryder” and the “Terminator Enertia” as part of a contest that they have going on. Any ideas from you?

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Brammo plans to sell their Enertia electric motorcycle for $12,000 in five West Coast stores in May. Considering the great number of visitors for a single Best Buy location, such as the one in West Hollywood which sees approximately 7 million customers a year, we can’t help being impressed by their distribution network and check their plans for the future. Brammo currently works at a two-seat model which will join the Enertia at the 1,200 Best Buy locations in the US and other 1,500 ones throughout Europe and China as soon as it will be released next year.

Enertia’s electric powerplant develops 28lb. ft of torque which gets the bike up to no more than 53 mph while the battery only keeps up for 45 miles. So there’s no obvious reason why people would buy it, especially over the much cheaper, torquier (50 lb.ft) and lighter (129 lbs less) 2009 Zero S electric supermoto , just to give an example, but I bet it will sell successfully (it’s human nature, I guess).

Their future model is claimed to achieve a top speed of 75 mph and have a 100-mile range so they clearly know where they’re wrong and consistently work to improve their products.

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