Celebrity Cars

Celebrity Cars

We know its already the middle of the year, but then again, it’s never too early to change that calendar you have hanging on your wall. If you’re like any warm-blooded man with a penchant for high-powered bikes and bikini-clad vixens, then we suggest that you take a good look at what you can get with the new 2012 Iron & Lace Calendar.

Featuring a 16-month look at the world’s top American V-Twin and custom bikes together with sexy centerfold models in revealing lingerie, the 2012 Iron & Laces Calendar will give you all the visual eye candy you need on a month-to-month basis. The fact that it can tell you what day it is is just an added bonus.

The photos are the work of noted photographer, Jim Gianatsis, and it comes with some of the world’s finest customized bikes from the 2010 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show and the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Among the steel steeds included in the calendar include the "Beezerker" from Chris Flechtner and Speed Shop Design, the "Veon" from Freddie ’Krugger’ Bertrand and Krugger Motorcycles from Germany, and the Metric V-Twin winner "Kimosabe" built by Jim Guffaw.

There are plenty more award-winning bikes included in the calendar and all of them come with some of the most beautiful women on the planet, including Hustler’s Barley Legal centerfold and adult film star Bree Daniels, Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer, Playboy Special Edition models Tiffany Toth and Laya Bella, and Hollywood movie starlets Jennifer Englund, Sara Balint and Candise Lakota.

The calendar’s 16-month spread begins in September 2011 all the way up to December 2012, making for one of the most eye-catching calendars you can ever have. They’re printed in full color on 15x15-inch dull coated heavy art board and wire spiral bound with a hang clip for easy wall display and page turning and sealed in a clear plastic envelope with cardboard stiffer for easy protection.

For the affordable price of just $16.95, you can have own this smoking hot calendar. All you have to do is head over to www.fastdates.com or call their toll-free number, 1-800 461-1226.

The next Dark Knight film, "The Dark Knight Rises," will star Anne Hathaway as the Catwoman. Okay, maybe she is not the best actress to play a badass woman-turned-feline, but she still looks pretty hot and this is illustrated in the new Warner Bros image released featuring Catwoman riding a fascinating looking Bat-Pod motorcycle.

The Bat-pod debuted for the first time back in the 2008 movie, The Dark Knight. Since then, the motorcycle has been updated to have a meaner look and better technology. The bike will be followed by an all-new "green" Batmobile constructed from carbon fiber and designed by Gordon Murray.

Along with the new Batmobile and Batpod, the Lamborghini Aventador will also make an appearance in the movie, driven by Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne).

The movie has an estimated budget of $250 million and is currently filming in Bucharest, Romania. The official debut will be made in July 2012.

Want to buy a Suzuki Hayabusa that probably still has the ass print of one Jennifer Lopez? Yeah, we thought so.

This special edition supersports bike was ridden by J.Lo during the filming of a Pepsi commercial featuring her and an equally bootylicious Beyonce. We’d love to have both in our garage, but we’ll settle for one of them.

If you’re interested in the limited edition Pepsi Hayabusa with a special paint finish, an LED lighting underbody, and just 100 miles tacked on its meter, it is now for sale. Sure, the commercial was filmed back in 2004 and the Hayabusa has sat idly still since then, but it’s still a Hayabusa - a special edition at that - and a lot of those 100 miles come courtesy of the recently single Jennifer Lopez. For the record, the version used by Beyonce during the commercial was already sold at a private auction sometime back and went for a tidy five-digit sum.

We don’t know about you, but paying £19,995 - $32,500 - for the chance to own probably one of the most desirable bikes on the planet is a chance that’s too good to pass up.

The only thing we need to worry about now is finding that kind of money to spend.

The Teutel family, particularly Paul and Paul Jr., are most known for being the famous father and son team of Orange County Choppers. At least until their huge egos clashed.

A few years ago, Senior and Junior had a pretty serious falling out that resulted in the former firing the latter from Orange County Choppers. In turn, Junior set up his own company, the aptly named ’Paul Junior Designs’, to go head-to-head with his father.

The acrimony between the two was the perfect opportunity for Cadillac to put one against the other in a custom bike building contest for charity. With the opportunity to build a bike based on the Cadillac CTS-V , Senior and the rest of the boys at OCC decided to go old-school with their approach, clearly emphasizing power over style with a powerful V-twin engine that was given some extra doses of power courtesy of a shot of nitrous.

Design-wise, Senior’s take a lot tamer than that of Junior’s, which might probably be the reason why fans of the show have given an overwhelming stamp of approval to Junior’s work - 96% to 4% really isn’t much of a contest, to be honest - compared to that of Senior’s.

Despite the contentious relationship between the two, both Senior and Junior participated in the competition because the two bikes will eventually be auctioned off to benefit the Cure Duchenne charity.

Bids are now being taken for both bikes and, as expected, Paul Junior’s bike has been racking up bids compared to the dryness of bidders for Paul the Elder’s bike.

Check out Senior’s work in the photo gallery below.

Source: Discovery

Paul Teutel and Paul Teutel Jr. are household names in the world of bikers both local and foreign. As the men behind the popular American Chopper TV series, the two Pauls have become famous for their custom-tuned bikes, racking up a list of high-profile clients that include musicians, actors, and professional athletes.

