Can-Am Spyder

Can-Am Spyder

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The Can-Am Spyder RS-S is an innovative three wheeler packed with a comprehensive list of features which further enhance its already sporty character.

Among them you’ll find a Vehicle Stability System, Brembo brakes, a new arirflow side panel system, cruise control and a modern anti theft system.

Once on board you are welcomed by a comfy seat, digital gauges and a sporty handlebar. You also get 12 Gallons (44 L) of storage volume.

This unique machine rides on new machined 6 twin-spoke carbon black front wheels wrapped in 165 / 55 R15 tires and a rear 15 X 7 inch rim shod in a 225 / 50 R15 tire.

As far as power is concerned, the Can-Am Spyder RS-S sports a 998c, Rotax V-Twin, liquid-cooled engine with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control. The engine develops a maximum power of 100 Hp (74.5 KW) at 7500 rpm and 80 Lb-Ft. (108 Nm) of torque at 5000 rpm.

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The 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT is a comfortable three wheeler built with agility in mind. It is fitted with automotive inspired technologies and offers generous storage places, top notch ergonomics and a comprehensive list of special features that make it a highly desirable machinery.

Among the features offered by the Can-AM Spyder RT you’ll find a Vehicle Stability System, a manual or semi-automatic transmission and an AM / FM audio system with iPod integration.

Power comes from a Rotax 1330 ACE, in-line 3 cylinders, liquid-cooled engine with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control. The unit delivers a maximum power of 115 Hp (85.8 KW) at 7250 RPM and 96 Lb-Ft. (130.1 Nm) of torque at 5000 RPM. As far as efficiency is concerned, the Can-Am Spyder RT can ride up to 252 miles at 62 mph (406 km at 100 km/h) on one tank.

The Can-Am Spyder RT is offered with a base price of $22,999.

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The Can-Am Spyder roadster is a three-wheeled vehicle which has generated massive interest ever since it was unveiled. It is powered by a Rotax® 990 V-Twin engine produced by BRP Rotax. The engine delivers 106 hp and sprints the machine from 0 to 60 mph in 4,5 seconds.

Given these facts, the manufacturer has released two long safety videos explaining how the Can-AM Spyder should and shouldn’t be operated, in what conditions and what makes the rider authorized to make use of this trike on public roads.

We find these videos very helpful for all owners of three-wheeled vehicles, not only those of the Spyder, and stand by the idea of manufacturers offering this kind of support material; it really shows how dedicated they are to satisfying their customers.

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Can-Am has issued a recall for a number of 12,500 Spyders manufactured between July 2007 and May 2009 because of an apparent problem to the vehicle’s power steering system. This has reportedly caused at least three light injuries because, as stated in the recall notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "the operator of an involved vehicle may need to exert a force greater than expected to initiate the turning of the steering handlebar off centre in order to correct vehicle drift from a straight line path."

The Canadian Press< dig deeper into this aspect and gave the company’s spokeswoman Johanne Denault the opportunity to make things sound less dangerous… "The vehicle is not going to start zig zagging, it’s only a small drift", she said.

Although they don’t mention in what the correction of this problem consists, the suppliers of the power steering system (Kongsberg Inc.) are left with paying the repairs. Owners must contact Bombardier Recreational Products at 1-866-767-0707 or go to their local dealers to have their rides inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

No less than 9,932 possibly affected Can-Am Spyders were sold in the United States.

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