Ducati 1098

Ducati 1098

Over the years, Ducati has built a pristine reputation as one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world. They’re expensive as heck, too, but that’s besides the point. The point here is that it doesn’t take a lot to make a Ducati bike an eye-catcher, but if you’re really trying to hit for the fences and going a tad overboard is an open option, then maybe you’ll find these special edition 1098 and 1198 Ducati bikes suitable for your palette.

Designed by Danish artist, Kristian van Hornsleth, these special edition bikes have been dressed up in 10 unique – and that’s saying it lightly –paint schemes, all of which fall under Hornsleth’s “Kill Me Fast” series.

We don’t know how appropriate the name is given that these machines are about as close to a death ride for the reckless as it can get– a 0-60 mph time of under three seconds and a top speed of 198.8 mph does that to you – but considering the meticulous detail and flashiness of the designs, there’s something mysteriously alluring about these bikes.

Not that we can afford one, but hey, we can settle for everything short of actually buying one, including needlessly looking at the photos far longer than we should. Check them out and you might end up doing the same.

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Last month we had a post regarding the creation of the Ducati 1098S Martini Racing and we’re now on it again to update the picture gallery and information about the bike.

Weighing only 163kg dry and disposing of 175 horsepower, the Martini Ducati 1098S dues its impressive power-to-weight ratio to racing cams and pistons, titanium con-rods, lightweight crank, magnesium alloy wheels, WSBK-spec gearbox, ¼ turn quick-throttle, Ohlins suspension components, Termignoni exhaust with carbon mufflers and to the multitude of carbon fiber bodywork components.

Although the 1098S was replaced by the 1198S, this Martini Racing replica keeps the previous generation model interesting and attractive for the public.

The pictures are courtesy of mc24 and autoblog.

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North Carolina Ducati dealer Hattar Motorsports came up with this Martini Racing paintjob for the 1098S model.

Although drinking and riding isn’t something that we recommend, we have to admit that the Martini Racing livery looks just like the right ‘detail’ if planning to make the Ducati 1098S stand out even more than it already does with the usual paint schemes.

If taking this amazing looking motorcycle on the race track, it will surely be confused with a veritable racer (which it isn’t far from being, by the way).

We were wondering when the Martini Racing colors could find their place on a motorcycle because we’ve seen plenty of championship-winning race cars showing it ever since 1968. There could be no better choice than this specific Ducati model.

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There’s nothing quite like riding the best there is out there and with the 2009 Ducati 1098R and the corresponsive brand new Bayliss Limited Edition you stand great chances to be doing just that, so it’s nice to get a preview of the blast that you’ll have if paying around $40K for a bike is no problem for you.

Ducati’s exclusive liter-class superbike impresses a rider with the greatest ease. You see, you cannot replace the massive Twin, bag loads of technology and sharp looks with anything. Let’s see what more.

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Italy’s “red” motorcycle and car manufacturers will compete in a winner-takes-all race on July 13th at the Ducs Fly South track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

The event is Ducati’s major for the summer and the most interesting part of it goes like this: Universal Autosports staff will pilot three Ferrari Challenge cars around the track and see which one obtains the best lap time. Immediately following the hot lap competition, professional Ducati instructors and racers will compete in an identical way on Ducati motorcycles.

The best of the best Ferrari Challenge driver and Ducati rider will go head-to-head and, hopefully, offer an answer to the old car vs. motorcycle dilemma.

Press release after the break.

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The 1098R Puma Edition is the result of Ducati winning the 2008 Superbike World Championship and renewing their successful partnership with Puma. Built only for Japan in a limited number of ten units, the motorcycles distinguish with a white Puma logo on the side fairing and a special number stamped on the upper stem of the fork. This gets the price up to as much as 35,000 euros and pretty much excludes the regular Ducati buyer from the target public. But because these things were most likely immediately sold back in December when released, the only thing for us remaining to do is signal the existence of this model and eventually outrage by how a few grams of paint and a small stamped plate can have that much of an influence on the price.

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This is a very well thought and made recent Ducati 1098 video ad (at least that’s what it appears to be), but the interesting part about it is not the footage itself. Actually, the YouTube member who uploaded it on the site claims to have found it on an Apple Store computer. Is that even possible to conceive?

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After the tragic death of Ayrton Senna in 1994, different series of Ducati and MV Agusta limited edition motorcycles were designed as a tribute to the three-time Formula 1 world champion. Now, we’ve come across custom-built Ducati 1098 Senna which reminds us of the famous racing driver and about its big passion for motorcycles, apart from the one for cars.

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A Ducati 1098R with 0 Miles on board and ready to race in the Superstock 1000 Championship is being posted for sale.

We are talking about a new, 1200cc Ducati 1098 R that is ready to be registered as the second bike of the Team Guandalini Superstock 1000. But everything comes at a price and in this case it is all about the 42, 000 euros required. The price is negotiable though.

For more information (mostly concerning the racing features of the bike) please click on the source below.

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