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concept bike

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Now that winter has demanded its rights, Italian bloggers from Triumph che passione thought at a way for bikers to keep on frenetically rolling down the throttle of their Triumph Street Triple 675 motorcycles and the best idea came to life with the help of photoshop.

Called Triumph Street Triple Trimotard, this winter edition of the great British bike has a caterpillar track instead of a rear wheel and spikes on the front tire. They’ve also modified the bodywork to match the new theme and we must admit that we do like the idea of having such a bike, but can’t say how much we would be able to ride it considering the low temperatures it’s meant to operate in. If this bike will ever turn into reality, it will definitely have to have heated grips and seat because we would really like to bring it up to its winter top speed.

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Curious to see “what a big tree - which is four or five meters long - with a speed of more than one hundred km per hour looks like,” Chinese artist Shi Jinsong has created what he calls the tree motorbikes, meaning that his work starts at the point where dead nature hugs a motorcycle/scooter chassis for art’s sake.

Displayed at the ‘China - Contemporary Revival’ exhibit taking place in Milan, Italy until February 7, 2010 Shi Jinsong’s work is definitely something else among the multitude of paintings and sculptures also displayed there.

Although he does mention to have built these with working motorcycle parts, the Chinese artist does not say if they’re actually made to be ridden or not. We hope they are because that would make their creator happy and we’ll be looking for some action pics if we hear they do.

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Riding a high-tech motorcycle in a digital world sounds like the ultimate riding experience for the creators of Tron Legacy and the movie’s first official poster exploits this precise field. Scheduled to debut on December 17th, 2010, “the game that changed” will have plenty of Lightcycle races, just like the one in the official trailer here .

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We came across this on a design blog and simply had to bring it to your attention because we don’t often happen to see something as original as this. While some will call it a civilized chopper and others an ugly looking thing, one thing is for sure: they all find it interesting.

The steering system looks rudimentary, but it actually brings a major contribution to this bike being so low and we kind of like that. We feel the same about the solo seat and straight bars underneath which appears to be a V-twin engine. Is this a realistic concept or what?

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Remember The Uno prototype , the unicycle that looked like a great way to face-plant? Well, it is now turning into more than a fact and inventor Ben Gulak plans to produce the thing. Meanwhile, he made sure to turn The Uno into a unicycle that transforms into a two-wheeler as it reaches the speed of 20mph and this should mean a safer ride.

The inventor itself says: “The original Uno was quite scary to speed up on. This is a much more user-friendly experience.” To us, it looks like they made sure not even clowns will ride the thing, but we do have to appreciate the ingenuity. Hit the jump to see the new Uno prototype and expect preproduction models early next year.

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This is Lauro Franco’s Kimmera Concept Motorcycle. It draws our attention because it takes the best from the world of choppers and that of sportsbikes, meaning that it offers a fairly relaxed riding position and power is supplied by a large displacement four-cylinder motor. It kind of resembles the HD V-Rod, but it is supposed to be much more powerful and aggressive, while also showing European influences such as the Ducati-like frame.

Obviously, this concept addresses to those not willing to turn to electric bikes in the future and who prefer the rush of a good old (or new) Japanese engine while being comfortably accommodated. In fact, looking at the Kimmera, we can’t understand why it is only in animation stage as there are surely plenty of bikers willing to give it a chance.

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Electric bikes have entered on an ascendant path and we’re seeing more and more interesting concepts. Among these, we’re caught up by Dan Anderson’s Voltra. Living in Sydney, Australia, the industrial design student created the electric café racer of the future for his final year thesis project. Dan says “the Voltra is the result of research into motorcycling history, society and culture as well as technology, materials and manufacturing and product semantics,” but you can see that by simply taking a look at the bike.

What you can’t really tell is what’s powering it and the claimed performances. Our Australian designer made sure to mention that an AC induction motor with a programmable controller is powered by Li-Ion batteries, which allow the thing to run an estimated 90 minutes after a full recharge, which lasts two hours. In return, riders get 129Nm of torque and a 200 kg weight (thanks to its carbonfibre monocoque chassis), translating into an impressive top speed of more than 200 km/h.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear about this concept turning into a prototype and heading to production in a couple of years.

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It takes a single look at the GP racing concept bikes designed by Art Center College of Design student Jeremy D’Ambrosio to know that they’re in for some serious controversy. To begin with, they all feature leading arm front suspension and tubular aluminum cradle frames in their creator’s attempt to get rid of the patterns.

But wait to hear the interesting part: Jeremy has thought at a 250cc, four-cylinder, vertically opposed engine and even at a two-stroke engine for a special class. Hit the jumps to read the designer’s statement on the 250GP concept bikes.

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French designer Romain Herment considers that nuclear fusion will allow the turning of nuclear energy into a power source for motorcycles. Not only that, but he has even come up with a concept bike meant to reveal the designer’s idea about how motorcycles based on the new technology will look like.

The “Motorbike 2050 version 2,” as it is called, is a fairly cool looking thing with plenty more interesting details needed to be unveiled. For instance, it will supposedly rely on deuterium and tritium – two inexhaustible natural elements – to make it efficient, as efficient as 1 liter of water per 100 km can be four decades from now.

While we have no knowledge of version 1, we must say that for this project the designer made sure to cover every single aspect such as power being generated by an electric engine weighing only 55kg, but they don’t mention much about the materials used to achieve the overall also light weight.

Each time I see something like this, I start thinking more and more seriously about recording a Harley for when we’ll be riding on this sort of motorcycles.

At the 67th Milan International Cycle and Motorbike Show, Peugeot unveiled the new HYbrid3 Evolution Concept - a convertible version of the HYbrid3 compressor presented at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution Concept

The HYbrid3 Evolution Concept is powered by two electric motors - one in each wheel - and a 300cc petrol engine that delivers 41 hp. The electric engines are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged by an energy recovery system active during deceleration and braking.

The concept has an average fuel consumption of 2.0 liters per 100km (141.2 mpg imp) and C02 emissions of 48 g/km.

Press release after the jump.

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