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Suzuki’s Boulevard lineup may be admired thanks to models such as the C109R or M109R , but until you get to those, the S40 is most likely to become your dearest friend, especially if you’re a short person or a girl. With a very low seat height (only 27.6 inches from the ground) and a docile engine, the S40 makes for the perfect cruiser to start on and continue riding for quite some time.

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In 2010, Suzuki carries on producing their big boy models without any changes apart from the ones involving color schemes and the C50 series is no exception from the rule. Not heavily refined, but enough to make a difference are the base model, the C50T and the Special Edition one, all with something special to offer.

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Suzuki is set to write long history pages with the help of two Boulevard models that have been launched a couple of years ago, but only now achieve the notoriety they truly deserve. Meanwhile, the C109R and C109RT have carried on as 2010 model years, but remain the same massive bikes with great road performance and will most likely change only color schemes in the future as they do now. A little more special, the new Touring model gets white wall tires and passenger floorboards to mark the pass.

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Suzuki has accorded a lot of attention to performance cruisers in these last few years and so have been introduced models such as the entry-level M50 and their ultimate demonstration of power, the M109R . But their famous Boulevard line of cruising motorcycles didn’t feature anything in between these two models, something that would fill in the big gap and keep consumers hooked to Suzuki…until last year’s Suzuki Boulevard M90. The bike carries on to 2010, so let’s find out more about it.

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Suzuki is out for 2010 with the head of their cruiser lineup, the Boulevard M109R and, of course, the stylistically tweaked Limited Edition model with which riders already got used to. The two models have gained serious notoriety in these past few years so they carry on writing history as we speak and challenge their competitors with each occasion they get.

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What we like the most about the Duka electric motorcycle is the fact that although it retains the timeless lines of cruisers, it is actually conceptualized as an electric machine of the future. Obviously, it won’t sound mean, but the two compact and efficient DC motors are claimed to allow the Duka to ride freely on the highways and yet remain manageable around the city.

Featuring an inside-out aluminum frame structure based on structural I-beams, this should be a safe and durable cruiser with a low center of gravity and a forgiving riding position. Also, interchangeable components named “Pods” should ease maintenance and upgrades, but we would have to see at least a prototype before we start drooling.

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It looks like the owner of this 1960s Mercury Comet loves his car so much that when he decided to get himself a motorcycle, he made sure that his second best ride would have to be the exact same replica of his favorite muscle car, only that on two wheels. And this is the result: a Japanese motorcycle that looks like an American muscle car…that is very unusual, but how else would you expect the Comet motorcycle to be?

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Bikers who reach the end of the road usually have no regrets, except the fact that they didn’t get the chance to ride some more. That’s where the motorcycle hearse intervenes. Designed and built by Mike Price from Auckland, New Zealand, this is probably the coolest way for a person who has dedicated an entire life to the road to set off to his/her resting place.

Price is actually an automotive engineer, so when the idea came to mind, he wanted to do this the right and official way, meaning he asked Harley-Davidson to take a look at his project. They wanted a lengthy contract, so Price decided that the motorcycle hearse would be created by him during his spare time. Said and done. He did use a 1,350 cc H-D V-twin motor and made sure the hearse would be able to carry up to 440 lbs in between the wheels, where the coffin sits.

Because the bike had to be much longer than any standard Harley, it is now ridden by two persons and it is much safer this way. Also, a system of complex system of hydraulics helps stabilize the bike and once at the destination, the rig slides out with only a push of a button. Hit the jump for the videos.

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Honda’s latest North American advertisement is for their latest additions to their cruiser lineup, the Sabre, Interstate and Stateline models and it consists in both print and TV ads. They’re all funny and enjoyable as they try to point out the eye-catching look of Honda’s trio. We won’t ruin the surprise for you, so click past the break for the Chain Gang video. Enjoy.

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When it comes to Harleys, it is the image that sells, so the company needs to refresh that image with each year so that they keep appealing to larger and larger crowds. We’re not quite sure this is their strategy to attract more female riders, but the American giant has revealed their Summer 2010 Campaign, but we’ll more likely call it Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miller calendar.

Yes, the Californian model, aka ‘sexiest woman on the planet’ got a bit dirty in denim and jumped on a few Harleys just to get our hearts pumping harder. This follows the success of last year’s campaign, in which we saw the superhot model taking the innocent approach in a 1950s style photo shoot.

One of the pictures even shows a hot babe doing a burnout, but we won’t put our money on the fact that it is exactly Marissa Miller. Anyway, hit the jump for more pics.

Update: behind the scenes video now added.

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