The name Jorian Ponomareff may not be all that familiar to some. In fact, we’ve never heard of him before this video, but his amazing drifting skills have made him quite a sensation and we decided it was time to learn a little something about him.

Jorian Ponomareff started his motorcycle training when he was 14 years old and got his first two-wheeler. Since then, he has become one of the best stunt drivers in the world. He became so good that he is now traveling all over the world performing his skills in shows that can only be described as amazing.

After years of training and no doubt, thousands of falls, one can perfect a skill and Ponomareff’s dedication to the craft has made him an impressive stunt driver and entertainer. Enjoy the video!

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Freestyler Travis Pastrana needs no presentation, but his latest amazing performance sure does as it goes straight in the record books. Riding his dirt bike at a fairly low speed, Pastrana manages to perform eight consecutive backflips at the minimum possible height ever. He walks away from the amazing achievement a little crumpled, but filled with joy.

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This guy takes every single ledge as a challenge when training in the city on its trial motorcycle and the results are simply fabulous. It doesn’t stay in one place too much so that it won’t create a crowd and because the city architecture has a lot to offer, it wouldn’t be in its advantage anyway.

What I like about this video is the fact that it doesn’t try to present the guy as an expert, but as an experienced rider who, normally, makes errors. What would you give in order to have the ability to do what this character does and experience as much as he does in a single day of city riding? I’d sure give a lot!

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On the 14th of June Texas will host the third stage of the spectacular Red Bull X-Fighters. This is the first time the freestyle contest arrives in the United States so the historic Fort Worth Stockyards in Texas seemed to be the most appropriate location as the impressive track was especially created for the FMX show.

Riders list includes especially winners of previous editions so cowboys and rangers will see the performance of Mat Rebeaud (Switzerland), Ronnie Renner (USA) and Dany Torres (Spain). Also, Twitch Stendberg (USA), Matt Buyten (USA), Eigo Sato (Japan), Charles Pagés (France) and Robbie Maddison (Australia) will be getting the public excited.

A tough qualification session will sort four out of ten riders in order to have a total of twelve pure freestyle talents to turn that mountain of dirt upside down.

The Forth Worth stage is the third of five international stages of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2008 series.

After the “Monumental Plaza Del Toros” in the city of Mexico and the Sambodromo Rio de Janeiro, it will be the turn of Forth Worth, Texas, followed by Wuppertal, Germany (July 4th) and finishing in the “Plaza de Toros de las Ventas” in Madrid (July 17th -18th).

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Jeremy Stenberg imposed itself during the second stage of the spectacular Red Bull X-Fighters, held in Rio de Janeiro, ahead of Mat Rebeaud and Robbie Maddison. It seems that the American has felt well at home during the fantastic journey with as many as 9 ramps and a total of 96 meters which gave scene to a big event in front of 30,000 spectators on the legendary Sambadrome. The winner confesses: “Unbelievable difficult. Some of the riders here were really afraid of the course. This (...)
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People will say that Travis Pastrana remains the king of freestyle and I couldn’t agree more, but when seeing a trick like the one in the video attached below you know that competitors are coming strong from behind. It seems that Todd Potter doesn’t like staying too long with its head upside down so it approaches the natural walking position even when doing a backflip on its dirt bike. It really takes your breath away! Literally!

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Following the stage of Monza planned this weekend Honda will go on with the festivities of the Italian branch at the SantaMonica Autodrom in Misano. Everybody is invited to finally meat their favorite models in the 2008 Honda range and there will be no entry price. That wouldn’t be a problem as the Festival has the clear purpose of allowing potential customers or simply those with a soft spot for this maker to try bikes on the road (for all) or even on the track (only for subscribers). (...)
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Last year’s Red Bull X-Fighters success was a culmination of skill, training and preparations, but organizers announces us that we haven’t seen the best of them yet. For 2008, they gathered the twelve best riders in the freestyle MZ world to perform in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Germany and the United States. The start will be given at the Plaza de Toros Monumental in Mexico City in April and 42,000 spectators will assist to the incredible show. Tickets are immediately sold when names like (...)

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