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A more appropriate title for this video would be “Everything about Boss Hoss Motorcycles and Trikes straight from the source”, but that’s a little too long so we’ll simply say here that Rad Hunsley explains the benefits and features of the Boss Hoss product.

Here are the answers to the most frequent questions about this bike.

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This Saturday, 70 officers from more than 18 law enforcement agencies are scheduled to participate at the Western States Motorcycle Officers Association’s training and skills competition from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The event will take place at the Elk Grove Regional Park, 9950 Elk Grove Florin Road and it is suppose to show us how trained and full of ability the arm of the law is, something that is fair and full of consistency. But I’m beginning to think that they’d better do their job and absolve us from invitations at their showcases.

Frankly, I would have a much better opinion about policeman on motorcycles if they’d actually apply their skills every day on field and not compete ones against the others with every chance they get.

Oh, you can also participate if you have a license and your own bike. If you still pay them for this, at least have fun with them…maybe they’ll get you in the force.

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Harley-Davidson riders can now benefit of a new portable GPS made by Garmin. The new release is called the Road Tech zumo and its main targets are the Harley-Davidson dealerships, as part of the American maker’s motorcycle accessories lineup.

Being a limited edition product, it sounds very promising and it actually is. Because it will fit Harley-Davidson motorcycles - it comes with handlebar mount and support on - it will feature all the dealership locations preloaded on it.

What is interesting and makes the zumo more useful is the fact that it has an SD card slot, allowing other zumo users to share trip information, just like truck drivers.

But it can also be fun. Because it has XM satellite radio hardware, it can be accessed for getting weather information and listen to music. You can also get TMC traffic alerts in cities that support it, and if now you can still use the sports programming function to relax.

Making a phone call from your bike is now even easier as the Road Tech zumo makes calls via Bluetooth equipped headsets. As it is wireless, you can also listen to the voice guidance using this method.

Designed to suit a rider’s needs and not become bothering in any way, the ingenious guys at Garmin made sure that their new product can be operated with a rider’s big-gloved fingers and never be affected by rain.

With a price tag of nearly $800, this will surely become a major point of interest for Harley-Davidson riders as it brings them even closer together.

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What do you get when you cross a Ducati and a cruiser? It’s not something that’s going to happen real soon, especially since Harley has just bought MV Agusta and not Ducati as was rumored. Ducati is not in the cruiser market, but still there’s one such an animal in existence. The Ducati cruiser, called the Ferrari Ducati 996 Custom Cruiser Pro Street was a custom job for the Ferrari dealership owner, Ray Anthony ( It won several prizes in custom shows. (...)
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Harley has announced today the purchase of MV Agusta and implicit Cagiva for a price of $109 million. The acquisition was long suspected as Harley had done the same thing with Buell so let’s hope that the investments will have the same effects as they did in the case of the American maker that was taken under the wing of the oldest motorcycle builder in the world. Harley has had problems of its own and it nearly lead it to bankruptcy and it seems that it is now in the business as never before.

Here’s the Press Release for you

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Are all of you HOGS prepared for the Tucker County incursion this weekend? You’d better be as Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts from across the United States plan to get together at Canaan Valley Resort for the 2008 West Virginia State Harley Owners Group Rally.

Attracted by two previous experiences from the Davis resort, riders will surely be there in the greatest number. As Troy Cardwell - Canaan Valley general manager- says, riders enjoy the scenery and the country roads.

Group members will start arriving on Wednesday. They’ll partake in a 300-mile round trip “Raw Hide” ride on Thursday and another, shorter, ride on Friday that will be followed by a dinner hosted by the Tucker County Convention & Visitors Bureau and Tucker County Rotary. Field events and a bike show are planned for Saturday.

One of the greatest motorcycle events of the summer, the Harley Owners Group Rally is a must for everybody who wants to stay true to its statute of member.

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Yes, it is hard to believe, but 10 years have passed since Polaris Industries introduced Victory Motorcycles. This proves that the levels of performance, finesse and attention to details of these bikes have position it next to the advanced in the business and there is no wonder as Polaris pumped up billions for this brand’s success. Its operation in UK has already announced their celebration at the forthcoming Americana International show at the Nottinghamshire County Showground in Newmark (...)
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Harely-Davidson has recently announced plans for the parade included in the anniversary celebration festivities.

As this is the most beloved motorcycle maker, not only in the states, but around the globe, the celebration of 105 years of building mechanical horses surely won’t be pass unnoticed by riders in every single state or corner of the world.

The much awaited parade is scheduled to take place on the 30th of August and we now have the detailed route: the Harley-Davidson Parade of Muscular Dystrophy Association Heroes parade will start at Miller Park, and riders will continue east on Wisconsin Avenue and end at the Henry Meier Festival Park where the annual Summerfest is held. The public can watch the multitude of motorcycles ride by at viewing areas which begin at the corner of 35th Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

Up front, there will be those who have managed to raise at least $6,400 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, followed by Harley dealers, employees and the biggest crowd of customers ever to be seen at a Harley parade.

Taking in consideration the fact that those of you who don’t actually live in Milwaukee will start your journeys as early as the 17th of August, there will be 25 nationwide routes heading to the much awaited celebration. All of you out there will better be in Milwaukee on the 28th of August not only to celebrate 105 years of brilliancy in building motorcycles, but also the 25th anniversary of the Harleys Owners Group.

Motorcycle events are usually related to crashes, deaths and the worst image of motorcyclists in the eyes of the normal American citizen and we believe that joining this parade is the best way to show how motorcyclists gather up for a good cause and for the pleasure of being close to the bike builder that started it all in such an important moment in its history. See you there!

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