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electric bikes

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Urban traffic studies show that the city is precisely the environment where most crashes happen due to obvious reasons and BMW Motorrad is aware of that. What we’re interested in is the ingenious concept bike they’ve come up with as a solution to reduce the big number of motorcycle crash victims. Referred to as a “single track vehicle for city traffic”, the BMW C1-E concept is the electric version of the BMW C1 scooter, meaning that it protects riders with a safety cell made of roll-over bars and keeps them in the actual cell with the use of a seat belt.

Everything that rolls on wheels is green nowadays, so the BMW C1-E concept is powered by an electric motor made from Vectrix components and supplied with energy by a lithium-ion battery. Still, the thing could turn into a hybrid, but there’s no official word about production at this time. That is because BMW worked their magic with this concept to contribute at the European Safer Urban Motorcycling campaign. Read the press release after the break.

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Tom Miceli is a dedicated and hard working young man, who recently presented his own electric motorcycle at the Southern Energy and Environment Expo 2009. Tom has a BS degree in Industrial Design from the Appalachian State University in the US and the electric sportbike, that he designed and constructed in a single semester, features an 84-volt lithium-ion battery, which powers a three-phase AC motor that produces 105 lb feet of torque and 46 hp. The batteries offer the ION a 60-mile range, while the top speed is an estimated 80 mph.

After showing his creation to an impressed audience, Tom took the ION for a test ride, so here’s the video from the event.

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The words in the title probably describe the world’s smallest, lightest electric folding bike in the best possible way. Designed and constructed in Christchurch, New Zealand, the YikeBike is a fairly awkward mean of urban transportation, even one that could pass as a bicycle if it wasn’t for the 1.2kW electric motor powering it. It is made of carbon fiber, unfolds in 15 seconds and only weighs 22 pounds (10 kilograms). Also, given the fact that it only takes 6 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches (150 x 600 x 600 millimeters), you can start carrying it once it finishes carrying you.

But wait to hear the interesting part: the thing is equipped with electronic brakes with built-in anti-skid system. The manufacturer claims the thing is very easy to maneuver and has just released a video in order to prove that. Given the $4900 price, we have strong reasons to believe that the YikeBike will not gain much popularity. Click pass the break to watch the fairly interesting video for a not that interesting product.

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After gaining popularity by racing the Enertia TTR sportbike at this year’s Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, Brammo announces that their bikes are now available at select Best Buy stores.

Brammofan blog was already interested in the subject and after reporting that the Enertia TTR racers were on display at select West Coast Best Buy stores, they started to dig deeper into it. So they went at the Cascade Station Best Buy in Portland, Oregon to take this picture of the bike and also to find out that there are three in stock. Those having a license with a motorcycle endorsement can take the electric bikes for a spin, but hopefully without trying to imitate the way professional racers rode the bikes back in June. Still, we’ve added a video of the Brammo Enertia TTR at the Isle of Man TTX GP in order to start your interest even more.

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Scoot! Magazine is asking all scooter riders out there if Wheego, an electric vehicle manufacturer, should build an electric Lambretta GP200e scooter or not. Their tagline is “Brilliance or Sacrilege?” and we tend to stick with the brilliancy part, but we’ve come to find that there are people who not only support this idea and would eventually buy such a scooter when it will hit dealerships (because sooner or later, it will) but even go ahead and put together a “TOP FIVE REASONS AN ELECTRIC LAMBRETTA WOULD BE BRILLIANT”.

Click on our source to read the respective top and finally go ahead and email Wheego to tell them you’re the first to buy such a vehicle when it will be launched.

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It might seem that some things are there to look the same for ever and ever, but life is no fairy tale and as things are evolving, people are trying to reinvent the past with what they got on their hands now. For instance, Brammofan has come up with a very interesting way to promote the famous Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle with excellent results. People are sending in Photoshop creations such as the “Enertiaryder” and the “Terminator Enertia” as part of a contest that they have going on. Any ideas from you?

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Orange County Choppers was commissioned by Siemens to build an entirely electric motorcycle in order to raise environmental awareness. Given the New York-based custom motorcycle builder’s tradition of building noisy and very spectacular choppers powered by a good old V-Twin engine, Siemens’s proposition might have sounded a bit unusual at first, but it was a challenge waiting to be taken.

The end result was unveiled yesterday at the Time Warner Center by Siemens and Paul Teutul Senior itself and we must say that it looks as good as any other OCC creation so far, if not even better, given the futuristic tendency.

But while the looks aspect is discussable, the incontestable fact is that the 27-horsepower electric motor from Advanced DC powers the Siemens electric chopper to a 100+ mph top speed. The six batteries take five hours to charge and supply the bike with electricity for around 60 miles, which is quite decent.

OCC built the Siemens bike in a single month and it is all on tape and scheduled to air on TLC on Thursday, October 22 at 9PM.

Siemens plans to take their bike on a worldwide tour in 2010 and then auction it and donate the money to "a charitable cause that will help benefit the environment." Yes, that means you can even end up owning it if you’re a man with deep pockets and the fact that OCC says that it currently has no plans to mass produce an electric chopper until demand is here, makes this creation even more unique.

See a video from the event and read the Siemens press release after the break.

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The BMW Halbo concept looks like the kind of bike you can take with you in vacation. Yes, it is small and this makes it fun, efficient, but also very dangerous to ride, at least from where I’m sitting now. Actually, designer Pierre Yohanes Lubis claims it only takes up half as much space as your average bike.

That is due to some innovative construction methods such as the engine being an integrated part of the full-sized front wheel. At the back, you get a whole different scenario: the tiny spherical wheel is mounted on a moving arm that is supposed to balance the bike.

Addressed to "eco-minded young individuals," we can suppose it features
an electric motor, but why would anyone want to hit the streets on such a bike? Sure, it can be efficient at work places where you have to move a lot (and where workers currently use bicycles) as long as companies are willing to pay the price (currently unknown), but it looks too risky for the streets.

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Maarten Timmer is a Delft design graduate that seems to have discovered the perfect recipe to really promote electric motorcycles. The whole idea is to drift further away from petrol-fed motorcycles as a result of using a dynamic look, which is incomparable to that of the, indeed, much cheaper and faster gas burners.

His project is called VertiGO and is anything but regular. There’s a space where the tank would normally be on a classic supersport motorcycle and the seat is suspended, allowing this electric bike to stand out as a unique alternative in a world of fairly similar two-wheelers.

Although not completely radical, the bike’s slightly futuristic and yet totally realizable design is allowed by the small battery packs and motors that can be placed very low in the chassis, achieving a favorable center of gravity as well as a feet-forward riding position.

While we’re aware of the fact that electric bikes are gaining more and more terrain on the market, the "bang for the buck" still makes the rules in this industry and that’s why we are not witnessing an amazing growth of the electric segment just yet.

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