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dirt bikes

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Husqvarna keeps us on pins and needles in what concerns the launch of the 2009 TC 250, the bike that it’s suppose to be the lightest motocrosser yet to be produced. There are many chances that it will participate in the 2009 World Motocross Championship, but what we do know for sure is that it weighs 48.5 lbs.

Much of the massive weight reduction is due to the compactness of the four-stroke engine (13 percent smaller than everything else out there) featuring four titanium radial valves. Developed in collaboration with MX3 racer Andrea Bartolini, the new bike is expected to rule on the 2009 motocross scene.

But in order to do that, it will first have to be produced and rumors are that this autumn will bring racers face to face with it. Let’s hope so!

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The smallest, but definitely not weakest motocrosser out there comes from the green team and brings the excitement of racing to an even younger category or riders. Kawasaki introduced the KX65 specifically for those who feel like skipping off-road beginners bikes and get to the real thing as soon as possible. This is the best real thing you’ll get at an early age.

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I very much appreciate people who read my reviews and I know that they often try to learn some new tricks by reading the “Test Drive” section. Because of that, I would like to help them (that is you) to get as much online information as they can before starting to ride.

Because I have recently done some previews (no test drive, that is) as the bikes are 2009 model years and become available this october, I invite you do do your own skill deeloping by attending a profesional riding school.

Rich Lafferty Racing and Riding School is a nice start as you can evolve fast and get to racing. That is the interesting part, isn’ it?

This is the first school that brings immediate enjoyment and the best is that it addresses to both children and adults, so parents, if you feel like being worry-free, this is one good solution.

They also have a “Tips and Tricks” on their section on their website from which you can download free information in order to gather skills faster.

More information at http://www.rlafferty.com/riding_school/riding_school.html

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This couple has done a video in which they present the three methods of starting a bike. Gas down, choke up, ignition key on and put it on “run”. Then use the clutch and make sure the bike is in neutral and bang. That’s the first method.

If you don’t have enough strength, use the kickstand, get on the footpegs and use your body weight to start it. That is supposed to come naturally. But the next one if for the ones with a little bit of experience. Do the same things as before only that put the bike in second gear, hold the clutch and run next to it. Suddenly jump on the seat, release the clutch and accelerate.

But even though you’ve understood the procedure, it is recommended that you see it happening on your bike and do it yourself next. For those most experienced of you out there, this video can be inspiring and determine you to do similar thinks. Remember that you’ve also been thought one day and if not, start doing it anyway.

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The new distance jumping world record was established by the rider referred to as “Bird”. He manages to go nearly 395 feet and easily succeeds to become the new record holder. But will he try it again? We shall see very soon!

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Kawasaki offers its own, unique solution to the translation from mini bikes to full-sized motocross machines: the KX100! With its 99cc engine and larger wheels, it is the purest blend of both worlds and it is not afraid showing it out on the track. Performance, handling and balance is what Kawasaki aimed at when created the new mid-sized motocross ride so it should receive great recognition for it.

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Kawasaki has made quite an entry with the all-new KX250F two years ago, but with the stiff competition encountered on the motocross track, a radical new approach had to be made towards this bike. The recipe is the same as in the case of its bigger sibling, the KX450F: a lightened engine that pulls stronger finds its place on the refined chassis. The look is also refreshed so Kawasaki’s out with the best against its competitors.

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