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Yes, it is hard to believe, but 10 years have passed since Polaris Industries introduced Victory Motorcycles. This proves that the levels of performance, finesse and attention to details of these bikes have position it next to the advanced in the business and there is no wonder as Polaris pumped up billions for this brand’s success. Its operation in UK has already announced their celebration at the forthcoming Americana International show at the Nottinghamshire County Showground in Newmark (...)
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Harely-Davidson has recently announced plans for the parade included in the anniversary celebration festivities.

As this is the most beloved motorcycle maker, not only in the states, but around the globe, the celebration of 105 years of building mechanical horses surely won’t be pass unnoticed by riders in every single state or corner of the world.

The much awaited parade is scheduled to take place on the 30th of August and we now have the detailed route: the Harley-Davidson Parade of Muscular Dystrophy Association Heroes parade will start at Miller Park, and riders will continue east on Wisconsin Avenue and end at the Henry Meier Festival Park where the annual Summerfest is held. The public can watch the multitude of motorcycles ride by at viewing areas which begin at the corner of 35th Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

Up front, there will be those who have managed to raise at least $6,400 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, followed by Harley dealers, employees and the biggest crowd of customers ever to be seen at a Harley parade.

Taking in consideration the fact that those of you who don’t actually live in Milwaukee will start your journeys as early as the 17th of August, there will be 25 nationwide routes heading to the much awaited celebration. All of you out there will better be in Milwaukee on the 28th of August not only to celebrate 105 years of brilliancy in building motorcycles, but also the 25th anniversary of the Harleys Owners Group.

Motorcycle events are usually related to crashes, deaths and the worst image of motorcyclists in the eyes of the normal American citizen and we believe that joining this parade is the best way to show how motorcyclists gather up for a good cause and for the pleasure of being close to the bike builder that started it all in such an important moment in its history. See you there!

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Yesterday, July 19, at the 2008 Motorcycle Ride for Vets edition, the Associated Press gathered nearly 400 motorcyclists that rode in order to raise money for veterans and serviceman of the U.S. military.

We’ve earlier published news about the Divas For A Cure Annual Cross-Country Breast Cancer Motorcycle Run and the video below comes as yet another proof that the guys on two wheels get involved in everything they are required for. And if they’re not, they’ll offer to do so and we’ll still come up with such news. Way to go!

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This year, Divas For A Cure Annual Cross-Country Breast Cancer Motorcycle Run has reached its third edition and there has already become a custom for Harley to join the hundreds of bikers and fans in their journey to Atlanta. The event starts on July 19 with a clear goal: raise $100,000. Money will come in form of donations and will be used by Divas For A Cure to prevent and cure breast cancer through educative projects and early detections. The sum has been doubled compared to last year (...)
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"ROCKET SCIENCE. The VMAX has always been the muscle bike to end all other muscle bikes. Commanding respect, triggering fear. Now, the all-new 2009 VMAX. Re-thought, reloaded, with a major chip on its shoulder. The 2009 VMAX - We didn’t just improve a legend; We started a whole new one."

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I haven’t seen many groups of riders that like to be referred to as a gang so the Wild Ones Motorcycle Gang must be among the few. And when having such a name it is clear that people will form the “best” preconception about your club so why not exploit it with video adds such as the ones attached below?

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People say that the good you’ve done will some day come back at you and it sure does, sooner or later. A highly conclusive proof of this fact is the ride on the Indy 500 track that participants of Motorcycle at the Miracle Ride had.

The lap on the famous track came as a reward for helping out the children in Riley’s Childrens Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana and the guys surely enjoyed every second of it. Just look at them go as they enter the straight line!

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If you have a Harley Softail or Roadking and still crave for that early look you shouldn’t think at buying and restoring a 1950’s cruiser, but consider transforming the model you already own into what it is called the Rucker Nostalgia.
It is actually a package that comes on the previously mentioned models and does a radical transformation.

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They are sharp, attractive and very stylish! The new Vance & Hines exhausts for Harley-Davidson manage to obtain the needed visual effect of such an important performance piece with 2-into-2 pipes. Named the Big Radius and Big Radius Black, both exhausts point out towards the ground and give it that nice, distinctive aftermarket look.

What is even better is that engine performance is improved and that V-Twin will also sing better with an opened throttle. The Big Radius 2-into-2 is the classic style chrome custom while the Black has a bathroom ceramic matt black color which gives it a very distinctive style.

Now, Vance & Hines is not only known for producing supersport exhausts, but for custom motorcycles and, even further, Harely-Davidson.

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