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You really have to be a special kind of person in order to be attracted by the look of rust over that of shiny paint and chrome on a chopper. By taking a look at this motorcycle babe, it isn’t hard to notice that she’s, without a doubt, very special. You see, getting your hands dirty (or the whole body, in this case) is part of being a motorcyclist and I believe that she got the right idea.

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We rarely get to see a chopper with the Bentley badge on it, so when the word was out that such a beauty was displayed at a small, neighborhood car meet, we eagerly started looking for pictures of the intriguing motorcycle. God was good to us and we came across the shots of this motorcycle, which’s clear source of inspiration is one of Great Britain’s most luxurious and exclusive car manufacturer of all times: Bentley.

Powered by a fully chromed V-twin motor that looks more like a jewel rather than the source of all fun and excitement on a chopper, the bike also features chromed spoked wheels and a buttery-soft hide seat, surely the smoothest one we’ve seen so far.

Overall, this chopper looks fairly simple, but the Bentley Cypress Green paintjob and the Flying B on the gas tank definitely make it unique.

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When traveling to motorcycle shows and exhibitions, I often like to ask chopper builders what inspires them in achieving the S-shape defined by the gas tank, seat and rear fender. In the majority of cases (when the wife isn’t around), the answer is that the source of inspiration is a woman’s body.

I believe that this picture reflects that very well.

P.S. Note that the woman is wearing tanga underwear just so that almost nothing would stand in between her and the bike. Looks like a perfect blend to me!

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Recently, we did a post about the “Lamborghini Motorcycle Concept” and the new pics that we’ve only now come across are just too good to ignore so here they are.

A tribute to Nicolas Tesla and Ferrucio Lamborghini, this hubless chopper designed by Flavio Adriani is inspired by the Lamborghini Countach, a car that takes your breath away. This two-wheeler isn’t far from doing that either, if it is to mention the personal opinion here.

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Very often, those who are passionate about motorcycles are into exotic cars too, but we rarely get to see a product (or at least a concept) that would catch the best of both worlds. This Lamborghini motorcycle concept is a homage brought to the Italian manufacturer of some of the most exclusive cars on the planet.

Although we can’t get decide what Lamborghini model it stands for best (we do require your help in this concern), it is impossibly not to be hooked up by the hubless wheels and extremely low height of this chopper. It clearly reveals the hand of an experienced designer…actually two. Called “The Zeus is Loose” Tesla, this stunning creation is the work of chief designer of Bertone, Marcello Gandini, in collaboration with designer Flavio Adriani.

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Tennis player Maria Sharapova is not only famous for her great achievements in the world of sports, but also because of her sexy pictorials as she is kind of caught up by modeling too. Ok, so why are we talking about this on TopSpeed? Well, the reason is simple and unveiled by the picture gallery.

The Russian blonde recently posed on a chopper and that’s enough reason for us to share these pictures with you. Notice how in this case, the girl is the focusing point and not the motorcycle? That’s how your galleries are when you’re that famous.

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If you ever wondered how a chopper would be like without the characteristic massive V-twin engine, sound as well as flawless lines and came to the conclusion that it would be rubbish, I say reconsider. This, for instance is a chopper concept featuring a hybrid powertrain in an attempt to offer pretty much the same riding position, feel and attitude, but in the green way.

The author at Fish Design considers it "A future concept with environmentally friendly techniques. The purpose was to find a future concept for custom motorcycles, without a "real" engine, sound or traditional design. I wish to attract a cool target group. The hybrid power train is not as beautiful as the traditional custom engine (v-twin). How does that affect the esthetical function? The keyword for my design is “powerful elegance”

To us, the bodywork looks like a stylish suitcase from the future as we suppose that the battery pack lays there and it has to be removed in order to be recharged, but those are details that the author should worry about. In what concerns the Fat Boy-like wheels, they integrate perfectly in the overall design and add a cleaner look to the bike apart from showing that it is actually made to roll down the future’s highways.

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Given the industry’s tendencies towards non-polluting vehicles, more and more electric motorcycle projects are being created and we finally get to see a chopper, although not quite the best looking one possible.

Art director / Interactive Media Designer Chidi Jenkins-Johnston developed a concept chopper that he calls simply Hybrid Electric Chopper. Although currently looking for the most efficient form of electric propulsion, the project’s author explains in a few words how his system theoretically works:

The rear wheel has permanent magnets embedded in it. The wheel is then attached to a large ball bearing ring similar to that of a skateboard but much larger and much stronger. The outer part of the ring is attached to the swing arm. The other side of the swing arm supports the wires that the direct current passes through. That causes the wheel with the magnets to spin in the direction of the current. In theory this propulsion method should be very efficient if you can control the amount of current going through the wires and assuming you have a great battery pack.

There is also a mini gas generator that charges the batteries but only turns itself on at low speeds.

Don’t try to tune up your speakers because the animated video has no sound.

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We recently got a glimpse of the Swordfish Hubless Concept and became enthusiastic about the spokeless wheels idea, but it seems that someone got a head start.

The Hubless Monster is actually a running chopper featuring hubless wheels and the implicit advantages of this construction method: more accurate steering, lower center of gravity, increased braking leverage and less vibration. Just look at it go!

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We’re all aware of the fact that spokeless bikes aren’t quite possible to realize yet, but do insistently knock at our door and we’ll eventually have to open up. As engineers work to develop new solutions for the outrageous design to become practical, designers come up with striking motorcycle concepts ready to benefit of the latest future technologies.

Designer Alexander Kotlyarevsky’s “Swordfish” concept chopper provides the latest and the most representative image of what the industry will provide and we love it! A sleek and yet aggressive body culminating in a pair of hubless wheels is the future’s quintessence with regard to design and construction and it looks so realistic that I can even imagine myself riding one of these…and watching out for the speed bumps!

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