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Brad Pitt needs no presentation, neither as a Hollywood actor nor as a motorcyclist, but his latest ride is well worth checking out. This hand-built custom cruiser powered by a Harley-Davidson V-twin engine comes to complete the actor’s classic and hand-built motorcycles collection with an original new look.

The glossy bodywork doesn’t include a seat, the custom rear wheel wrapped in a fat tyre is stood out thanks to a single-sided swingarm and the tail reminds more of a café racer rather than a chopper.

This quick shot of Brad’s new ride doesn’t catch the front end, but we reckon it’s as good (if not better) as the rear. We sure hope he rides the bike soon so that we can update this post.

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Harley-Davidson has recently launched the 2010 model range featuring nine brand new models. This is the effect of the company now investing in the brand, despite poor sales. The expected result is to conquer the new generation and so bring a new wave of Harley buyers.

The new models address to all kinds of riders and benefit of Harley’s new plating process called "Midnight Pearl" and used to add a nice detail to components such as the headlight cover, timer and derby covers, fender strut covers found on the CVO Fat Bob.

While the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110ci V-Twin engine is supposed to get at least a 50bhp power increase, the rest of the models will get "slammed suspension," and many many options such as a “flame paint scheme,” "a larger front wheel," "a new tail light assembly," " a slimmed-down exhaust," "new paint schemes and styling details" as well as a "a low, light and lean extreme profile”.

Hit the jump to read the official press release.

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There’s nothing quite like combining work with relaxation and during our short trip to Constanta, Romania we happen to come across a Kawasaki VN900 Police Bike, which simply couldn’t miss from our vacation picture album. I started sharing impressions about the bike with the policeman and then asked him if he was kind enough to let us get a few pics of the bike that he was so proudly riding and he was ok with it.

Apart from Harley-Davidson, we didn’t happen to see any cruiser type police bikes so this Kawi got our complete attention before another police officer radioed in a hazardous situation and our point of admiration hit the road with the sirens on.

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Even thought the Nevada Classic retains the Moto Guzzi look that has gone around the world over and over again, the 2009 bike is an absolutely modern version. Fuel injection is being used for a less-polluting engine and a stronger bang while its design makes it perfect for nostalgic riders. These will definitely appreciate the 87% brand new bike. Let’s see what it’s up to!

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We recently came across an out-of-the-way combination between a motorcycle and a coffin. No, we’re not aware of any biker actually crashing into a coffin. In this case, the coffin plays the comfortable role of the sidecar, which is attached to this pretty stock cruiser.

The bike is not even a herse and it is frequently ridden looking like this. What is your opinion about it? Or, better said, how do you think the passenger in the right feels like?

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The boys and girls from Roxette sure know what they say in their Harleys & Indians song and these pictures couldn’t reflect it better.

I can see that there are a few bikes missing their riders, so save one for me boys!

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Because Marines and militaries in general use public roads and motorcycles on which they don’t have much experience (sport bikes) to go in search of an adrenaline rush similar to that experienced as soldiers, the US Marine Corp has launched what is called “Semper Ride”, an educational program that consists in a very interesting film containing an overall responsible riding theme, instructional material, and mentoring from some of the motorcycle industry’s most talented riders.

We’ve added the promotional videos of the actual film because this last is for the moment watched in military bases only.

See the videos after the break.

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This is actually an early 1990s commercial for an insurance company in the Netherlands. These guys have a good sense of humor and exploit the “born to be wild” theme in the funniest possible way.

I believe that the respective rider is indeed wild, but isolated too. Good for the hot chick!

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This is yet another one of those hubless motorcycle concepts which we know that won’t ever be even considered for production from the simple reason that it’s suppose to show off the skills of designer Anthony Garcia and nothing more. Still, we can’t help noticing how this looks like a cruising version of the2010 Honda V4 , which is also why we decided to bring it to your attention.

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A part of Harley’s 2009 CVO lineup is the already consecrated Softail Springer, an exclusive motorcycle that isn’t simply carried on as a new model year, but which gets a range of new features that aim towards emphasizing the original design, improving the riding position as well as upgrading the braking system, just to mention a few.

With the 2009 Harley-Davidson Softail Springer, it’s all about riding the best of the best. The style definitely sets this model apart from any other one, while the engine is the largest-displacement production unit currently manufactured by the American company.

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