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dirt bikes

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Yamaha has released a video explaining the modifications done to their quarter-liter motocrosser of latest generation, the YZ250F. The bike now features a bilateral beam frame, while the engine now benefits of new valve train, carburetor and exhaust.

Overall, the new 2010 Yamaha YZ250F is supposed to offer a new riding position, handle sharper and deliver a more power with less noise. Sounds tempting to me!

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This may not be the latest commercial that Yamaha made for their dirt bike lineup, but it sure is the most inspiring seen yet. Looking at it, most riders feel like gearing up and hitting the dirt on whatever model they got and that’s precisely what I’m planning to do now.

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Ronnie Renner broke his own world record established last year at the famous Santa Monica Pier, when he jumped 59’ from the ground with his KTM motorcycle during the third edition of the Red Bull Experiment.

Last Saturday in Chicago, the daredevil managed to reach 63’ 5" from the ground and his performance was certified by Guinness World Records, making the American motocross star the main attraction of the Red Bull High Rise event.

“It’s been crazy. I’m so pumped to have done it,” said Renner after his jumps. “What a killer vibe! All these people coming out to see me and they were psyched. I could hear the crowd cheering.”

Hit the jump to see the video from the amazing event.

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Robbie Maddison came up with a very spectacular way to promote the upcoming Battersea Power Station round of Red Bull X-Fighters scheduled to take place on August 22 in London. The daredevil performed a no-handed backflip between the two open sections of Tower Bridge spanning the Thames in London at a speed of 40 mph.

Although the stunt took place early this morning, all the elements were on Maddison’s side and he managed to land smoothly.

Very communicative, the stuntman shared a few impressions with the press: "People say I’m crazy, but I just want to push the boundaries of my sport and my body to the limit and I love taking on these huge challenges," said Maddison. "It was an incredible feeling to fly between the two towers and over the Thames".

The photos are courtesy of Getty Images.

Hit the jump to see the actual video from the event.

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Those who were wondering what more could there be changed at Yamaha motocross bikes in order to improve performance are most likely to receive their answer with a single look at this spy picture of the 2010 Yamaha YZ450F reverse-cylinder.

This Powerpoint rendering shows how the new construction method allows the bottom end of the engine to move forward in the chassis, improving weight distribution and enhancing handling. This way, the exhaust pipe has a straight path towards the silencer and doesn’t need to be taken in consideration when doing the math for the front wheel clearance and also the inlet tract can be simply redesigned to go straight from the fuel injector to the combustion chamber. It even makes us wonder why Yamaha didn’t consider this possibility for the YZ450F so far.

Yamaha is supposed to unveil the completely new dirt bike within the next months and we reckon that it will blow away the competition.

Source: MCN
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Because Marines and militaries in general use public roads and motorcycles on which they don’t have much experience (sport bikes) to go in search of an adrenaline rush similar to that experienced as soldiers, the US Marine Corp has launched what is called “Semper Ride”, an educational program that consists in a very interesting film containing an overall responsible riding theme, instructional material, and mentoring from some of the motorcycle industry’s most talented riders.

We’ve added the promotional videos of the actual film because this last is for the moment watched in military bases only.

See the videos after the break.

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Last month’s end brought TDR Scooters the world record for a single cylinder 178 cc fully automatic twist and go scooter, at the Santa Pod Raceway (England), with an impressive 11.9037 at 108.27 mph for a quarter of a mile. Also, during that lucky day on May 30, the record was followed by an 11.9760 at 105.73 mph.

Those with doubts are invited to check out the photo gallery.

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KTM offers an enduro two-stroke trainer under the 200 XC-W name that stands for an impressively build motorcycle, always happy to provide an extremely accurate impression of what smokers are capable nowadays.

While the engine can be compared with at least a 300 cc four-stroke one, the bike weighs only 208.99 pounds without fuel, standing out as a possible blast. So where does beginner friendliness stand in this scenario? That’s what we’re about to find out.

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KTM ensures that their faithful riders master those trails by offering a very difersified off-road lineup from which the XC-W model range distinguishes as being the most offering. The variety of both four-stroke and two-stroke models will leave nobody hiking and if we’re talking about riders who are just starting out, the 250 XCF-W is just the right thing to consider.

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KTM has a two-stroke enduro alternative for each of their four-stroke model, so while the 250 XC-W is comparable to their 450 XC-W , what’s the 530 XC-W left with? The 300 XC-W, of course!

The big four-strokes have been seriously improved this year and the much smaller two-strokes simply had to keep up. And to be quite honest, the premises are totally favorable.

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