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BMW and Dainese have recently announced that they will work together to develop a new motorcycle suit with integrated airbags named the D-Air. The companies didn’t release too many details about their project but we found an interesting video that shows their suit in action.

We also know that the new suits will be available for both race track and street riders and promise to enhance the rider’s safety during harsh accidents.

Dainese said that its new airbags system integrated into the suit is able to deploy in only 45 ms. To prove this fact the company has released an official video from ADAC where we can see their innovative suit in action.

The idea of a motorcycle suit with integrated airbags is not new, as a similar product signed by Alpinestars is already being used in races.

Though Dainese’s model promises to be more efficient and safe than the one built by their rivals, but until we don’t see the end result we can’t give any certain verdict on the matter.

Hit the jump to see the Dainese motorcycle suit with integrated airbags in action.

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The safety of motorcycle riders has always been a big concerned for the big manufacturers. But regardless of how advanced are the safety features of a motorcycle, everything is useless if the rider is falling off its bike and meets the tough tarmac.

This is why BMW Motorrad has decided to try an innovative solution to improve the safety of riders. Therefore, the German Manufacturer is co-developing a modern rider suit with Dainese. The big news however, is the fact that the suit will feature airbags that deploy in 15 miliseconds.

This technology will be used for a one-piece racing suit named the DoubleR RaceAir. The company says that this innovative technology will be also available to street rides pretty soon.

Currently the DoubleR RaceAir is under tests and BMW Motorrad hopes to reveal it at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan in November.

The safety suit won’t be the only product born from BMW Motorrad and Dainese cooperation as the two companies decided to stay together and develop more safety gear for riders.

Hit the jump for the press release and to see the DoubleR RaceAir suit in action.

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows that it is always safest to wear a full set of leathers – jacket, gloves, pants and boots – when you ride. Believe it or not, leathers actually can be the only thing protecting your skin from nasty road burn, and can even save your life in some severe cases. Well, some people tend to forget, or just feel silly wearing them – myself included – and we need a little reminding that everything is better in leather.

Well, with England getting ready for national Ride to Work Day on June 18th, local TV stations are running ads reminding bikers of safety, including the importance of leather. Instead of giving us a graphic video about the dangers of road rash, one commercial goes exactly the opposite ways by using a double entendre to burn the need for leather in our minds.

The opening scene is bad enough, using key phrases like “doing it,” “leather,” and “wearing protection” at various points. Only to find out that [ha ha] we’re talking about motorcycle leathers protecting you while you “do it” [ride a motorcycle]. Well, at least somewhat… The last scene takes the entendre the other direction, and… Well, you’ll just have to watch the above video to find out.

Go ahead and have a few LOLs on us!

Anybody that has ever questioned the importance of racing helmets should take a step back and watch this video.

The scene is the British Superstock 600, where riders Josh Wainwright and Johnny Bradshaw were involved in a ridiculous crash that could’ve been far worse than the injuries they sustained - if it weren’t for their helmets.

In the 11th lap of the race, Wainwright lost control of his bike and as he stumbled into the track, Bradshaw’s bike literally clips him on the head, forcing the former to catapult out of his ride and into the track.

Read that again: Bradshaw’s bike literally clips him on the head.

If it weren’t for the helmet Wainwright was wearing, Bradshaw’s bike would have done far worse when it clipped him on his head. We all know where this story would then go.

Miraculously for the two riders, both of them escaped the harrowing accident with nothing more than a cracked rib and a broken collarbone for Wainwright and some minor injuries for Bradshaw.

If you’ve ever ridden a bike, or anything that involves needing one, heed caution and just put those helmets on. You never know when it’s going to save your life.

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Mulholland a.k.a. The Snake seems to have a bad relation with motorcycles in general and GSX-Rs in particular as the highway’s often challenging curves happen to throw off the seats even the most experienced riders. We’re not sure if that’s the case with the next two examples that we came across, but they’re enough to make a point. The first rider lowsides and the second highsides, both while riding a Suzuki GSX-R on the same section of The Snake. Hit the jump to see the videos.

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Photo credit: Noel O’Reilly / Tony W. Elder

Guy Martin was racing last Friday on the Isle of Man TT course and was doing quite well with a registered average speed of 131.108mph during the first lap at Glen Vine. But the Senior TT race was to come to a sudden end for the highly experienced rider and his Honda CBR1000RR due to a 150mph crash that ended up generating this immense fireball. The incident happened during Guy’s third lap on a fast left/right section of the course and the race had to be red flagged.

As a result of the crash, Guy Martin is now in the hospital recovering from his broken ribs, bruised lungs, twisted ankles and fractured vertebrae. That’s nothing considering the speed at which the crash took place and also two key factors that kept Guy alive consist in him separating from the bike early in the crash and wearing the D-Air airbag-equipped leather suit. He’ll be back on its feet soon.

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Two police cars pursue this guy first on a field and then he takes it on the street, where he eventually approaches a curve too fast, goes out in the ditch and then all across the road to the other side. Why? He probably thought it was fun and he’ll never get caught as long as he twists the throttle only towards him. But reality is cruel and so is the law with these guys, so don’t be doing this.

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Being Travis Pastrana isn’t easy at all, as this video shows. Apart from constantly needing to find new ways to amaze people with your tricks, you also have to train hard on a daily basis and recover from the stunts that didn’t go as planned. So what pushes these people (because he obviously doesn’t look like he’s gonna take a brake any time soon)? I guess it is all about the adrenaline rush they get when they defy the laws of physics and a stadium-full of people get up to cheer you.

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According to this video, people with absolutely no talent whatsoever but definitely with a soft spot for fast food, would go to almost any lengths to look cool. This leaping biker attempts to jump over his buddy on a motorcycle doing 20mph and makes sure he won’t have any heirs in the process. Hear what he says afterwards and you’ll have a laugh crisis.

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Mulholland highway, the favorite play ground for LA riders has claimed yet another motorcycle crash on those sinuous curves and this time it was a beginning rider on a Honda NX250. His first time on the twisties turned into a lesson to never approach corners faster than he’s able to negociate them. But we should all learn from his mistake and drop point fixation in favor of counter steering.

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