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dirt bikes

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Harley-Davidson designed and built the XR1200 as their very first roadster in an attempt to appeal to younger riders as well. The plan sounded good in theory and if they offered plenty of customization possibilities, the bike qualified as a success. Said and done. But I guess that nobody really thought at doing something like this. Why not when the Harley-Davidson XR1200 monster bike looks like one of the best ways to shake the stress away.

What’s best, this impressive motorcycle offers the unique opportunity of seeing a car crushed by a motorcycle and not the other way around. Revenge looks good!

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Off-road riding/driving can give one quite a rush and the number of stunt man in this field grows bigger every year. Some may call them crazy, but a well organized and synchronized choreography leads to pure madness and a healthy adrenaline rush. See what happens when adrenaline junkies with dirt bikes, cars and monster trucks get together for some action.

Off-road madness
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Red Bull X-Fighters 2010 revs up for the show

The 2010 Red Bull X-Fighters world tour has just began, which reminds us of the great ride the 2009 one has been. Organizers promise much more for this year and with new tricks being constantly developed by stunt riders and new locations, we have all the reasons to take their words for it. In fact, click past the break for the official video and press release to find out this year’s schedule.

Thanks for the tip Andy!

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Not long ago, Aprilia decided to enlarge their success area from supermoto (SXV ) and enduro (RXV ) to motocross with the MXV 4.5 model. Don’t be fooled by the bike’s similar looks as Aprilia spent a lot of time modifying the platform in order to prove efficient for motocross riding. The frame and fuel tank suffered radical changes, while the engine has been worked on from airbox to exhaust.

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With the RXV 4.5 – 5.5, Aprilia proves that development never stops as the world of racing is a continuous inspiration for road legal motorcycles such as the two reviewed today. Featuring an even lighter chassis than the previous generation model, an upgraded V-Twin motor and new design, the RXVs are some of the most highly acclaimed off-road motorcycles of this year.

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Australian freestyle motocross celebrity Robbie “Maddo” Maddison has just established a new world record after bringing his Honda 500 dirt bike up to 77 mph and successfully jumping over the Corinth Canal, which has a width of 279 feet. The 28-year-old rider traversed at 300 feet above the channel surface and his biggest obstacle was, obviously, fear. Hit the jump for the video and full press release.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic, Jörg Mitter and Stefan Aufschnaiter

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Take a look at the world’s cleanest dirt bike! How does that sound anyway? But it’s true; the thing is called the Zero X and it is the only trail bike in the 2010 Zero Motorcycles product lineup . Derived from the 2010 Zero MX , the X gets 23 electric horses and 50 ft-lbs of torque, which is more than ok considering the 161 pounds curb weight.

Like its motocross sibling, the Zero X comes in two versions, the X Sport and X Extreme, the difference between the two being made by engine grunt and different suspension. Hit the jump for more details.

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Time has come for green dirt bike riding and, why not, racing with the 2010 Zero MX, the world’s first electric motocross ride. Zero Motorcycles also plan on maintaining it on its “most advanced electric dirt bike” position, so for this year they’ve upgraded virtually everything they could: powertrain, suspension, looks.

Furthermore, two versions are available, the Zero MX Sport and the Zero MX Extreme. With more power and stiffer suspension, this last version is the closest thing to a racing electric dirt bike that money can buy. It rewards you with 50 ft-lbs, 23 horsepower and only weighs 172 pounds, so it’s more or less like a mountain bike on steroids.

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Following an earlier leak concerning their 2011 Freeride bikes, KTM releases the first images and press release for their all-new EVs that are scheduled for production a year and a half from now.

As initially seen, the two bikes share the same platform – delta box frame with self-supporting subframe – and lithium ion battery, all while weighing in at 198.4lbs. The Austrian firm claims performances similar to those of a 125cc supermoto/motocross internal combustion bike.

From the two, the supermoto bike will be street legal, while the MX one will keep all the fun on the track. The Freeride bikes will make their debut in Europe for the equivalent of $14,585, while riders in the US should “comply” with the much more competitive Zero Motorcycles . Read the full press release after the jump.

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Although the Austrians from KTM have tried to keep a low profile in what their all-new Freeride electric motorcycles are concerned, German magazine Das Motorrad published the first leaked pictures of the much-awaited KTMs. Damn, why can’t we feel sorry about this?

Expected to retail for approximately $13,500 (or just under €10,000), both bikes rely on 30bhp and 33lb/ft of torque while weighing in at 198.4lbs. Hmm, that cannot be impressive. At least the 2.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack is capable to keep the good stuff coming for around 1.5-hours.

One a supermoto and the other an enduro, both bikes feature what appears to be a tubular steel frame.

This pretty much blows KTM’s element of surprise, but at least we can see the Austrian company entering confidently into a totally new segment mainly dominated by Zero Motorcycles in the United States.

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