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The M-Org (yes, from organic) is a concept chopper belonging to Russian designer Michael Smolyanov, who thinks of it as to an eco-friendly timeless machine and who is not afraid of showing it as the bike’s green and yellow color combination reveals.

The designer claims that the grown organic materials used for the frame, suspensions and even the steering components are lighter and stronger than classic ones, making the Organic Bike a very special chopper to park on your lawn in the future.

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When hearing about the world’s most expensive chopper you usually get the “what, is it gold plated?” reaction and we can understand the irony, but it seems that someone did think at gold plating a chopper with 24 karats gold and ask $500,000 for it. The thing does look like a work of art, but we wouldn’t go as far as calling it a jewel. Isn’t this too much?

Source: masmoto
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There’s a unique story behind every chopper project in general, but we tend to like the one behind the Antarctic Snow Chopper in particularly because it evokes energy, innovation and a lot of work. Built by Bob Sawicki and Toby Weisser, who work in Antarctica maintaining snowmobiles for the U.S. logistics hub and are very passionate about mechanical and fabricating work, this chopper is actually put together from the junk and discards found at the station. For instance, the engine and track are from a totaled 1981 Ski Doo, it has two fire extinguishers as fuel and compressed air tanks and it also features bent pipe and a crowbar as must-have chassis parts.

Because the two builders had everything there to work with, they only needed to invest as little as $10 in parts and 120 work hours to complete the amazing chopper and take it for a test ride. Having done that, they list a top speed of 30 to 35 mph (on the snow).

The Antarctic Snow Chopper is so eye-catching and interesting that it made it in the February 2010 issue of Popular Science and it truly deserves it.

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While winter gets most of our bikes in the garages, we’re happy to see that some people have the will and power to adapt to almost all kinds of riding conditions. In this case, it all resumes to fitting snow tracks and skis to an absolutely gorgeous chopper, but it is all worth it as long as the machine now qualifies for a different kind of riding fun and we truly, madly, deeply believe it does. How about you?

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Kawasaki has never ever thought at manufacturing a Ninja chopper, but it seems that this owner has taken measures by itself and came up with this bad idea for a chopper. I guess I never really considered how ridiculous a ZX-6R with longer forks and sidestand can look.

But looking at the bright side, it is now much easier to pull out a wheelie; all you really have to do is try to get moving.

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House of Thunder is a German custom motorcycle builder that brags to have built the world’s most expensive motorcycle. In fact, the bike is a customized Harley-Davidson Rocker , which sells together with a 45metre transoceanic yacht built by Sunrise Yachts. The package also includes a rescue-boat and two jet skis if that’s a relief when you’re a billionaire willing to spend 22.66 million U.S. dollars on toys.

The Harley-Davidson Rocker turned into the most expensive motorcycle ever features a cleaned-up frame, hand-fashioned fenders and fuel tank as well as foldable handlebar to ease entrance in the garage on the boat. The paintjob matches that of the boat.

Eric Vauth of House of Thunder: “We still will build our normal custom bikes for our customers, but this is a completely new market and we always welcome new impulses for markets yet unexplored.”

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A Bugatti Veyron supercar can inspire people to a lot of things, including ordering a corresponsive two-wheeled version such as the one seen here. It is called the Veyron China 1 and, as you can suppose, it was built to meet the requirements of a biker and lucky 1000hp car owner.

Walz Hardcore Cycles built this in 18 months around their limited Iceman chassis, which was developed for the Ferarri chopper of a certain Kimi Raikkonen.

Although we have to admit that the name Veyron initially directed our thoughts towards something probably even better than the MV Agusta F4, this chopper doesn’t disappoint a bit, at least at a first look.

Source: MCN
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We came across this on a design blog and simply had to bring it to your attention because we don’t often happen to see something as original as this. While some will call it a civilized chopper and others an ugly looking thing, one thing is for sure: they all find it interesting.

The steering system looks rudimentary, but it actually brings a major contribution to this bike being so low and we kind of like that. We feel the same about the solo seat and straight bars underneath which appears to be a V-twin engine. Is this a realistic concept or what?

Source: lsdhillon
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This is the latest motorcycle made by Lorenzo Cycles, it is called The Icon and it will be produced in a limited number of only 13 units. The chopper is a beautiful result of the small company teaming up with custom bike builder Eddie Trotta, who substitutes Ralph Randolph, the creator of the first two bikes.

We happen to like The Icon, but feel there is much more potential waiting to be exploited from the new company. Also, the specs – which you can read after the break – are in accordance with any renegade’s standards.

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