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If you are looking for a better interpretation for “safe riding”, it is very likely that this armored Boss Hoss motorcycle qualifies for the perfect thing. Let’s say you’re pretty good at riding and the problem for you now isn’t keeping your butt on the bike, but protecting yourself and the machine from a weapon assault let’s say.

Hollywood stuntman and inventor Eddie Paul has designed the “Secret Weapon” which is basically a Boss Hoss motorcycle covered in thick metal body parts positioned at an angle for maximum deflection (just like on tanks) and featuring a Lexan bullet-proof windscreen. The thing even features two 7.62mm electrically driven rotating Gatling guns (replicas, of course).

The only question here is: If the bike on which you plan to ride, do stunts or show off looks like that, what does gearing up for riding imply?

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Motorcycle police participate in a rehearsal of the upcoming parade to celebrate the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama in Washington, January 11, 2009. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES)

That’s the official part, but do you know what would have been great? In my opinion, if they would have had 44 motorcycles in the parade ;)

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A few years ago, riding through Ontario meant visiting Niagara Falls and get a good history lesson at the Classic Iron Motorcycle Museum. The motorcycles exposed there dated back to early 1990’s and the incursion in the past that they offered surely didn’t heart anyone. But, for no apparent reason, the Classic Iron Motorcycle Museum has now closed together with their website. This means restricting passionate people from getting a glimpse of some rare pieces of machineries such as the:

1916 Harley Davidson

1923 Indian Scout

1929 Sunbeam 500 cc Racer

1932 Harley Davidson RL

1937 BSA Empire Star

1937 Knucklehead

1940 Harley Davidson UL

1942 WLC Canadian Military

1951 Ariel Square Four

1952 Matchless GL3

1953 Triumph TR6 Trophy

1956 Panhead with Sidecar

1966 BMW R27

Among the museum’s attractions, probably the greatest were Easyrider’s “Captain America” & “Billy Bike” Replicas. They also had a 1980 Custom built Chrome & Gold Shovelhead so you can’t say that they were lacking visitors.

So the logical question here is why did they close it? Furthermore, why did they close it just when I plan to fly there?

Here’s an address and phone in case you are a very powerful man and happen to like motorcycles.

Classic Iron Motorcycle Museum
5743 Victoria Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2G 3L6

Phone: 905.374.8211

P.S. These days you have to reopen a museum and only then visit it.

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Starting from the idea that a guarantee should mean something, Harley-Davidson uses the power of example and launches a program called Ride Free through which they encourage riders to buy the Sportster model.

More precisely, those who buy a ’08 or ’09 Sportster (excluding XR1200) from a participating dealer until March 31, 2009 are offered the opportunity to ride it for up to one full year and then trade it for a new Dyna, Softail, VRSC or Toruing model and receive the original MSRP value of their Sportster motorcycles.

Also, those who already own a ’07, ’08 or ’09 Sportster can trade it until March 31 and have the same benefits.

Although that might seem like one great opportunity (which it actually is), it is recommended that you take in consideration the fact that the economy is going through a tough period and there will be more and more such offers. Still, in March the weather starts being just good for riding so I bet you won’t abstain yourself.

Find out more about Ride Free at http://www.h-d.com/ridefree.

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We have recently reviewed Suzuki’s 2009 offering and came to the overall conclusion that any of the manufacturer’s bikes qualify among the third best in their class. And this video we’ve just came across, although doesn’t mention anything about the competition, shows the most representative beasts of the sport and cruiser lineup in their natural environments which motivates us to share it with you. Enjoy!

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Honda has planned nine cars and three motorcycles for the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon scheduled to kick off on January 11. While the four-wheeled machineries aren’t of our interest, the bikes are.

Surprisingly, Honda won’t bring the best of each lineup, but an economical cruiser – the Shadow Classic 400 – as well as a scooter – the Forza X. Still, they show off with the Black and White 2009 CBR 1000RR so that evens up the scale pretty nicely.

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While the Boulevard S83 doesn’t carry on as a 2009 model year, Suzuki is keen on their smaller model, the Boulevard S50 which proved very successful during its decades-long life and shows no signs of weakness despite the fact that the Japanese manufacturer doesn’t work its magic on it for 2009. Fuel injection isn’t considered necessary so all there is new to enjoy at the Suzuki Boulevard S50 is a color scheme.

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Classic cruisers are less likely to go out of fashion and implicit out of production as long as there are enough guys that prefer classic jeans, leather jackets and helmets instead of leather interiors and fancy onboard computers. That’s what Suzuki reckons and some of the best proofs of this fact are the 2009 Boulevard C90 and C90T models which keep on going in the style that consecrated the VL 1500 Intruder more than a decade ago.

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Indian Motorcycle marks the greatest 2009 comeback in the wonderful world of cruisers with their Chief lineup, the only one of the oldest motorcycle maker in America. Complex and unique, the models offered by Indian may look like impossible to beat, but Harley-Davidson and the Japanese crowd aren’t going to give up that easily.

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Harley-Davidson has had enough of seeing women riding only as passengers so they have created the Bikes, Camera, Action! contest to challenge female film makers to inspire other women to get behind the handlebars of their very own motorcycles.

And the winning film makers are:

Vickie Sampson

Marta Masferrer

Melissa Kosar

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