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concept bike

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We rarely happen to see a concept motorcycle that features no frame whatsoever, but when we do it reminds us of John Britten’s revolutionary motorcycle from the early 1990s, the Britten V1000. This concept right here actually pays tribute to the original frameless motorcycle and it is called the Britten V1000E. It was designed by Selwyn Shadbolt and it even gets hubless wheels in order to stick to the theme.

The actual engine would be a single large capacity electric one transmitting power to the rear wheel through a shaft drive, but it is the unique shape of the bodywork which attracts our attention. In order for that to be achieved, the fairings must be molded from polyethylene, while the green color should make it stand out as being environmentally-friendly if it ever gets done at least as prototype.

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The M-Org (yes, from organic) is a concept chopper belonging to Russian designer Michael Smolyanov, who thinks of it as to an eco-friendly timeless machine and who is not afraid of showing it as the bike’s green and yellow color combination reveals.

The designer claims that the grown organic materials used for the frame, suspensions and even the steering components are lighter and stronger than classic ones, making the Organic Bike a very special chopper to park on your lawn in the future.

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As cities are getting crowdier every day, more and more urban electric concept vehicles emerge and this precise one called the E-TX Urban looks kind of good. Entirely electric, rechargeable via an AC outlet and powered by a Roadson Etronic 16 generator developing an impressive 132.5 kw, this is the kind of electric bike a wheelie lover would ride in the future.

French designer Bako claims a top speed of 150 mph, but that’s a bit unrealistic as the 2010 Zero Street , which is now being produced, tops out at 67 mph. That’s the big and important part that currently makes the E-TX Urban a concept vehicle.

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The dices have been thrown in what the 2010 MotoGP season is concerned, so Italian design guru Oberdan Bezzi comes with a plan for both the 2011 Ducati racing team and Valentino Rossi and his latest sketch pretty much says it all.

Obiboi hopes for a 100% Italian racing team, so he revives the iconic Martini Ducati livery on a Ducati Desmosedici and hopes The Doctor will master this for many seasons to come, starting with the 2011 one. Although the chances for the designer’s dream to come true are small, Rossi hasn’t confirmed or infirmed his possible switch to Ducati in 2011.

Oberdan Bezzi describes the 2011 Martini Ducati MotoGP on his blog with the following words: “would be the result of a favorable astral conjunction, a real emergency room! Sponsor a mythical (Martini) with great tradition in the engine high-level entrant into starring in the World Championship, the renewed desire to challenge a champion without peer (Valentino Rossi) and the technical competence of a prestigious brand and hungry for glory (DUCATI)! The ingredients of a dream everything ITALIAN!”

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Until we’ll be able to fly our way around the cities, designers will be coming up with interesting solutions for our urban transportation needs and one of them is precisely the Taurus concept vehicle.

Designed by Erik Lanuza, the bike is more like a Segway you sit down on and works on the same principle. This means the self balancing vehicle, which features sufficient safety mechanisms, responds to the rider’s front-rear body posture in order to move forward and stop, while direction is changed using the bull-like handles.

Light, rather small and easy to park, the Taurus looks like it can make life easier in the city, but also cleaner as it would be powered by zero emissions electric motors, making it eco-friendly also.

The reason why these sorts of concept vehicles are being released is to test the public. So, would you ride such a think if it would see production?

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Designer Vicky Petihovski is the brains behind this lawnmower scooter concept that we find rather interesting for bringing in the satisfaction factor where before it was just boring work with a conventional lawnmower.

The ride-on mower is powered by a small electric motor, which also activates the grass-cutting blades, so users can enjoy their lawn ride and get the chore done with the least of effort. It sure beats a conventional lawnmower, but we have a hunch this thing requires several recharges until the whole garden is picnic-ready.

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Remember the Yamaha monocycle concept and the Rollersphere ? This is kind of the same thing only that the rider isn’t protected by the elements like in the previously mentioned cases. What makes the Hornet, as it is called, special is the fact that it is the closest concept to a one-wheel superbike and this turned it into winner of the VACC competition.

Designed by Liam Ferguson, the Hornet single-wheeled concept superbike is powered by two in-wheel hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron (Nd-Fe) electric motors developing a claimed 74 hp. Also considering its 388 lbs weight and that of the rider’s, the listed top speed is of 146 mph.

But this concept has its fair share of ingenuity too. For instance, it balances gyroscopically when parked thanks to two side-by-side small wheels and tilts forward to run on the central wheel when accelerated. Also, the bike features a series of computers that examine data such as attitude and rider input in order to always offer stability regardless of rider weight and vehicle momentum.

Although the basic working principle is like that of the Segway, we have to admit this is a much better scenario imagined as the single wheel (which is actually made out of two parallel wheels) allows for extreme slow speed maneuverability. Ok, so why would you list an unrealistic top speed in this case?

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This may not look like a student’s regular scooter concept, but more like an ingenious mean of short distance commuting inside airports. It is called Nexus and designer Francisco Lupin thought at everything to make it happen: two electric engines fed by four 12V batteries will supposedly be capable to power what we like to call the suitcase scooter to a top speed of 15 km/h (9.3 mph) while carrying a maximum load of 110 kg (242.5 pounds). It will go like this for two hours before emptying the batteries.

The Nexus can also be used as a regular suitcase when the batteries are empty and as long as it will fit in the overhead compartment, I’m buying one as soon as they start making it…if it ever happens, of course.

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The latest trailer for the upcoming Tron Legacy movie has just been released and it reveals more two-wheel action than we ever hoped for.

Apart from the digital Lightcycles defying the laws of physics inside a computer-generated world, the movie also shows Sam (Garrett Hedlund) riding a Ducati Sportclassic right before leaving the real world and entering the one designed by his father Kevin (Jeff Bridges, who recently received an Oscar award for his role in Crazy Heart).

This is where the Lightcycles – which were first introduced in the 1982 movie – intervene in a father-son attempt to escape from the world where Bridges has been trapped for 25 years

Tron Legacy, which will be released on December 17 and also be available in 3D, announces to be an award winner for special effects and as long as the bikes are involved too, we dig it. Just take a look at the teaser trailer to see for yourself.

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