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If you liked yesterday’s Russian idea for a snowmobile , you’ll definitely like the Russian modified scooter too. It may look more or less like a toy war machine from the early 1900s, but it is in fact a daily commuter for someone who can never get enough oil on his hands and snow in his boots.

Details on the snow scooter are scarce, but it looks practical and as long as it puts a smile on the owner’s face there’s not much more you can ask from it. I wonder if a nice Russian girl actually rides this think…makes me wanna pack up and go see for myself.

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This funny video made in the Animal Planet style analyzes bikers as a species which hibernates during winter time. Of course, there are exceptions and these make the game of riding even more interesting. Watch it and see what happens when spring arrives. Makes you want to be able to ride year-round.

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Fevzi lives in Gaziantep, Turkey and to most people he was just a regular guy until a motorcycle dealer got on tape his unusual talent. Definitely our favorite Turk, Fevzi can imitate motorcycle/car sounds like we’ve never heard before. Any sound starting from that of Suzuki and Yamaha literbikes, continuing with the unmistakable sound of a two-stroke Yamaha Yamaha 115cc bike and even with that of a massive tractor engine, simply comes natural to now Turkish television’s favorite showman. Tune up your speakers and prepare yourself for a healthy laugh session.

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Remember the oldest trick in the book, the tablecloth one that BMW recently brought back in the attention of public with their S1000RR? Well, it has generated an online dispute regarding to whether it is real or not, so a couple of guys with their bellies plumped with barbeque have decided to make their own attempt with a 50cc Vespa scooter. More precisely, they laugh about BMW’s promotional video with this backyard spoof. Still, it’s funny…so enjoy!

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Colin Fruze is a 30-year-old British plumber and scooter rider who, sick and tired of drivers cutting him up, decided to accessorize his shiny red scooter with a flamethrower that is capable of firing 12ft flames.

The thing fires up with a single touch of a button on the handlebar, making this the closest thing to a Bond scooter as the Brit himself admits ’It’s a lot of fun and firing the flames makes me feel like James Bond.’

Sadly for Colin, the unique accessory makes his scooter a bit illegal, but at least he won’t be able to take revenge on ignorant drivers by setting their cars on fire.

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