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concept bike

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The BMW Halbo concept looks like the kind of bike you can take with you in vacation. Yes, it is small and this makes it fun, efficient, but also very dangerous to ride, at least from where I’m sitting now. Actually, designer Pierre Yohanes Lubis claims it only takes up half as much space as your average bike.

That is due to some innovative construction methods such as the engine being an integrated part of the full-sized front wheel. At the back, you get a whole different scenario: the tiny spherical wheel is mounted on a moving arm that is supposed to balance the bike.

Addressed to "eco-minded young individuals," we can suppose it features
an electric motor, but why would anyone want to hit the streets on such a bike? Sure, it can be efficient at work places where you have to move a lot (and where workers currently use bicycles) as long as companies are willing to pay the price (currently unknown), but it looks too risky for the streets.

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Designer Dario Caroselli has recently come up with a very aggressive naked motorcycle concept based on the Aprilia Shiver 750 , a veritable Italian naked built around a V-twin engine. Called simply Aprilia Naked, the concept bike features compact bodywork and solo seat, while being defined by the lines and color schemes of the original bike.

We’re quite impressed by this concept although we must admit that it isn’t quite in strict accordance with the naked style, but simply a production bike taken to the extreme.

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Maarten Timmer is a Delft design graduate that seems to have discovered the perfect recipe to really promote electric motorcycles. The whole idea is to drift further away from petrol-fed motorcycles as a result of using a dynamic look, which is incomparable to that of the, indeed, much cheaper and faster gas burners.

His project is called VertiGO and is anything but regular. There’s a space where the tank would normally be on a classic supersport motorcycle and the seat is suspended, allowing this electric bike to stand out as a unique alternative in a world of fairly similar two-wheelers.

Although not completely radical, the bike’s slightly futuristic and yet totally realizable design is allowed by the small battery packs and motors that can be placed very low in the chassis, achieving a favorable center of gravity as well as a feet-forward riding position.

While we’re aware of the fact that electric bikes are gaining more and more terrain on the market, the "bang for the buck" still makes the rules in this industry and that’s why we are not witnessing an amazing growth of the electric segment just yet.

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This is a very plausible concept that could enlarge BMW’s middleweight lineup in the future.

Based on the 800cc parallel-twin engine powering both models in the F800 range (the F800GS and F800R), the BMW HP2-800S was sketched by industrial designer Roberto Redaelli in strict accordance with BMW’s demands.

Apart from the 90bhp engine, the HP2 800S would use a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon-fiber bodywork. Overall weight is supposed to be of 385.8 pounds.

We have to admit that this concept looks very interesting and it stands honest chances to become reality given the fact that the most important aspects prior to production have been realistically thought at.

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According to Solomoto30, Honda is about to launch the street version of the EVO 6 concept bike, the “supernaked” that was first presented at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.

Bassically, this is a muscle bike powered by a retuned version of the six-cylinder boxer engine behind the Goldwing 1800.

In what concerns the Yamaha VMAX and the BMW K 1300 R , they’re now facing a new challenger.

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This is the zero-emissions transportation vehicle that is supposed to offer the best green power-to-weight ratio in the near future. It is called the BMW X bike (althought the fact that it has three wheels qualifies it as a trike) and it was designed by Jacobus Marx, who’s inspiration came from BMW’s “efficient dynamic” theme (I guess we can supposed he’s at least fan of the German brand).

Electricity is the key to powering the X bike from zero to 60 in only 4 seconds and to a top speed of more than 150 mph. Two 80KW in-wheel electric motors with regenerative properties are supposed to be used and fed by ceramic batteries that recharge fast and weigh very little.

We must admit that this sound like a plausible concept and can’t help not being impressed by the interactive suspension that is sure to allow filtering through traffic with great ease.

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Romanian designer Laurentiu Trifescu visualizes how a Lamborghini superbike could look like if the Italian supercar maker would ever consider producing one.

The name Caramelo comes, like in the case of most Lambo products, from a famous Spanish bull. This defeated a lion and a tiger in the Madrid arena in 1877. The animal’s courage and strength impressed the audience so much that they yelled for it to be spared and his name is remembered to this day.

Following the true Italian spirit, the Caramelo is supposed to be a superbike built on a tubular steel frame with single-sided swingarm and powered by a powerful 1000cc V4 engine. The design meets the edge style of the Murcielago and Gallardo and it is characterized by angular lines and cleaner surfaces.

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While the world expects the launch of a direct competitor for the Ducati
, designer Oberdan Bezzi comes up with the naked version of the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 , which looks like the appropriate thing for the job.

Also, the Suzuki SuperKatana 1000 stands as Japan’s response to the BMW K 1300 R , a model which together with the Ducati Streetfighter managed to slightly worry Japanese builders.

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This is yet another one of those hubless motorcycle concepts which we know that won’t ever be even considered for production from the simple reason that it’s suppose to show off the skills of designer Anthony Garcia and nothing more. Still, we can’t help noticing how this looks like a cruising version of the2010 Honda V4 , which is also why we decided to bring it to your attention.

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Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi has been busy stripping down the Desmosedici RR and turning it in what appears to be the sharpest looking and most powerful European naked motorcycle ever seen, even in form of concept – the Ducati 989 R Desmofighter.

Supposed to benefit of 200 horsepower while weighing only 160 kg, the Desmofighter might just establish new power-to-weight standards for the naked category if Ducati decides to produce it.

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