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electric bikes

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Icon’s creations are quite impressive but until now these guys were only playing with cars. Fortunately, they decided to try their luck in the two wheels segment too, so they created a very unique electric bike named the E-Fly.

In terms of style the new electric bike draws inspiration from the bicycles of World War I and features an old school design language mixed with contemporary lines and spoked wheels. The bike’s backbone is represented by a lightweight frame covered in a Rocky Mountain Gray paint. You also get leather handles, billet forks and AVD BB79 brakes.

The E-Fly weighs only 57 pounds and is propelled by a 3,500-Watt electric motor powered by a 52v battery. The battery can be fully charged in two hours and offers an autonomy of 35 miles. The maximum speed is rated at 36 mph, but it is electronically limited to only 20 mph for the road.

The new Icon E-Fly has a starting price of $4,995 and for the moment, it will be built in only 50 units.

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Zero decided to upgrade its S model for 2014. The new model year features a long list of improvements which help it deliver better performances in terms of power, ride and handling.

Among the modifications made for the 2014 model year you’ll find larger 43 mm forks, a redesigned chin fairing, new triple clamps and a new dashboard. Moreover, the bike’s ground clearance has been raised by an inch and the suspension is now oriented more towards comfort.

The 2014 Zero S is propelled by a Z-Force, 75-7 passively air-cooled, high efficiency, radial flux permanent magnet, brushless motor which delivers a maximum power of 54 Hp (40 KW) @ 4,300 rpm and 68 Ft-Lb (92 Nm) of torque. The engine is mated to a clutchless, one-speed transmission and can propel you to a maximum speed of 95 mph.

As far as battery packs are concerned, the Zero S gives you the possibility to choose between three versions (8.5 kWh, 11.4 kWh and 12.5 kWh).

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Zero revamped its entire lineup of electric motorcycles for 2014 and the SR makes no exception.

The 2014 Zero SR continues to impress us with its versatility and strong torque available from 0 rpm, a feature that can be found only at electric vehicles.

The bike’s backbone is represented by a twin spar frame that offers a perfect compromise between lightness and rigidity.

In its off road adventures the 2014 Zero SR is assisted by a new fully adjustable suspension system and a pair of rugged tires.

The 2014 Zero SR sports a Z-Force® 75-7 passively air-cooled, radial flux, permanent high-temp magnet, brushless electric motor which delivers a maximum output of 67 Hp (50 KW) at 4,000 rpm and 106 Ft-Lb (144 Nm) of torque. The motor is paired with a clutchless, single speed transmission and is able to propel the bike to 60 mph in only 3.3 seconds.

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Together with the sporty Recursion concept, Suzuki will also present another new concept called the Extrigger at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show on November 23.

For the moment, we don’t know if the concept will be proposed for mass production, but judging by the initial specs we’ll have to admit that it has all it needs to be considered a fun bike.

The new motorcycle weighs 62 kg, is powered by electricity and features an electric motor paired with a 0.58kW battery borrowed from the Suzuki e-Let electric scooter.

One of the most interesting features offered by the Suzuki Extrigger is its innovative data transmission system which uses visible light communication (VLC) technology to exchange information between the rider and other sources.

The bike is built on an aluminium-trellis frame and is fitted with an upside-down fork and wavy disc brakes.

As far as dimensions are concerned, the Suzuki Extrigger has a seat height of 720mm, and a wheelbase of 960mm. and the weight 62kg.

Stay tuned for more details.

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BMW has revealed the complete specifications of its new C Evolution scooter. The new scooter is fully electric and features selectable regenerative braking, Torque Control Assistant (to limit power under acceleration if wheel slip is detected), a large TFT display and daytime LED running lights.

Power comes from a drivetrain swing arm with liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor via a toothed belt and ring gearing. The motor delivers 11 kW (15 hp), with a peak output of 35 kW (47 hp) which is more than enough to propel the scooter to a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph, electronically limited).

The motor is linked to an 8 kWh capacity air-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage battery that delivers enough power to give you a riding range of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles). The battery can be fuly charged charged in around 4 hours using any standard 220V domestic socket with a 12A charge current.

Price and availability have not yet been announced.

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Most of the vehicle manufacturers are trying to keep it up with the latest technologies in the business and are constantly trying to develop new ways to make their products more efficient, comfortable and practical.

