Ducati 999

Ducati 999

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This mysterious looking motorcycle is the creation of German tuner Befaster and it not only attracts our attention with its unique look, but with an impressive power to weight ratio too: 1.88 horsepower for every kilo. This translates into a 170 hp engine, which, as the light weight, surely doesn’t come standard on the original Ducati bike.

The weight of the standard bike (186 kg) was reduced with 43 kg by installing a set of components made out of carbon fiber and titan instead of the original ones. Furthermore, the engine’s displacement was increased to 1.037 ccs, which explains the 170 hp.

Befaster actually plans to sell this motorcycle for €120.000. Is this hard to believe? Believe it!

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The Ducati 999 is the most powerful and advanced twin cylinder engine motorcycle to come out of the Borgo panigale factory. The Ducati 999, along with Ducati 749, symbolize Ducati’s long, glorious history and its domination of the World Superbike Championship that has lasted more than a decade. constant and innovative development in both technology and design have resulted in a one-in-a-million motorcycle, perfect for sports enthusiasts.

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The 999s is at the top of its class thanks to its engine performance and outstanding components. It features an especially powerful Testastretta engine that delivers 143 hp and a Corse-derived low sump crankcase for consistent oil feed even during full race conditions.

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The British were pioneers at many things. Some were pleasant and enjoyable, like motorcycles, others not so much, like imperialism. At the very zenith of their motorcycling days, they had performance and handling, but they missed many other things – like oil-tight engines, the ability to make more power after they hit the ’plateau,’ and the ability to consistently imbue their machines with soul. The Italians, on the other hand, understood that last bit rather well. Right from the Cucciolo (...)
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The 999R Xerox is a special series motorcycle with a wide range of features that distinguish it from the standard 999R model, such as Öhlins forks with black sleeves, anodised black footpegs and top yoke, Öhlins ’Racing’ rear suspension with double damping adjuster in compression, aluminium body, counter-spring and spring pre-load setting.

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