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US stunt rider Chris McNeil recently got his skillful hands on a pair of new wheels and smoked the hell out of them. More precisely, he performed slides, stunts and wheelies on BMW’s superbike, the 190bhp S1000RR .

The bike appears to be adequate for such a rough treatment as in a very short amount of time McNeil managed to do great part of his worming up routine. Watch the video after the break.

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Master of backflips Travis Pastrana together with Ken Block and the guys at DC shoes have come up with a unique customization idea for the FMX Suzuki bike ridden by Travis. They thought at getting rid of the tires (they were too comfortable anyway) and slip the bike into something more stylish, like these pares of shoes. Said and done! The bike is featured in a DC ad and on an episode of MTV’s Nitro Circus, where you can see Travis doing a backflip and finally tearing the rear wheel apart in one of the sickest burnouts we’ve seen in a long time. See it all for yourself in the video attached after the jump.

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A weekend burnout contest ended up in disaster for two motorcycles involved in a head-to-head round.

The Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP belonging to Neil de Jersey burst into flames at the end of his burnout and soon lit up the rival’s GSX-R too, but not that bad.

The irony of this whole thing is that the winner got itself a set of new tyres, but a roasted bike and legs. He’s probably out of the hospital by now.

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Burnout contests are highly popular in the U.S. and they usually feature normal and supercharged cars and motorcycles as main attractions of the shows. But very often we find that trucks are starting to make things foggy with their four-wheel burnouts and now, this go cart is the latest unique appearance.

It is posted on the motorcycle section of the site because the engine working that magic comes from a supersport motorcycle (check out the way it sounds), and the heart is everything.

Blow out those tires grandpa!

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Computer games have their small monsters in the closet, but Hollywood beats them all. There can be no bigger proof than the scene in Mission Impossible 2 in which Ethan Hunt races around on a Triumph and competition soon arrives on a Suzuki.

Bullets, burnouts, jumps, everything was there for a box-office success. You don’t see this being done any more, but you can’t really say you loved it, don’t you?

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After the unveiling in Madrid a few days ago the Star V-Max makes a whole new entry, which I can say is more characteristic to a muscle bike. Words of presentation seemed to be in vain as the public goes crazy when the beast roars as it does an amazing burnout, proving it has got the torque and horsepower to shred that massive rear tire in an instant.

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