As the oil crisis is getting worse with every year that passes, the big manufacturers are looking for a viable replacement for the classic combustion engines and at the moment, the most promising technology is considered to be the one based on electric power.

BMW is aware of the potential that stays behind this type of technology and has already started to develop electric vehicles. After presenting the C evolution concept a while ago, the company is now ready with the production version and has officially announced that it will present its new model at the IAA Car Show in Frankfurt, 10 September 2013.

The new electric scooter will be based on the same technology used by the innovative BMW i3, so as far as performances are concerned we’ll certainly be pleasantly surprised.

The new scooter will be built on the same platform as the company’s C-series, so technically, it will be an electric maxi scooter that will provide plenty of space for the rider as well as a generous storage volume.

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Meet the new ICON Spec 32 Eboz Edition - a special model that was created to mark the company’s entrance in the 2013 TTXGP series. This Special Edition also celebrates the inclusion of Eric Bostrom on Team ICON Brammo.

The new model is offered in a limited run of only 32 units and comes with an orange/blue livery. The 32 number represents the Eric Bostrom’s race number and can be also seen on the motorcycle’s body.

Talking about the body, the 2013 Brammo / ICON Spec 32 comes with color coded wheel trim, a stainless steel plaque with the unique bike number and a laser cut EBoz signature. You also get a Bostrom Icon Airmada signature helmet painted in the same colors as the motorcycle.

The company says that apart from the style modifications, the special edition also features a slightly tweaked motor which offers “crisper throttle response and sharper regenerative braking as well as a bit more power.”

Icon’s Media Coordinator Joe Gustafson said: “As title sponsor, of Team Icon Brammo, we have the ability to design a great graphic instead of a great compromise. If this was traditional motorsports, there would be just too many variables to design a truly striking piece of artwork.”

Mr. Gustafson added: “There is no playbook for electric motorcycling, so both organizations are completely uninhibited to try a variety of different things. With Brammo, this is shown by their design leadership in the industry by creating world- beating electric motorcycles, and then racing them against their gasoline counterparts – which no other electric brand is doing. On our end, it’s in offering gear that is industry leading in both design and function, and bringing that into the racing atmosphere.”

The Brammo / ICON Spec 32 Eboz Edition is offered with a price tag of $19,995.

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The electric motorcycles are starting to conquer more and more terrain and thanks to the continuous evolution of green technologies, these types of bikes become a viable solution for those who put efficiency on the first place.

Honda first established the electric motorcycle segment in 1994 and after 18 years of researches an tests the company manage to develop some interesting models. One of these models is the Honda EV-Neo, a compact scooter powered by electricity.

The bike uses a 2.8kw motor and a Lithium-ion battery with a range of 34km at 30km/h on level ground. The regular charger takes the battery from zero charge to a full charge in approximately 3.5 hours and is a highly portable unit that fits neatly in the cargo space beneath the seat of the EV-Neo. A fast charger will cut the charging time to approximately 30 minutes.

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Many consider that electricity holds the key for the future of cars and motorcycles. And there is no wonder why, since the electric technologies offer a lot of advantages, the biggest one being that they are more efficient than any type of combustion engine.

The Frog eBike is one of the newest electric concepts and besides its efficiency is also fully recyclable. The concept was penned by Jin Soek Hwang and features a futuristic design language. Unfortunately we don’t have any engine specifications so we don’t know if the bike is as capable as its sporty design suggests.

Though, we know that the Frog eBike is equipped with monoshock suspension for the rear wheel and comes with a unique digital cluster. We also know that the electric motor is placed in the back tire while, the battery pack is placed beneath the chassis.

The Frog eBike Concept draws inspiration from the Yamaha FZ750 and has been displayed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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The big motorcycle manufacturers are constantly searching for innovative technologies to improve their models. The latest trend is represented by the electric power trains, so there is no wonder why Husqvarna decided to develop the E-Go Concept.

The concept was designed as a super efficient dirt bike and features a pretty simple style. The company didn’t revealed many details about its new concept, but we do know that it’s powered an electric motor. We also know that it weighs 176 pounds and is packed with a set of innovative suspensions. When we say innovative we mean that both suspension tubes are mounted on the right side of the wheel and feature 35mm inner fork tubes.

The E-go Concept’s style is reflecting the Husqvarna brand identity and features a sporty combination of red and white colors.

For the moment, we don’t know if Husqvarna is planning to launch an electric motorcycle, but judging by their new concept we certainly hope they do.

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