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Celebrity Cars

We’re not here to do or say anything perverse, but the fact that one of the sexiest and most beautiful women on the planet is doing an ad campaign with Harley Davidson makes it a little harder for us to control the urge to salivate at our keyboards.

That being said, we’re going to resist the urge and adhere to a little self-control. So Harley Davidson , as if they needed any more promotion and marketing, went out and got one of the most gorgeous pieces of eye candy in the world to promote "Start Something", a series that pretty much invites everybody to ride a motorcycle by debunking all those reasons people might have in opting for safer modes of transportation. While we’re already safely on Harley’s side of the fence, there are still people - especially men - that have erred on the side of caution when it comes to riding motorcycles. To those men, Harley Davidson would like you to meet Marisa Miller. And if this drop-dead vixen can’t get you to ride a motorcycle within a week’s time, chances are, you won’t ever do it.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of how the shoot came to be. Word of warning, though. We’re not claiming responsibility if your computer decides to overheat due to the video’s steaminess.

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As you all know, the world has heard hundreds of legends about Count Dracula and vampires, but they all have something in common – the Bran Castle in Transylvania. Famous trial rider Julien Dupont went to the Bran Castle not only to see if these legends are true, but also to ride his bike in the castle’s yard.

Even though the legends about Dracula have been circulating for around 500 years, this character remains alive not only for tourists, but also for writers who see it perfect for a new book or a new movie scenario.

Julien has heard numerous legends circulating around the Bran Castle, but only one caught the most of his attention. It seems that not far from the castle there is a cross which turns those who touch it into fearless persons. Just what Julien needed in order to pull out the most amazing tricks.

So Julien Dupont searched the respective cross on the hill near the castle, touched it and the legend turned out to be true – Julien became fearless and went crazy around Bran Castle.

But, a mystery remains…will Julien eventually turn into a vampire or not? Find out the answer by watching the video after the jump.

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It looks like Castrol is willing to pay a great deal of money to celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo to help promote their lubricants. In this recent TV ad, they’re somehow trying to make a connection between their Castrol Power 1, a Honda CBR600RR and football. You decide if everything turns out for the best as we’re just surprised to see a motorcycle being used to play football with for the first time.

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Indiana’s Criminal Justice Institute has started a motorcycle safety campaign called Ride Safe Indiana, which for now consists in a couple of videos showing 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden advising bikers to go easy on the throttle and always wear their gear. Both videos are also based on the power of example, meaning you’ll see some of Hayden’s most serious crashes. Follow the jump to see the videos.

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Spanish actor Antonio Banderas officially presented yesterday in Madrid his Moto2 team called Jack&Jones by Antonio Banderas, which will compete in the Moto2 World Championship.

The 49-year-old Hollywood star is no stranger to motorcycles as he bought his first motorcycle more than 30 years ago and can now brag about a decent collection involving all types of motorcycles from touring to dirt ones.

Banderas about his passion for motorcycles and racing: “I am a motorcycle lover, and I’ve been a big fan in recent years. This gave me the opportunity to compete on the inside and I didn’t have to think about it!”

For the 2010 World Championship, which will debut this weekend in Qatar, Banderas hired riders Kenny Noyes and Joan Olivé and says: “I want to be involved with the team where the riders, both Joan and Kenny, have everything they need to compete at the highest level.”

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Take a look at this picture and start being jealous on the rich and famous who know how to spend their money! It shows Brad Pitt, who is a big fan of custom motorcycles, test riding his latest hand-built chopper from Roland Sands Design.

The hardtail, one-off creation looks light and nimble, definitely the kind of ride a Hollywood celebrity would cruise the LA streets on.

Wearing a full-face helmet and sun glasses, Pitt shows he isn’t out for showing off, but definitely enjoying his new exquisite motorcycle without the paparazzi spotting him. Maybe next time he’ll manage to lose them.

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Motorcycle designer and builder Andrew Morris is the kind of fan that gets stuff done from special reasons and he recently presented his 250bhp turbocharged tribute to Barry Sheene at Goodwood. The bike is called the Icon Sheene and dubbed ‘the ultimate road bike’. A simple look at it is what it takes to understand why.

When asked about his favorite Grand Prix motorcycle road racer Morris said: “Barry Sheene was a hero – of mine and everyone else. I believe the Icon Sheene is a fitting tribute to this remarkable man and I’m very fortunate to have his family’s backing for the project.”

Source: MCN
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Yamaha Supercross rider James “Bubba” Steward will have his own show called Bubba’s World on FELD Motor Sports and we just came across the recently released trailer indicating March 28th as the date of the premiere. We wish Steward good luck and plenty of fun with his TV career, but we can’t see him giving the sound of a cheering crowd over big audience figures any time soon.

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The Yamaha R1 Rossi Edition is a one-off custom motorcycle that will go up for charity auction right after its customizers “give it wide exposure.” The bike was created by a team led by Don Emde, 1972 Daytona 200 winner and founder of US based fundraiser Friends of Riders for Health, to raise money for the official MotoGP charity.

It was an expensive project achieved using aftermarket parts supplied by different manufacturers such as Rolands Sands (the aluminum wheels), Akrapovic (the Evolution exhaust system) and Ohlins (the FGRT808 front suspension and TTX rear).

Valentino Rossi’s AGV ‘Five Continents’ graphics done by Pole Position Racing Service in Italy make it a “Rossi bike” and all these changes bring it much closer to the race track rather than the street but, just for the record, The Doctor’s R1 is also street legal.

Although the bidding day hasn’t been announced yet, Emde told MCN: “One thing I want to have in place would be the ability for anyone to bid on the machine, via online or some off-site methods. That would be something we would announce on the website, www.friendsofriders.org

Source: MCN

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