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concept bike

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You know what the problem with the motorcycle page on TopSpeed is? Not enough talk about scooters. We recently came across an interesting scooter concept from the Italian chaps at Happy Design and thought at it as a good way to even up the scale between superfast, uncomfortable, gas burning supersports and relaxed commuting, green scooters.

Although there’s very little information about this concept, we know that it is supposed to be an electric scooter, a very fast one considering the way it looks. With a futuristic front end, smooth flowing lines and very small wheels, it meets the Happy Design theme and could make a lot of European commuters truly happy if someone ever decides to turn it into fact.

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Designer Pablo de Chaves has recently published online his latest creation which he calls 599 Blue Label. The racing bike is designed for the new Moto2 series after de Chaves worked for Bottpower’s Moto2 bike and, like all Moto2 bikes, will be powered by a 600cc 4-stroke engine. A highly refined chassis is claimed to make all the difference while the aerodynamic fairing reduces drag to a minimum and offers a lot of room for racing numbers and sponsor decals.

The 599BL looks like a fast way to go around the racing track, so let’s just hope someone decides it should actually do that.

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Conceptualized obviously by an Indian designer – Arun Thomas –, the Yog trike is somehow related to the physical and mental discipline that Hollywood stars like so much to brag about practicing, Yoga. The shape of this futuristic trike is supposedly derived from Yoga, so is it rightful asking if the riding position induces a certain state? Because nobody certainly doesn’t want to start meditating at 100mph as I understand the thing is meant to go fast too.

This brings us to the other strange thing about the Yog vehicle: power. This comes from artificial thunderstorms created in a closed system that converts lightning into electricity, which feeds the propeller of an aircraft engine. Ok, I certainly don’t want my a** on one of these things very soon and the fact that it even has a skid steer mechanism and elastic hubless wheels won’t make me change my mind. How about you? Would you ride this thing and eventually practice Yoga on it?

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We’re all familiar with the Lightcycles from Tron Legacy and we recently came across a video from the 2010 Toy Show only to find that the futuristic looking sportsbikes actually appear like they’re moving even when standing still on the exposition floor. Even greater is the fact that there are no special effects involved and the rider is actually part of the hubless machine. I simply can’t believe this is just how that thing looks at 0 mph.

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The guys at Custom Eyes Concepts have come up with a rather unique motorcycle concept, but not at all implausible. In fact, the Pit Boss, as it is called, actually looks a bit old and that is mainly due to design inspirations from the cars back in the 1950s. More precisely, show off cars such as the ones you would have seen being driven by the early Vegas "wiseguy" aka casino pit manager aka pit boss. And that’s where the name comes from.

CEC claims that “mixing those themes with modern design concepts results in a true embodiment of the emotion and stature evoked by the real pitboss, in this one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle design.” More pictures after the jump.

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BMW are already producing the S1000RR superbike, so why wouldn’t Volkswagen have their own? VW holds quota of Suzuki, so speculating about another German superbike seems now closer to reality then ever before.

The unofficial project belongs to German designer Nils Poschwatta, who has in the past worked for Volkswagen, but it is still in the “what if” faze as there are some impediments. First and foremost, there’s a great contradiction between the name Volkswagen Volkswagen and a two-wheeled vehicle which is everything but "wagen". Secondly, VW will most likely limit itself to investing in the Suzuki division and not in the launching of an all-new vehicle for them in a segment in which tradition has a strong word and big brands dominate the scene.

Still, the idea remains very interesting, especially as the project wears the R fingerprint, the new sports division launched by VW.

In the past, the German car manufacturer was suspected of planning a motorcycle together with the Austrians from KTM, but nothing turned into fact. So let’s just hope this concept does because it looks simply outstanding and yet plausible.

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The latest creation of italian designer Dario Caroselli is called the Ducati Desmo and it is, obviously, a supersport motorcycle designed following the strict requirements that end up turning these things into “two-wheeled Ferraris”.

While there is little hope that Ducati considers adding another liter bike for their already vast supersport lineup and this could ever turn into the actual one, Caroselli has even thought at three different color schemes that could be used. Looking at the details, you can easily spot the consecrated L-twin Ducati engine configuration, which in this case attracts our attention for being positioned right in the middle for better mass centralization.

We cannot say this is not a plausible and great looking concept, but we’re simply having serious doubts that it will ever find a better place than our desktop backgrounds.

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This vintage steam motorcycle prototype was built in 1836 by English railway engineers George Stephenson (father) and Robert Stephenson (son), who also built the Rocket locomotive. To us, it looks greater than many concept bikes we see today, but it seems it was a little too much for times in which the forms of self transportation consisted in either walking
or riding a horse.

After being discovered in an old abandoned workshop in the north of England, the steam prototype meant to be originally ridden on railroads is now called the Rocket Bike.

P.S. Is it just me or this thing looks a little too similar to the Triumph Rocket III ?

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Ever since Yamaha unveiled the Super Ténéré concept wrapped in clothing at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the motorcycle press has began to speculate about the endless design possibilities and after these leaked shots , we can finally say that the bike contours itself as the most potent BMW GS rival so far.

Although this is not an official teaser, we must say the various design concepts look truly plausible, while the already confirmed features such as a 1200cc parallel-twin engine with side-mounted radiators and a 270-degree crank, as well as electronic throttle and traction control, shaft drive and ABS, confirm this as the best Japanese attempt to dethrone the Enduro King also know as the BMW R 1200 GS. Video is attached after the jump.

P.S. Please Yamaha make your move once and for all.

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We recently came across the Monobike vehicle that Neil Morris, a student of industrial design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, has conceptualized and while we have to admit that the concept is rather plausible, we can’t really say we haven’t seen anything like it in a while. The creator describes the in-wheel motorcycle as being a “Rhinoceros model. Based on a long running tradition of odd one-wheeled vehicles as far back as the early 1900’s.”

Trying to find the practical side here, we reckon this can turn into a fun mean of urban transportation right after learning how to ride it. The sad part is that you can’t take a friend along for the ride, but at least you’ll be the only one that looks cool.

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