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concept bike

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Urban traffic studies show that the city is precisely the environment where most crashes happen due to obvious reasons and BMW Motorrad is aware of that. What we’re interested in is the ingenious concept bike they’ve come up with as a solution to reduce the big number of motorcycle crash victims. Referred to as a “single track vehicle for city traffic”, the BMW C1-E concept is the electric version of the BMW C1 scooter, meaning that it protects riders with a safety cell made of roll-over bars and keeps them in the actual cell with the use of a seat belt.

Everything that rolls on wheels is green nowadays, so the BMW C1-E concept is powered by an electric motor made from Vectrix components and supplied with energy by a lithium-ion battery. Still, the thing could turn into a hybrid, but there’s no official word about production at this time. That is because BMW worked their magic with this concept to contribute at the European Safer Urban Motorcycling campaign. Read the press release after the break.

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The Albura 125 is Javier Almazor’s wooden scooter concept built around a monotube chassis housing the fuel tank, a multitubular subchasiss with a progressive rear suspension and powered by a 125 cc four-stroke engine. It pretty much looks like an average Aprilia scooter to us, but the wood laminated body does help it stand out straight from the drawing board. Here you have it.

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Remember our post from yesterday about the “KTM Concept Motorbike ”? Well, we’ve come across yet another concept bike that starts pretty much from the same requirements and ends up fairly similar to what British designer Matt Williams created if you look at the big picture here. Forget about KTM’s flawless bodywork, sharp nose and tail, this thing looks like the cruiser of the future and everything is there for you to see, especially the V-Twin engine and the front swingarm.

The cruiser-like riding position is also there and given the low center of gravity and powerful engine, we reckon the ride should be essentially similar if these kinds of concepts ever find their way to the production line. Still, we like them.

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If concept bikes are supposed to be windows of the future, this thing here is a veritable glass wall. Created by British designer Matt Williams, the “KTM Motorbike” not only offers a great view over design brilliancy, but also has the innovation factor to back it up. Featuring a hub-center steering system which eliminates dive under braking, this KTM concept should handle like a superbike, while the steering angle is much more generous than on classic motorcycles.

Although it is supposed to be built around a small frame and powered by a KTM V-Twin engine, we simply cannot get over the aggressive looks of this concept and the cruiser-like riding position that it offers. If we’re right, if made, this motorcycle will offer the best of both worlds: superbike performance and cruiser comfort. Ouch, that will surely change some things in the motorcycle industry.

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The City is a concept vehicle designed by Jameson Klug to be affordable, lightweight, and simple. The idea came by joining a motorcycle with a car shell and, obviously, this brings benefits characteristic to both these types of vehicles: the versatility, low fuel consumption and thrill of riding a motorcycle when this is separated from the shell and the ability to carry two persons and cargo when attached to it.

Jameson Klug says: “My concept is based around the motorcycle architecture, and allows the car shell to attach when needed, to provide for extra cargo capacity, protection from the weather, or to carry two additional passengers. The driver still sits on the motorcycle even as he attaches it to the car, and utilizes its controls to save complexity.”

The entire bodywork is made of roto-molded high strength plastics, with a biodegradable honeycomb soy core, while the star rotor engine powering this entire assembly is capable of recycling heat that would normally be wasted.

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It looks more like a scooter to me, but it’s true. The word in Europe is that Yamaha and Toyota will team up to build the first hybrid motorcycle. We’ve even heard that it’s gonna be dubbed the ‘Prius’ (no, not the buzz car) and that it will be powered by both a 20bhp internal combustion engine and an electric motor, but that’s more than we can take. How’s that for you?

The internal combustion engine will be a 250cc horizontal single with two jobs to do: send power to the rear wheel and to a generator in order to supply the batteries with electricity. Everything is supposedly done through a high-tech ECU.

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Inspired, most likely, by the always very hard to ride unicycles seen at the circus, the eniCycle excludes the pedaling part from the equation and brings in an electric 1000 watt hub motor that is set into motion by simply leaning your body forward.

It relies on mini-gyroscopes (that measure your vertical angle 100 times a second) and on an embedded processor to keep things balanced at all times and that’s what makes it so easy to ride. In fact, Slovenian designer Aleksander Polutnik claims it only takes people about 15 minutes to master the eniCycle.

Polutnik is planning to mass produce the small and funky vehicle as soon as he finds himself a business partner. He has already built two prototypes, but it will take more to make a global unicycle phenomenon out of it.

Hit the jump to see the action video.

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The Ghost motorcycle concept was created by Imran Othman, a designer living in Singapore and who was inspired by the famous adrenaline junkie known as “Ghost Rider”, but also by a flying falcon. Given the first source of inspiration, we reckon this concept bike is extremely fast, while the overall shape does share a few aerodynamic parts with the mentioned hawk, which is very cool.

Offering a very aggressive riding position and an appealing look, the Ghost concept most likely looks tempting even to “Ghost Rider” itself, but will this bike end up a fact or is this just one of those situations in which “Now you see it... and now you don’t...”?

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We’re quite familiar with unusual motorcycles here at TopSpeed, but this cigarette-shaped motorcycle shows we haven’t seen it all. The strange creation belongs to a man called MK Sudakar, who is an inventor and environmental activist living in India and who developed this for his country’s recent public smoking ban – “Break the Habit”.

Apparently, this isn’t the man’s first strange invention. He is also the inventor of a motorized suitcase and a motorized toilet. I wonder: part of which campaign those creations were?

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Inspired by the fact that Puma now also produces motorcycle clothing, but also by the actual items, Karl Sanders put to work his designer skills to create the Puma Motorcycle Project. Featuring a unique style and belonging completely to the anticipative designer, the project brought Karl the honor of being the Best CAD modeler at the Coventry University Degree Show 2009, which was voted by Autodesk.

As unique as the concept’s style might appear to be, it still reminds us of the Brammo Enertia and it isn’t even supposed to be an electric bike. Still, we have to give the designer, which also played the roles of modeler, visualizer and animator, credit for the idea of extending Puma’s range of activity at such extremes.

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