Ducati 749

Ducati 749

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It’s funny how a good looking chick can attract you attention and you end up writing a post about the bike that she’s sitting on. That’s the case here and, yes, you can put that blame on me!

This is actually a 2003 Ducati 749 that ended up in the right hands in 2004. The owner, which ’…can never leave anything stock’, then started to lower, lengthen and garnish the bike, leaving us wondering if we’d choose between it and the “other” attraction point in the pictures.

But let’s check out some details here. First of all, there’s the stretched swingarm, custom-built exhaust and the spoked wheels. These are features that we simply can’t get over, so we’ll leave the owner do the talking from here: ‘I wanted to go for an old school look, so we sprayed it hot rod black with solid red flake scallops, equipped with red and white pin stripes all around. I also designed a nice air ride kit for it, along with some carbon pieces and custom side-mount exhaust. For some this would be enough, but when things snowball around here, it never stops! I ended up making a one-off, 14 over aluminum tubular swingarm to house a custom fat spoked rim. We went with ‘Ride Wright Fat 50’ 18-inch wheels, with a 300 in the back, chrome spokes with black rims’.

By what we can see when we’re not looking at that hot chick (damn, these guys were inspired!) the riding position is similar to that of a drag bike, so let’s just hope that the adrenaline rush is similar too.


The 749R, designed to race in the World Supersport Championship, is an outstanding racing machine. It features the most powerful mid-size Testastretta engine produced by Ducati together with a state-of-the-art chassis set up, both developed for top track performance.


The Ducati 749s has all of the technology that makes the Superbike family unique. The 748 cc Testastretta engine provides 116 hp at 10,500 rpm and torque of 8.4 kgm (60.8 lb-ft) at 8,500 rpm that can even be used at very low revs, resulting in excellent track performance and easy handling on the road. It is a safe and pleasurable ride in all conditions


The Ducati Superbike entry-level 749 is also available in a Dark version, featuring matte black paintwork that emphasises its compactness and assertiveness. Its 748 cc Testastretta engine supplies 108 hp at 10,000 rpm and 8.2 kgm (59.3 lb-ft) of torque at 8,500 rpm with constantly smooth, linear power delivery

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