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concept bike

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Very often, those who plan to start riding can already imagine themselves dressed in bad boy leathers and so on, but you really need an appropriate bike to fulfill that dream and a bell should ring when hearing about the Unicorn concept that Honda has recently unveiled at the Auto Expo 2010 in India.

Although we would imagine something…different when reading the fancy name, the Honda Unicorn Sports Concept is anything but disappointing for the average rider in India. This should be thrilled by the 150cc engine, exciting new front cowl, stunning rear tail lamp, attractive tank shrouds, rear disc brake, spilit grab rail and dual tone styling, which are just few of the exciting features. These will most likely be found on the production version as well.

Hmm, so I guess we can say the 2010 Honda Unicorn will be a rider’s shortest trip from bad boy to funky.

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Concept products usually have two purposes: they’re either used by manufacturers to test the public’s reaction regarding their future developments or help skilful designers make a name for themselves. But very rarely, manufacturers turn to innovative designers with the proposal of transforming a great idea into reality.

This is precisely what we’re wishing Yamaha will do in this case as Japanese designer Yuji Fujimura is definitely up to something with his Wheel Rider concept. Virtually a fully-faired monocycle with a cockpit for a roof, this thing can become the ideal supersport ride for every speed enthusiast as long as it can go fast and somehow prove efficiency.

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This eye-catching concept bike called the Ducati 599 Mono is the latest creation of Dan Anderson, the same man behind the Voltra electric concept that blinked an eye to the motorcycle press last year.

While its creator doesn’t have bad references at all, we can’t say we’re too ashamed of the way this thing looks…perfect, that is. You can spend hours trying to find something wrong with the aggressive design, which remains faithful to the original Ducati style, but once you start getting into details, something just doesn’t fit. More precisely, the 352lbs (dry) Ducati 599 Mono concept is powered by one half of a Ducati Evoluzione 1198 engine, meaning a 599cc single-cylinder thumper.

So why would anyone want to do that? My guess is that the designer thought at sacrificing horsepower over torque so that his concept would attract attention for eventually being capable to offer supermoto-like engine performance despite the Italian supersport lines. How does this combination sound to you?

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It may seem like we’ve uploaded the wrong pictures for this post, but we’ve checked it twice and this is what CGI designer Miguel Cotto imagines when thinking at the “original Harley look” 10 years from now. This sportsbike featuring hubless wheels, apparently an air-cooled engine and plenty other nonsense to think at when saying Harley-Davidson, qualifies as 2010’s most implausible concept bike.

Simply take a look at what the Milwaukee-based company was producing 10 years ago and you won’t be that far off if thinking they’ll stick to that in the future as well.

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Because the world that we live in spins around money, we have serious doubts that any vehicle prototype powered by an engine that runs on AIR will ever see the next stage (at least not as long as there’s still oil around and Bin Ladens to chase), but we do find Edwin Conan’s Green Speed motorcycle quite fascinating precisely because, as real as it might look and be (note that this is not just a concept, but an actual prototype), we know that we won’t get the change to see such thing on the streets.

While the bike was designed by Edwin together with a team of student designers and their teacher, the air-powered rotary engine was invented by Melbourne engineer Angelo Di Pietro. They worked together to come up with this air-powered motorcycle prototype that originally started live as a Suzuki GP100 back in the 1970s and even managed to give it a nice racy look to back up the innovations that stand at its base. We have attached the official details after the jump, so check this article out for more.

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Just when we thought Honda finally had the best VFR recipe designer John Keogh laughs at the current production bike and brings in his own rendering towards what he apparently considers a great idea – combining the best of Honda’s Blackbird and VFR800 models. Claiming that the VFR1200 ’s designer Teofilo Plaza has canceled the engineering and styling features, Keogh fixes that with eight must-have features for a veritable VFR1200F . Please read about those after the jump.

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A new year has come and this means bikers can start having new wishes and this Bull Bike right here may very well be among those wishes. It is the latest project of the same team that last year unveiled the Jaguar bike, so we put our hopes into their ambition when we say that this will most likely be one of the coolest bike projects of the year. Why wouldn’t when it is a motorcycle that reminds us of Lamborghini exotic cars and yet it is painted like the competition?

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During the past year we’ve brought to you a lot of concept bikes that we would have loved to see heading to production and some even did, but now in the last days of 2009 we just had to post something about a concept motorcycle that we wouldn’t ever consider riding if ending up being produced. It is not that we don’t like the way it looks, but it is miles away from being comfortable or at least forgiving.

Built by RK Concepts of Austin, Texas, the RK Racer is powered by a Buell 1200 V-twin engine and you have to like the way the 27-degree rake and those 23-inch tires make it look, but with the gas and oil tanks made out of glass, it sounds suicidal to ride. That is why we look at it as to the Buell gone chick magnet and the bikini babe on it stands by us.

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Café racing motorcycles may be acknowledged as the first ever sports bikes and even new ones are built in strict accordance with the original style, which is cool, but when it comes to the future something has to change. This concept bike right here is a good way to do so. Called the Metalback, it was designed by Jordan Meadows, who has thought at combining the original look of café racers with that of vintage WW2 fighter planes in order to achieve this.

The thing is supposed to be powered by a V4 diesel engine burning biodiesel, meaning that fuel efficiency – not just power and torque – was taken into consideration, not to mention anything about the recycled aluminum frame and bodywork.

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The Triumph Bonneville needs no presentation whatsoever as it is surely the symbol of the British motorcycle industry, but we can definitely change a few words about this Triumph Bonneville bobber concept that we recently came across while searching for aftermarket parts to fit on a stock 2009 model. Belonging to Dan Anderson, an Australian industrial designer, the Bonnie concept attracted our attention for representing a complete change of style without too much work. To begin with, the frame suffers no modifications whatsoever and apart from the fact that both exhaust pipes run on the same side, you won’t spot any changes in the engine department either.

It is all about the visual impact and this is enhanced by the bobbed rear fender and truncated seat pan, not to mention the dropped bars and bobber rubber. We’re struggling to spot more differences, so help us out if you have a trained eye when it comes to Bonnies. Still, a bikini fairing would have been nice as well, but those who want to go the whole way will surely be inspired by this .

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