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As cities are getting crowdier every day, more and more urban electric concept vehicles emerge and this precise one called the E-TX Urban looks kind of good. Entirely electric, rechargeable via an AC outlet and powered by a Roadson Etronic 16 generator developing an impressive 132.5 kw, this is the kind of electric bike a wheelie lover would ride in the future.

French designer Bako claims a top speed of 150 mph, but that’s a bit unrealistic as the 2010 Zero Street , which is now being produced, tops out at 67 mph. That’s the big and important part that currently makes the E-TX Urban a concept vehicle.

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As economists predict, 2009 will be a very hard year for all of us so spending a great deal of money on gas is the worst thing that a commuter could do. According Suzuki (and most of the motorcycle manufacturers), the best solution is to turn to motorcycling and get as much as 82 mpg. You do the math, but don’t forget to include the actual price of the motorcycle. Good luck and a Happy New Year!

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I know, you’re going to ask what’s ASL? ASL stands for Advanced Stop Line, and consists of the area before a traffic light, after the solid white line, and the pedestrian crossing. Bicyclists are expected to use this “box”, giving them an opportunity to leave on the green light first. However, in some countries, motorcyclists are now given the same chance. Notably in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), motorcycle riders can pass the cars and position themselves in first position. Test in Spain have (...)
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Lemon Law Advocate Craig Kimmel explains the protections that motorcycle owners currently have under federal and some state Lemon Laws.

With an increase in motorcycle sales, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your motorcycle is safe and that you are not left out of pocket if you do discover your motorbike is a lemon.

For more information, head to or call 1800-LEMON-LAW.

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Inventor of the Deux Ex Machina, Jake Loniak, also creates a video pointing out the futuristic machine’s qualities and the way it works. This way, the general public can make a better idea of the student’s invention and imagine how it would be to commute at 70 mph wearing it.

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Most riders show themselves retained in what concerns approaching the electric alternatives that have been created so far, but maybe this last will make a difference as it is built to meet the best of both worlds. Still able of challenging you to skid your knees at every turn, but not polluting a bit, the AC inductance Yamaha R1 could make a career in this business.

Definitely not comparable with a Yamaha engine, the 550amp 84v electric engine provided by AC inductance manages to develop a decent 54HP and 81ftlbs of torque. Planned to be produced and expected to sell in decent numbers, the bike will rely on its 8.1 kW lithium iron phosphate battery pack which can keep it going for a range of100 miles.

With these numbers on the table, the electrically-powered R1 can do 100mph and comes as a green solution for riders who are willing to lose the emissions, but not a bike’s sporty feel. I do not see how that is possible as a bike’s sporty attitude is being generally given by its engine, but I have to admit and congratulate this significant step further.

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After reading about how an Iranian student invented the tricycle that transforms into a motorcycle, here’s a video in which students from the St. Thomas Academy Experimental Vehicle Team built an electric commuter motorcycle from scratch.

Their hard work has paid off as they took the bike to MIT this summer and won a $10,000 grand from the Leleson-Mit InvenTeams to help fund the project.

Nice way to start earning money, don’t you think? We’ll surely be seeing more and more such projects in the future, which is even greater.

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Seyyed Javad Ghaffarian lives in Iran and its wonderful ideas could one day bring you the safety of driving a tricycle on the highway and the versatility of riding a motorcycle in future city congestions.

A student, Javad has created the “Magic Tricycle”, a machine designed to role down the highway on all its three wheels and then face the urban jungle as a motorcycle. How is that possible, you will wonder? Its left wheel can rotate around a longitudinal axis and be sustained on top of the cabin. This brings all the benefits of a motorcycle after keeping the thing steady as a car at high speeds.

After being lifted up, the third wheel opens up its helicopter tail propeller style blades which increase stability. Another unique feature consists in the seats which rotate in order to keep occupants in an upright riding position.

What is both unique and attractive at this bike and tricycle is how easy and simple it can take one form or the other and still look great no matter what. This was the main goal of the Iranian designer and it has successfully achieved it.

I don’t know what to say about the name though…Magic Tricycle? Couldn’t it come up with something better? What do you think?

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The Segway was created to drive people faster at work and have them get fatter and fatter, so people doing this crash test considered a “sidewalk rush hour” situation in which a person moving on a Segway hits a walking individual.

As you can imagine, it is more dangerous to get hit by a person running then by one rushing on such a transportation mean, but the mouths of those most suspicious of you had to be reduced to complete silence through the video attached below.

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