Buell 1125CR

Buell 1125CR

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Buell likes to consider the 1125CR a modern day café racer and while the perfect blending of class-leading performance with sinister styling and a wicked attitude to push the boundaries of the streetfighter category means they’re not at all far from the truth, we’ll just go ahead and say that this bike is close to being the ultimate in streetfighter performance and style. What qualifies it is the fact that it is pretty much a stripped down 1125R (a veritable superbike).

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In 2009, Buell offers the same diversified lienup featuring unique models that are now improved and which won’t pass unnoticed no matter what. But, one particular model does attract our attention for being brand new: the 2009 Buell 1125CR is a good looking derivation from the now notorious 1125R superbike model built in the United States.

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