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This is actually part of a Spanish TV commercial. What this rider intends to demonstrate is that he can ride into a brick wall at top speed and walk away from it. He’s quite funny in his idiocy.


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Big Dog Motorcycles, the leading manufacturer of high-performance, high style motorcycles, won the 2009 V-Twin Bike of the Year award with their all-new Wolf model at the 9th annual V-Twin Expo, the industry’s largest trade show, held February 7-9 in Cincinnati.

Having also won the coveted prize last year with the 2008 Pitbull model, the award marks the second year in a row the company has received the industry’s high honors. Also, Big Dog Motorcycles won the V-Twin bike of the Year awards in 2005 with the Bulldog and in 2006 with the K-9 chopper.

Editors at Paisano Publications, a worldwide diversified media company offering a wide variety of motorcycle magazines, were impressed by Wolf’s distinct, striking seamless design ; drive side brake; radical 45-degree rake and 9½-long stance; exclusive tri-cam 121 c.i. engine; and amazing maneuverability and riding capabilities.

“It’s an honor to receive this very significant award from editors of such nationally-renowned magazines,” commented Sheldon Coleman, company founder and CEO, who accepted the award. “It speaks loudly about the bike’s benchmark styling along with its unmatched ride and handling.”

“And it also reflects the hard work and dedication of all those involved in creating this game-changing pro-street: Sales, marketing, engineering, purchasing, dealers, and suppliers. Their talents and efforts never been more evident than in this incredible new cruiser,” Coleman continued.

All that there is left to say is Congratulations and good luck next year!

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If you’re wondering at what the Orange County Choppers crew has been working lately, this strange looking motorcycle is the most appropriate answer. The famous choppers builder was commissioned to build a B-2 bomber-themed motorcycle for the celebration of 20 years from the first flight of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.

On July 17, 1989, the famous war machine had lifted from the ground for the very first time so Northrop Grumman, the Air Force’s B-2 prime contractor, and the U.S. Air Force will celebrate the event on July 17, 2009 in Palmdale, Calif. And guess who’s going to be the life of the party?

Named “The Spirit of Innovation”, the latest OCC creation commemorates the date of that first flight with the 0789 “tail number”. But that’s not the only detail that links it to the Stealth Bomber. The bike’s front cowling and gas tank are inspired by B-2’s cockpit and fuselage. Notice the sized look? That’s supposed to resemble the color of the Stealth too. The wheels feature the Air Force star and the “aft deck” of the bike is actually made from a scrap piece of titanium used for the original B-2 aft deck.

To me it looks like a castaway dolphin and the only way that they can prove me wrong is if the headlights, respectively B-2’s windshields, actually work. If not…

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Owner of a $72,500 Ducati Desmosedici RR and of a 2009 Ducati Monster 1100S which he has recently received as birthday present from Angelina, Brad Pit apparently prefers to ride his chopper to the Walt Disney Studios, as seen in the video attached below.

Before I say anything more, it is a must mentioning that the guy should be left to do his riding and not be literally chassed all the way to his destination. At least that is what I prefer when riding and I believe all riders do so.

But now that we got the video, it is nice to see how Brad uses a hand shifter and enjoys revving that massive V-Twin as he waits for the traffic light to turn green.

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Innovation is a thing of great value in the motorcycle industry and it seems that many times small bike builders are the ones that amaze us most. This makes for a great example.

Rotec Engineering builds seven-cylinder radial engines and fits them on radical motorcycles for the rich and famous. They claim to have built 4 such engines which have already found their place on similar motorcycles.

A V8 is pretty hard to be fitted on a motorcycle, but how about an airplane motor? This last requires some serious frame bending and just enough ground clearance to call it capable of being ridden. But the guys at Rotec Engineering show everything is possible with vision and perseverance.

As you can see from the picture, this bike is still a project as the handlebars, front brakes and exhaust are missing, but there are good chances that we’ll be seeing it fly…rolling pretty soon. This difference between flying and rolling brings an important problem for the builder. On an airplane, the engine would be fitted transversally, something that offers efficient cooling, but the bike requires longitudinal engine fitting that doesn’t make those rear cylinder very happy.

But these are just details…the bike won’t be rode much, but it will surely win some awards.

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A motorcycle enthusiast creates the T3 motorcycle, a machine which’s source of inspiration is the famous Jaguar logo of the even more famous British car manufacturer.

As you can see in the pictures, the bike is a representation of the cattish in attack position, just like you would see on classic Jaguars, only that hundreds of times bigger.

The engine is positioned way back so that this modern work of art could be best pointed out and the headlight is positioned on the left side of the rider for the same reason.

A V-twin, the motor was elected from a wide variety because it is the one that can reproduce best a jaguar’s purr. Wheels come straight off a Japanese sport bike, only that this one has a chopper-like seat and sports-like riding position. This makes me question its comfort level, but does anybody care about that? This is the T3, the first Jaguar motorcycle ever made. Place of birth: a Jaguar fan’s and motorcycle enthusiast garage.

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Harley-Davidson has just presented the 2009 models and some have already started interest. For example, the Muscle V-Rod version is a motorcycle powered by a 1250cc engine developing 122 hp @ 8500 rpm. It didn’t ended up in the line-up with no purpose, all the contrary. It is suppose to keep Harley fans on the American motorcycle now that Yamaha has launched the V-Max and its 200 horsepower look threatening.

Highly refined, the Muscle V-Rod features Brembo brakes, aluminum handlebars and led taillight and indicators. Colors available for it are Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver, Blue Denim and Red Sunglow

A great 2009 addition is the first official Harley-Davidson trike. Based on the Ultra Glide Classic, the machine is suppose to cover up this market section that Harley and the other makers seem to have missed for so long.

Apart from that, the Touring models are getting new chassis and wheels as well as Brembo brakes and a new tank. Everything is designed to add comfort for the long haul where these babies are heading.

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Exposed at an international exhibition in Seattle, this gold plated chopper has raised more than a few eyebrows and the gold has nothing to do with that. The amazing part is the $500,000 price tag for which it can be yours. I sure know I can’t have it (it’s a the Naomi Campbell of motorcycles), but if you’re an eccentric millionaire and plan on buying it, be sure to leave a comment to this post or even send us a few pics from the first ride on it. Good luck with that! Make sure you don’t scratch the “paint”!

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The trailer for Hell Ride Red Band catches the best of the movie with characters living in a world in which bikers ruled the open road with the throttle in one hand and the pistol in the other.

There is no question why the film is expected to be such an amazing success as sex, violence and motorcycles have always attracted male masses, but when the name Quentin Tarantino is involved you simply know that this will be the next box office success.

Starring Larry Bishop as Pistolero, the production stands as a modern approach towards the 1960’s idea of B-movie and it is expected to launch the current again.

The great opening is on August 8th so you better don’t miss it.

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There are two things on which Rucker Performance orientated when creating the Gauntlet: style and handling. It was suppose to be long, apparently tall and clean looking and guess what? It ended up looking like this, only that with a low center of gravity, feature which covers up the second big requirement in the maker’s list. Concerning the engine, they used the same S&S 124 CID piece of engineering.

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