Ducati 1198

Ducati 1198

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The 1199 Panigale is one of the most wanted supersport models in its class. The motorcycle is especially appreciated for its top notch driving dynamics, the strong engine and its state of the art technologies. Though, Ducati thought that its bike is still not as capable as they want, so they went on and upgraded it.

As a result, the 2013 Ducati 1199 Panigale R is 10 kg lighter and 25 hp stronger than the previous generation. Power comes from the strong Superquadro which is the most powerful twin-cylinder engine on the planet. The engine’s power has been increased up to 195 HP@10,750 rpm, while torque has been increased as well, to 13.5 kgm@9,000 rpm. Moreover the 1199 Panigale R is also offered with the Riding Mode options, which let you modulate power delivery based on riding style and road conditions.

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To celebrate Ducati’s "Made in Borgo Panigale" techological excellence, the 1199 Panigale S is now offered with a tasty Tricolour paint job.

One of the unique features offered by the Ducati 1199 Panigale S is its unique engine that has been designed as the structural element of the frame. The engine was also especially developed to offer a proper weight distribution between the front and rear thus improving the bike’s balance at high speeds.

The engine is paired with a six speed gearbox which features an advanced clutch that’s similar with the one found at the Multistrada and Diavel models.

To increase performances even more, the layout of the exhaust manifolds is 2 into 1 into 2 with twin tailpipe under the sump and three chambers for the reflection silencers. What’s even interesting, the engine features three different Power Modes that can be selected by the rider to adapt the level of power and its delivery to riding style and road conditions.

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The Ducati 1199 Panigale is one of the sportiest models built by the company. For the starters it comes with a sharp design which betrays its racer spirit. Power comes from a strong Superquadro 1198 cc engine with the cylinders angled at a 90 degree angle. The unit delivers a maximum output of 195 hp @ 10,750 rpm and 132 Nm of torque @ 9,000 rpm.

The 1199 Panigale’s chassis features a monocoque structure which uses the Superquadro engine as a structural element reducing the bike’s total weight by 5 kg. The monocoque frame is fixed directly to the cylinder head, and at front are two aluminium bushings inserted with the steering tube bearings.

There are three versions available for the 1199 Panigale, namely the base, S and R models. The base model features LEDs for position lights and lamps for the headlights, while the S and R versions have full LED lighting.

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Over the years, Ducati has built a pristine reputation as one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world. They’re expensive as heck, too, but that’s besides the point. The point here is that it doesn’t take a lot to make a Ducati bike an eye-catcher, but if you’re really trying to hit for the fences and going a tad overboard is an open option, then maybe you’ll find these special edition 1098 and 1198 Ducati bikes suitable for your palette.

Designed by Danish artist, Kristian van Hornsleth, these special edition bikes have been dressed up in 10 unique – and that’s saying it lightly –paint schemes, all of which fall under Hornsleth’s “Kill Me Fast” series.

We don’t know how appropriate the name is given that these machines are about as close to a death ride for the reckless as it can get– a 0-60 mph time of under three seconds and a top speed of 198.8 mph does that to you – but considering the meticulous detail and flashiness of the designs, there’s something mysteriously alluring about these bikes.

Not that we can afford one, but hey, we can settle for everything short of actually buying one, including needlessly looking at the photos far longer than we should. Check them out and you might end up doing the same.

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The most advanced superbike models coming from the Bologna, Italy house are the Ducati 1198, 1198 S, 1198 S Corse and 1198 R Corse, all which might look like the discontinued 1098 R , but are in fact entirely different creations with enhanced all-around performance and decent price tags.

Built using experience gathered in years of racing, the 1198 series is composed of uncompromising superbikes representing the unique Italian styling and the innovative maker’s solutions to keep things safe and interesting on the track as well as on the road.

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Ever wondered how official motorcycle videos are made? We did too and came to find that it is a great deal of work now that Ducati released the backstage videos for two of their 2010 models, the Ducati 1198 and Ducati Hypermotard 1100.

Remember that these are professional riders performing on closed courses and there’s still a great deal of risk for the guys with the cameras as they are often filming/photographing skids and slides with themselves as targets. Follow the jump to see how the Italians from Ducati make their motorcycle videos.

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For 2010, Ducati changed the 1098R model name into 1198R, but displacement remains the same – 1198.4cc – which makes the change obvious and things clearer. What is fizically new to the bike compared to the previous 1098R Troy Bayliss LE is an aluminium fuel tank, Termignoni exhaust system and a paddock stand, but you’ll only spot that if you’re willing to look beyond the gorgeous Corse paint job.

Apart from looks, the price – although not yet announced – will be the other factor making the 2010 Ducati 1198R Corse exclusive. Still, models such as the 1198S Corse and 848 Dark Edition have the same build quality and should cost less.

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This Ducati 1198S got in the hands of the guys at Red Fenix, who have made it worth 100,000 euros (US$144,000). It is now called the Ducati 1198RF and comes with a host of upgrades and modifications that only the most ostentatious or incredibly skilled of you out there could possibly demand for: 17-inch magnesium alloy wheels from Marvic, which are wrapped up in a pair of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires, 47mm K-Service fork, slightly reduced wheelbase, repositioned Brembo front brake disc (for better cooling) and an engine retuned by the Milan-based Desmolupo.

In the end, you get pretty much a race bike that has an additional 10-11 horsepower, goes faster around bends and only requires one finger on the lever to stop from racing speeds. Is that worth the extra $122,205, given the fact that a factory-equipped 2009 Ducati 1198S starts at $21,795?

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Ducati has recently presented the official video for the all-new 1198 model replacing the 1098 model produced and succesfully sold in 2008. The new bike is built around the 1198cc Testastretta Evoluzione L-Twin engine which develops 170bhp at 9,750rpm and 131Nm at 8,000rpm. Also, with a dry weight of only 171 kg, competitors such as the Aprilia RSV4 , BMW S1000RR and the entire Japanese crowd have plenty to worry about.

Two models are available for 2009, the 1198 and 1198S and both are shown racing in Ducati’s promotional video attached below.

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