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To those who say that the financial crisis puts an end to one’s possibilities of buying a new bike, Honda replies with the 2009 Shadow Aero. This bike addresses to a wide range of riders in search of classic retro styling, low seat height and, of course, V-Twin power, all at an unmatchable cost. What power of dreams? In this case, reality hits straight in the face!

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Honda gets the bad boy out of each one of us with the 2009 Rebel. Considering the fact that people are most likely to buy it in order to save up gas money, that’s quite an accomplishment and yet only a part of the small cruiser’s big character. With a reliable and docile four-stroke engine, comfortable accommodations and great handling, I bet my money on the fact that after being introduced to cruising by this entry-level bike, all riders will see the Honda Shadow as their next goal.

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Apparently, Harley-Davidson goes for the Chinese market. No, not the public one as I’m sure they’ve conquered it for a long time now, but the police departments market (if we can even call it that way).

AP News

Two Beijing traffic police officers ride motorcycles donated by Harley-Davidson Motor Company near the Tiananmen Tower in Beijing, China, Monday, Dec. 8, 2008. Chinese media reported Tuesday that Harley-Davidson Motor Company donated three Harley police bikes to Beijing’s Dongcheng District traffic police branch for traffic police patrols near the Tiananmen Square. (AP Photo/Color China Photo)

We know that at a certain time in the American Motor Company’s history, heavy motorcycle production destined for police departments meant the difference between bankruptcy and success.

The way I see it, their strategy is to open an appetite for Harleys in an area where they haven’t had much success and so go through the financial crisis by making use of the same old artifice.

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How bad have you been this year? The funny clip attached below shows the Santa Claus of bikers, a guy that doesn’t dress in red, has no dears and among the presents in his bag you’ll most likely find chromed silencers.

This ad was published today on the Harley-Davidson official Youtube channel and promotes the bad boy life style and, of course, the American builder’s unique products.

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America’s youngsters in between 18 and 25 are offered the opportunity to win a 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA motorcycle through a youth program of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. But don’t think it’s that easy as they will first have to subscribe to an Essay Contest and then the lucky winner should rebuilt its prize from scratch with parts sent in from all over the country.

Matt Olson, youth director of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, is the man behind this idea so in the video below he describes the Essay Contest and presents the parts that will eventually end up describing a Harley.

For more details you can also go to

Good luck!

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The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy inspired the creation of this impressively accurate remote-controlled Lego replica named the Mindstorms NXT Fat Boy. Good for kids, but not for us, you will say and we must agree, but what makes us interested in it is the fact that its controller is shaped like a real bike’s handles.

In the video attached below you will notice that it also leans, like any respectable modern two-wheeled toy and the additional wheels aren’t easy to spot. So now you know what to buy your kid for Christmas and we also know who’s going to be playing with it when snow will cover the asphalt.

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What you could find out from our website in last month’s news is now reality and also caught on tape. Indian Motor Company has recently opened their first dealership, close to the factory where the bikes are being produced and here’s the video from the event that took place on the 4th of October.

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In the case you haven’t already hit the “play” button for this video Marissa Miller is Victoria’s Secret Angel and Sports Illustrated cover girl who has recently teamed up with Harley-Davidson to shoot photos as part of an upcoming ad campaign for the new V-Rod Muscle. This behind the scenes video attached below also features an interview with Marisa Miller, but we have a hunch that you’re not interested in the talk.

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Having first tested the European market with the all-new 2008 DN-01, Honda now made public the fact of selling their futuristic model in the United States for 2009. The news was anticipated by the motorcycle press and surrounded by a fair share of controversy as the motorcycle buyer in the U.S. is more into the classic style rather than the one that the still strange looking bike tries to implement.

Addressed to people translating from cars to motorcycles, the Honda DN-01 makes riding easy for the respective category of riders. It is all due to the ingenious combination between a fully automatic transmission, a low seat and intriguing design.

Accommodated in an upright riding position and without the worry of shifting gears, a DN-01 rider can fully benefit of the 680cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve SOHC 52° V-twin’s performance. The engine is fed through a PGM-FI (programmed digital fuel injection) system, complementing perfectly for the lack of gears. Ok, so it isn’t just a combination between a cruiser and a sport bike, it has similar features to a state of the art maxi scooter.

With figures such as 60 bhp and 47 lb/ft, the bike won’t be hard to get accustomed with on the newly penetrated market, but it is expected to take its time until depleting stocks.

Two colors will be available for it in 2009: Black and Candy Dark Red under a $14,599 MSRP.

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