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Moosshiqk, world's smallest electric bike

Our reader Santhosh from India has built the world’s smallest e-bike measuring 12 inches in height and 18 inches in length. Called Moosshiqk (the Sanskrit word for mouse), the 8.8 lbs (4 kg) battery-powered prototype can be dissembled and assembled in less than 60 seconds, but Santhosh can’t really say he’s “gone in 60 seconds” because the top speed of this unique pocket bike is of approximately 7.5 – 9.3 mph (12 – 15 km/h) with a payload of 154.3 lbs (70 kg), meaning that children will be able to ride faster and stay green as well. So, does this qualify as a world record or what?

Thanks for the tip Santhosh!

P.S. The reason it has a pair of bicycle-like handles for a seat is because the thing also rides backwards.

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We know that dogs love sticking their heads out of car windows when being taken along for the ride, but here is a rather rare case that pleasantly surprises us. Not only this lovely little mutt enjoys its central position on the Aprilia RSV1000R Factory, but it actually loves wheelies and the camera really. See it for yourself in the attached video.

Source: motoblog
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This is actually a scene from a German movie called Emmas Glück, but just in case you were wondering why during our test rides we never forget to mention how seriously a bike does or does not vibrate, you’ll find the answer in the video. Hopefully, this will help make mopeds more popular among female riders in the United States.

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With quite a few occasions, we happened to see various sportsbikes that resembled different cats, but to our surprise this is a motorcycle wrapped in fur and it is anything but light, agile and very fast. It couldn’t have possibly been any of those attributes simply because this BMW K1 K1 200LT is supposed to look like a cow. If we must be mean, we would say the standard bike does a very good job in that concern, but it seems that the owner of this particular one lend a very helpful hand.

Source: motoblog
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In one of the latest Bajaj video ads, two apparently calm girls but who have clearly seen The Matrix a couple of times engage in a serious fight immediately after barely hearing the exhaust noise of the Indian manufacturer’s latest motorcycle model, the DTS-i. We find the video rather long, but very amusing as well.

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Along time we’ve seen bikes taking different animal shapes depending on the preferences of owners, but it seems this guy likes to be a little more special than the rest of the biking crowd. We can only appreciate him for that, but still cannot understand how he could possibly think at turning his scooter into a flying pig. I guess he’s deep into fairytales or he simply thought at his favorite food…Anyways, good job!

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Kawasaki has never ever thought at manufacturing a Ninja chopper, but it seems that this owner has taken measures by itself and came up with this bad idea for a chopper. I guess I never really considered how ridiculous a ZX-6R with longer forks and sidestand can look.

But looking at the bright side, it is now much easier to pull out a wheelie; all you really have to do is try to get moving.

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The Evel Knievel of hamsters

Hammy is a hamster who, inspired by daredevil legend Evel Knievel, decided to make his own entry in the treacherous world of motorcycle jumping. Looking at this funny video right here, it is easy to see that faith is kind with the unconscious rodent and he lives to fight another day.

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We just came across this on the web and look at it as to a prehistoric motorcycle (yes, even though it is actually a bicycle from 1791), especially after reading that it’s form was inspired by animals such as horses, birds and snakes.

Invented by frenchmen, Comte Mede de Sivrac this early precursor of the bicycle => motorcycle had no steering and we can’t see any pedals, so we guess that Fred Barney would easily find its place on it and ride with style.

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