And while Paul the Younger is no longer part of the Orange County Choppers team, father and son will forever be linked together, which leads us to this pretty unique build-off involving the two protagonists - or antagonists, depending on which side of the fence you’re on.

In collaboration with Cadillac , Paul the Older and Paul the Younger each were given free reign to design and build their own Cadillac CTS-V -inspired custom bike.

In the case of Paul Junior, his interpretation translated to a lowered piece of monstrosity with a metallic black finish and the prevalent use of chrome accents to go with the unique, albeit imposing modern-day look. According to Junior, he wanted to design the rear end of the book to bear striking similarities to the rear of the car, even using the taillights from the CTS-V by incorporating them into his work’s fender.

The two bikes will eventually be auctioned off to benefit the Cure Duchenne charity. Seeing as the egos in the Teutel family never seem to run dry, a Discovery Channel ran a poll to see which bike the public liked more. To no one’s surprise, Junior blew Pops out of the water, holding a staggering 96% - 4% edge in fan approval.

Either way, both bikes can be had for the highest bidder. Just head over to the link and post your price. Best be warned, though, the bids for Junior’s bike are going straight through the roof.

Source: Discovery

Here’s a video that shows all you Jackass wannabes things you should never do at home. Yes, they look cool, but they are being performed by a professional - stunt riding world champion Chris Pfeiffer to be exact - and should not be attempted unless you share the same title.

This video titled "Wheelie" is part one of a short series on motorbike stunt tricks. In it, Pfeiffer explains that a tremendous amount of practice goes into successfully performing these tricks, and watching a one and a half minute video doesn’t cover that kind of practice time.

Enjoy yourselves, but remember, this series is for informational purposes only and the tricks should not be attempted by amateurs. Yes, this means you.

Stay tuned! We’ll bring you part two of this series as soon as it is released.

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The 2011 Iron & Lace Custom Motorcycle and Centerfold Model Calendar features the world’s top custom bikes together with sexy centerfold models in revealing lingerie. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Photographed by Jim Gianatsis, Iron & Lace offers a 16-month revealing look at the world’s top award-winning bikes from the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Calendar Bike Building Championship and the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Included is the Best of Show winning bike "One Eyed Jacks" from Kenjo Nagai / Ken’s Factory, Japan, and "Rambler" from Dave Cook Custom Choppers. In addition, you’ll find the Metric V-Twin winner "LoLA" built by Jim Giuffra and the AFT Metric Customs Model Agency girls.

Other class winning bikes include Chris Flechtner’s Speed Shop Design Pro Class winner, Ron Ron Simms’ "Rooster" Bar Hopper Class winner. The other show stoppers include two cool customs by Todd Silcato / Todd’s Cycle, the Roehr Supercharged 1250cc V-Rod Superbike, a Jesse Rooke street tracker, and a retro Ducati V-twin cafe racer built by Shinya Kimura / Chabott Enginering for actor and motorcycle enthusiast Brad Pitt.

Hit the jump for more pics and details on how to get yours.

Source: Fast Dates
Jesse James' West Coast Choppers closes down?

Jesse James has had a pretty rough year. That statement may even be an understatement considering his controversial marriage with Sandra Bullock made worldwide headlines. Unfortunately for James, it looks like 2010 isn’t done with him yet as the bad news just keeps on piling up.

According to Cyril Huze Blog, the popular manufacturer of custom-made motorcycles has decided to close the shop that launched to celebrity status, West Coast Choppers. The blog didn’t mention the reason behind the closing of the shop, but did say that all of the existing Jesse James motorcycle frames and parts will now be manufactured by Daytec and Belt Drive Ltd, respectively.

All parts will likewise be available through Custom Chrome.

So there you have it, people. If there’s truth to what Cyrus is saying, West Coast Choppers has been shut down. It’s devastating news for all you fans of Jesse James and the motorcycle chop shop.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are both stars in the new "Knight and Day" movie, released on June 23rd. But next to them there is another star: a Ducati Hypermotard, that is in fact an Aprilia SXV550 in disguise. Wait, what?

Aprilia is being used as a stunt bike, while Ducatti is used for low-speed rides. And how the Hypermotard is just to heavy and too fragile to pull off the stunts, the team opted to an Aprilia. So why hiding an Aprilia under a Ducatti skin? Maybe because Cruise really wanted to drive a Ducatti in the movie, who knows!

Knight and Day trailer after the jump.

We featured this beast of a tricycle about a month ago and now it’s back for some more publicity. The only difference between then and now is that Tim Cotterill’s Rocket II Tricycle just may have found a new fan in no less than Jay Leno himself.

Cotterill’s one-of-a-kind work of art made its way to Jay Leno’s Garage and was given a thorough run-down by the celebrity car enthusiast. Needless to say, Jay Leno - just like the rest of us - came away impressed with Cotterill’s gargantuan creation, especially the supercharged dual-plug unit Hemi V8 that runs off of pump gas at a gas-guzzling rate of 3 mpg. Not exactly the type of vehicle environmentalists will be going gaga over.

In any case, we were a little bummed out when Jay Leno opted against taking the Rocket II out for a ride - who knows what he would have done with it - but Cotterill certainly made up for it by reminding us once more just how insane his creation is.

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