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dirt bikes

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Young Australian Jackson Strong has just set the new world record for the tallest frontflip from ramp to ramp with an outstanding 85-foot performance. The event took place in Cairns, Australia and it was part of the Crusty Demons (Strong’s daredevil freestyle backup group) 2010 Tour.

After the jump, Jackson Strong said: "I’ve been working on the front flip on a dirt bike for a long time." "I’ve had four crashes doing the same trick. The first crash I actually lacerated my liver and had internal bleeding and kind of that was a bit of a scary one I spent seven days in intensive care," he added.

We are amazed to see the young aussie putting that amount of effort into having his name in the Guinness world book of records.

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Yamaha may not raise the stakes in the 250cc motocross/supercross class with their 2010 YZ250F model, but the bike does come with a new, more compact "Bilateral Beam" frame and KYB suspension that allow the rider to control it easier. Also, the engine now features modified valves, is being fed through an upgraded carburetor and breaths through a revised exhaust with “D” shaped exhaust port. All the modifications translate into more low-to-mid rpm power, which is precisely what the rider needs during motocross races. We have put together an article based on Yamaha’s press release, so hit the jump to read it.

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The 2010 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour has reached its second location – Giza – for an even more exciting round next to the pyramids. So the restless sponsor has released a healthy preview made of photos and a video, which is more like a teaser for the event. Some of the most talented riders participating are Nate Adams (USA), Robbie Maddison (AUS), Eigo Sato (JPN) and Levi Sherwood (NZL). Click past the break to hear their opinions about the pyramids, but also to see Robbie Maddison’s sand jump.

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In 2010, Yamaha plans to rule all competitions involving 450cc dirt bikes with their entirely redesigned YZ450F model. This is a bike that with ingenious engineering solves a big problem for all bikes in its category – space. It features a reversed cylinder engine allowing the entire reorganization of the engine bay and it is all mounted on a completely new, lighter frame. The rest is just a matter of finesse and it is all covered in the following article.

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Oberdan Bezzi has inked another motorcycle sketch, one that catches our attention for being very realistic and yet almost 100% not plausible. Why? It is a Ducati motocross bike. Ducati doesn’t do that, but the Italian designer’s Desmocross concept shows just how good their bike would look if they ever decide to go muddy.

Ducati’s motocrosser would be powered by a high-performance single-cylinder engine displacing 450cc. Obiboi assumes the machine would be great as a supermoto as well if the right wheels come into place.

In terms of design, we can spot some Aprilia RXV influences especially in the way the front end meets the number plate and the angular lines, but in the end the bike looks like it could make it to my garage anytime. That is only if Ducati will surprise us at this year’s EICMA show with an all-new Desmocross. Meanwhile, hit the jump for the designer’s description.

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What looks to be a slightly more complex approach towards the classic idea of a mountain bike actually ends up being claimed the "Ferrari of electric bikes". Yes, this is the M55 Bike EVO-001, an electric bike that simply cannot pass unnoticed by those interested in this particular segment of electric vehicles.

Based in Hungary, M55 have developed the bike for the past three years and after five prototypes, they’re taking it to the production line. Built around a one-piece molded aluminium frame, the M55 Bike EVO-001 doesn’t seem to bring anything new on the market, but it is actually its integrated battery pack and a centrally mounted motor that make a difference.

"Ferrari of electric bikes" or a modern Flinstone vehicle? [w/video]

M55 has put together two different versions for two different types of fun. The most powerful isn’t street legal, but an off-road sport version with a 1300 W (1.7 hp) motor, while its homologated sibling comes powered by a 250 W (0.33 hp) motor.

So, what is it that could turn this into a Flinstone vehicle because it certainly ain’t the motor. Well, the fact is that on both bikes the engine speed is controlled by the rider through the pedals. This means that both man and machine work together towards…Flinstones-style commuting? But let’s not be mean as this is an ingenious way to save up the A123 systems battery.

Furthermore, the five-speed engine is backed up by a Rohloff Speedhub with 14 gears, which is positioned in the rear wheel hub. All these combined turn the sport version of the M55 Bike EVO-001 into a 43 mph green machine, but definitely not into a Ferarri.

Other fancy, but not entirely necessary, bits are the Brembo disc brakes.

The Hungarian manufacturer only plans to produce 250 of these bikes, so don’t expect them to be cheap. Hit the jump for the official video.

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Weather you’re a professional rider planning to win 2010’s most challenging motocross or supercross closed course competitions or simply a dirt bike rider with plans to go big, the 2010 Honda CRF450R is one of the numerous “tools” for the job. Honda claims they now offer an even more powerful bike with greater handling capabilities, so let’s just see how they achieved that.

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We rarely see a year pass by without Honda improving their motocross lineup and because 2010 isn’t the exception, the new CRF250R is now claimed to be an even faster way to get around the dirt track. Both the engine and chassis upgrades back up Honda’s immense expectations from this revolutionary motorcycle, so let’s just see how.

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Harley-Davidson designed and built the XR1200 as their very first roadster in an attempt to appeal to younger riders as well. The plan sounded good in theory and if they offered plenty of customization possibilities, the bike qualified as a success. Said and done. But I guess that nobody really thought at doing something like this. Why not when the Harley-Davidson XR1200 monster bike looks like one of the best ways to shake the stress away.

What’s best, this impressive motorcycle offers the unique opportunity of seeing a car crushed by a motorcycle and not the other way around. Revenge looks good!

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Off-road riding/driving can give one quite a rush and the number of stunt man in this field grows bigger every year. Some may call them crazy, but a well organized and synchronized choreography leads to pure madness and a healthy adrenaline rush. See what happens when adrenaline junkies with dirt bikes, cars and monster trucks get together for some action.

Off-road madness
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