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We recently came across an out-of-the-way combination between a motorcycle and a coffin. No, we’re not aware of any biker actually crashing into a coffin. In this case, the coffin plays the comfortable role of the sidecar, which is attached to this pretty stock cruiser.

The bike is not even a herse and it is frequently ridden looking like this. What is your opinion about it? Or, better said, how do you think the passenger in the right feels like?

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The boys and girls from Roxette sure know what they say in their Harleys & Indians song and these pictures couldn’t reflect it better.

I can see that there are a few bikes missing their riders, so save one for me boys!

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Because Marines and militaries in general use public roads and motorcycles on which they don’t have much experience (sport bikes) to go in search of an adrenaline rush similar to that experienced as soldiers, the US Marine Corp has launched what is called “Semper Ride”, an educational program that consists in a very interesting film containing an overall responsible riding theme, instructional material, and mentoring from some of the motorcycle industry’s most talented riders.

We’ve added the promotional videos of the actual film because this last is for the moment watched in military bases only.

See the videos after the break.

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This is actually an early 1990s commercial for an insurance company in the Netherlands. These guys have a good sense of humor and exploit the “born to be wild” theme in the funniest possible way.

I believe that the respective rider is indeed wild, but isolated too. Good for the hot chick!

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This is yet another one of those hubless motorcycle concepts which we know that won’t ever be even considered for production from the simple reason that it’s suppose to show off the skills of designer Anthony Garcia and nothing more. Still, we can’t help noticing how this looks like a cruising version of the2010 Honda V4 , which is also why we decided to bring it to your attention.

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A part of Harley’s 2009 CVO lineup is the already consecrated Softail Springer, an exclusive motorcycle that isn’t simply carried on as a new model year, but which gets a range of new features that aim towards emphasizing the original design, improving the riding position as well as upgrading the braking system, just to mention a few.

With the 2009 Harley-Davidson Softail Springer, it’s all about riding the best of the best. The style definitely sets this model apart from any other one, while the engine is the largest-displacement production unit currently manufactured by the American company.

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Harley-Davidson stays true to its fame of producing class-leading cruisers with the launch of the Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) lineup. Among the exclusive 2009 models, the new CVO Dyna Fat Bob is impossible to be ignored, not only because of the new, attractive paintjobs, but also due to the Screamin’ Eagle V-twin motor, which is the largest ever produced by the American company. Can you guess the number of cubic inches on this thing?

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The 2009 Harley-Davidson muscle bike lineup is more diversified than ever before thanks to the addition of the all-new V-Rod Muscle while also carrying on the base V-Rod model and the Night Rod Special. It is what we like to call “Harley’s VRSC magic triangle” simply because you won’t get out of it on your feet, but on two wheels.

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This week, the European capital of fashion, Milan, was the shooting place of the 2009 Harley-Davidson & Playboy pics in the photo gallery. Actually, the two big names have teamed up for a contest addressed to all Italian motorcycle owners being at least 21 years of age. These will have to register at www. anightwith.it and so have the possibility both to win a ride with the Harley-Davidson VRSC and meet Italy’s playmates. June 29 is the big day for the lucky winner, who will also end up in the actual magazine, which isn’t necessarily an advantage.

We know how small the chances are that you actually read this last phrase due to the tempting photo gallery, but we’ll have to say that this is just a preview. Harley and Playboy are capable of much more and we want to see it happen.

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With the 2009 FLSTN Softail Deluxe, Harley-Davidson is set on touching a sensible cord as this is one very special ride, not necessarily due to the engine, also present on the rest of the Softail family, but because of the unique look. This here is the precise bike on which nostalgia meets modern powertrain and suspension for a confidence-inspiring incursion into the past.

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