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This video doesn’t look bad at all for a 25-year-old commercial. It’s for the Honda Shadow 1100, but the style is definitely Harley-Davidson. The accent is put on the cruiser’s timeless look and inviting sound, while in what the rider is concerned, sex-appeal marks the spot. The video is actually called “Tell him you have plans,” on youtube but I won’t ruin the surprise for you, so check it out.

Looks to me like this one is much better than most bike commercial nowadays.

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Take a look at this video and at any other official Harley-Davidson one out there and tell me this isn’t at least as good. It shows the bike, a couple of hot babes and everybody around them going crazy of joy. Just the good old recipe, but it works every time.

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Writing about the 2009 Victory Vision , I didn’t had enough fingers on one hand to count the number of models available, but their 2010 lineup simplifies things at least from that point of view. Instead of having the Victory Vision Street/Premium/Tour/Tour Comfort/Tour Premium and a very beautiful 10th Anniversary Vision Tour, they’ve simply kept the Victory Vision Tour and created an all-new Vision 8-Ball model for 2010.

That’s rather interesting because we expected the Vision family to grow even bigger, but at least it makes it easier for customers to pick a bike.

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This is a very funny video for Yamaha directed by Mark Toia. It shows a fan of the Japanese brand having troubles deciding himself between three different models, the FJR1300, FZ1 and XV1600 and the guy eventually has himself cloned for the sake of riding the three bikes at the same time. Hmm, I guess I never thought at it that way.

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Bikers are known to be heavy drinking people, it’s in their blood, just like riding is, but we never heard of anyone combining the two passions except the times it lead to crashes. In this case though, we’re surprised to see a couple riding and pulling a barrel of whisky along for the ride.

We can’t help but wonder if the liquor made it to the destination or what the police would have said in the unhappy event of pulling them along the side of the road.

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If the 2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster doesn’t lead the power cruiser class then I don’t know what does. Surprisingly easy to maneuver, great performing, and extremely good looking, the British largest capacity production motorcycle is here to stay and get even better, just as it does this year.

While cruisers such as the America and the Speedmaster were revamped this late years with a fuel injection system ensuring that Euro 3 regulations are met, the Rocket III models are found in the situation of saying “been there, done that” and continue getting more power out of the monstrously big inline-triple, while the whole machine is now claimed to be a much better performer. We’ll see about that after the jump.

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Sometimes it isn’t recommended to go ahead and buy the first motorcycle that looks perfect to fulfill your riding needs even though your every single cell tells you to do so simply because there can always be an even more adequate alternative. That’s why we have the competition heading in all of our reviews, but in this case that’s not going to be the solution.

Now, we’ve just wrote about the latest Triumph Speedmaster and that custom bike couldn’t have left you a bad impression, but people may want to go for the classic bike, and that’s where the 2010 Triumph America intervenes. So if you haven’t already made a deposit for the Speedmaster , the America can blink an eye at you as it is more comfortable without losing any of the British magic look.

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After the Bonneville engine’s fuel injection upgrade, virtually all classic/custom motorcycles in the Triumph lineup have been revised in that concern. This implied the Speedmaster too, but what’s really the strong point of this motorcycle is attitude, so the only thing that the new model year brings is more grunt to back those bad boy looks up.

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Triumph’s 2010 model range has two new Special Edition models, the Daytona 675 SE and Thunderbird SE.

The British manufacturer’s high spec middleweight supersport bike, the Daytona 675 SE stands out both from the standard model and from the previous SE model thanks to new flank graphics, white striped wheel, race-inspired brake and clutch levers and a host of carbon parts from Triumph’s accessories catalogue. This bike will hit dealerships on March 1st and have a price tag of $12,700.

In what the 2010 Triumph Thunderbird SE is concerned, it comes with standard ABS and gets the all-new Carnival Red color. Various genuine Triumph accessories are available for this model too. Expect to find the 2010 Thunderbird SE in dealerships from early March with an MSRP of $18,900.

Apart from the above mentioned, both bikes are technically unchanged from their standard siblings.

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