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Inspired by the automotive industry and the economic crisis, Starved Rock Harley-Davidson/Buell in Illinois is the first dealership to offer a return program for motorcycles. Any rider buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle through the respective dealership will benefit of the program covered by Walkaway USA. The first 12 months are free and followed by a additional coverage possibility which will allow the rider to drop the load if found in the impossibility of continuing the payment due to changes in his/her financial or life situations.

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Victory Motorcycles is offering the motorcycle industry’s only full-line, five-year limited warranty and it’s available on all new Victory bikes sold through its national dealer network. In ten years, Victory Motorcycles has made its mark on the industry by creating a class-leading, full-line of premium cruisers and touring motorcycles based on creative styling and innovative engineering.

Featuring a total cost of ownership that is 22 percent less than the cost of a similar Harley-Davidson over a five-year period, Victory Motorcycles are not only attractive on the road, but built to ride for many worry-free miles. Low-maintenance, high-horsepower and enduring reliability have been the backbone of the Victory Motorcycles brand for a decade. With more than 50,000 units sold, Victory Motorcycles has proven itself in the marketplace and is poised for continued growth.

"The Victory Motorcycles brand translates into tremendous value for our owners," says Mark Blackwell, vice president of Victory Motorcycles. "Our resale value is in line with the industry leader, and Victory is at the top of consumer satisfaction charts with a 95 percent owner’s satisfaction rating. We work hard to ensure every Victory Motorcycle is built to our highest standards. The new extended warranty is our way to share the confidence we have in our products."

The limited time offer and transferable warranty program is valid for any new and unregistered Victory Motorcycle and is a full-coverage program inclusive of the whole motorcycle. Motorcycles sold after January 1, 2009 will be retroactively included in this program.

For more information, visit your local Victory Motorcycles’ dealer or go to testridevictory.com to set up a test ride.

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BlueShift Motorcycles is a new American motorcycle company which, unlike Harley-Davidson, Indian and Victory, are set to create electric motorcycles for the generations to come. American motorcycle manufacturers have always concentrated on providing loads of torque and BlueShift stays true to that fact and make sure that their future electric power cruiser will develop 200 ft lbs at any rpm.

The project will be formally introduced to the audience in April so you’ll remember these computer images very soon.

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Back in the early days of motorcycling, manufacturers didn’t just do a promotional video of the final product as it was being ridden down the highway as convincing as that might have been for the rebel riders of the time. Instead, they would have taken the viewer (and possibly future customer) through the entire building process so that they knew what they’re machines were made of.

This is an Indian Chief promotional video from their factory in Springfield, Massachusetts. At that time, there were no automatic assembly lines that would take care of at least part of the building process so it was all done by dedicated Indian workers.

Vintage Indian Motorcycle Advertisement

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It’s sometimes enough to bring up the words “power” and “cruiser” so that other ones such as “Star” and “Warrior” would naturally emerge. That’s right; this motorcycle has become not only a Star emblem, but a benchmark for the industry. The interesting part about it is that it climbed all the way up to the top of the wave in the collective’s mental and keeps on riding there.

Based on the idea that brute force should be instantly delivered to the massive rear wheel of a stripped down cruising-type motorcycle, performance cruisers have claimed their fair market share and the Star Warrior has had a lot to do with it. Let’s see what it’s up to in 2009.

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Being a loving and caring husband means more than just keeping the vow you’ve made in church on your wedding day. It involves the power to adapt your care and concern towards your life partner’s well being in different and sometimes spontaneous situations. So if you’re a motorcyclist and an ideal husband, it is very likely that you’re already using what is called the Babe Cage.

How was that saying?... “Prepare for the worst, expect for the best!” I believe it suits perfectly to this precise situation.

The Babe Cage (what kind of name is that, anyway?) is securely built around a cruiser’s bodywork so together with your passenger’s life, it also protects your motorcycle. The passenger gets an extra large backrest and even headrest while being safely belted to the cage (I guess there’s no point in having a safety cage if you’re going to fly tens of feet away from the bike in case of an accident). There is also a set of extra lights mounted around the cage so that traffic participants would be aware that you’re pretty much working with overdue gauge out there.

In what concerns the wife, how paranoia does she needs to be in order to let herself be carried like she’s explosive material or something?

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Did you ever happen to buy a motorcycle and feel that there’s something missing in what concerns your new acquisition? Something such as a….third wheel for example. It seems that this motorcycle enthusiast did and with incredible results. This is the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Trike, definitely a unique machine which satisfies the riding demands of those who simply can’t stick to the standard two-wheeled version.

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Remember the Harley-Davidson Sportster dressed up for the wild west? If not, this picture will surely remind you of it. Presenting to you the Motorcycle Mustang!

Featuring a massive V-twin engine developing precisely one horsepower, this beast only needs a flame paintjob, foamy rider and passenger seat, leather saddlebags as well as taillights and a fancy number plate just so that the town’s serif would allow you to cruise peacefully.

“You got to do something about those loud pipes cowboy!”

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Probably Star’s most appropriate motto would be “A Star for everybody” as they offer different, but close sized engines to power a variety of models that are meant to suit all possible riding demands. Take the V Star 1100 lineup for instance. This fills in the gap between the V Star 1300 and V Star 950 with three similar and yet so different models, the Classic, the Silverado and the Custom. So which one suits you best?

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Michael Jackson will sell his police spec Harley-Davidson Road King together with more than 2000 items from his Neverland ranch during a five-day auction in Beverly Hills, California. Julien’s Auctions organizez the event which will take place between April 22 and 25.

As reported, part of the money will go to charity, but most will end up in the pop star’s continuously shrinking pocket.

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