One of the most difficult things any racer will ever experience is keeping their concentration when they know they’re about to win a race. Some refuse to let the moment get the better of them until they see the checkered flag, but some just get a little too excited too soon.

That’s exactly what happened to rider Riccardo Russo who thought that he had just won a race despite having yet to complete the final lap. As you can see in this hilarious video, Russo immediately goes into full celebration mode as he crosses the line heading into the final lap, thinking that he had already won it. Despite seeing his other competitors still engaged in full race mode, Russo pumps his fist, stands on his bike, and at least according to the announcer, takes off his helmet to acknowledge the crowd, thinking that the race was over.

Unfortunately for him, he not only surrendered the win in the most inexplicable fashion, but he missed out on what turned out to be a scintillating finish that went down the wire. Even more perplexing is the apparent lack of awareness in his surroundings. Didn’t he realize that there was no checkered flag waving on the lap he thought he had won?

Talk about the ultimate brain fart.

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Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows that it is always safest to wear a full set of leathers – jacket, gloves, pants and boots – when you ride. Believe it or not, leathers actually can be the only thing protecting your skin from nasty road burn, and can even save your life in some severe cases. Well, some people tend to forget, or just feel silly wearing them – myself included – and we need a little reminding that everything is better in leather.

Well, with England getting ready for national Ride to Work Day on June 18th, local TV stations are running ads reminding bikers of safety, including the importance of leather. Instead of giving us a graphic video about the dangers of road rash, one commercial goes exactly the opposite ways by using a double entendre to burn the need for leather in our minds.

The opening scene is bad enough, using key phrases like “doing it,” “leather,” and “wearing protection” at various points. Only to find out that [ha ha] we’re talking about motorcycle leathers protecting you while you “do it” [ride a motorcycle]. Well, at least somewhat… The last scene takes the entendre the other direction, and… Well, you’ll just have to watch the above video to find out.

Go ahead and have a few LOLs on us!

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The English Brighton Marina played host to an array of bikers from around the country, but one stood out of crowd – big time!

As we’re led to believe, the Brightonia Motorcycle Festival is a well-frequented gathering of all on two, and even three wheels. The 2010 installment didn’t disappoint with hundreds of custom bikes, trikes, and choppers turning up to take part in the ceremonious burning of rubber while wearing as much leather as possible – obviously. The selection was vast, covering everything from Harleys and Buells to the wicked Jap high-revving superbikes and even modded Vespas (seriously)! The earlier-mentioned chopper that stood out of the crowd was this highly customized creation, featuring bone handlebars, a skull for a headlight – all in shiny chrome. We wonder whether the owner chromed the bits because they’re actual human body parts which he wanted to keep under wraps, or if his intentions were purely aesthetic. Or maybe he is the elusive “Bone Daddy” serial killer hiding in plain view, eh? Either way the Ghost Rider with chains and flaming skull have nothing on this guy!

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After a day riding the jet sky on the local lake, there’s nothing like a good buddy coming to help you load up the thing and get going home. But for everything to go well, make sure the guy in cause isn’t an absolute idiot that will have you drowned. Obviously, this is the case here. The driver of this Ford Econoline gets the rear end in the water and the wheels lose traction right when the jet sky rider is in the back struggling for a breath of air in the water-filled van. Thanks to God, he made it out alive.

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Take a look at this chopper and start saving money because apparently this is what your kid will ride for the first time in his life if you give him a certain kind of milk.

This children’s powdered milk ad is from the Executive Center agency in Luanda, Angola and we have to admit that if it wasn’t for that can in the bottom of the page, we would have still been wondering what is this suppose to mean.

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According to this video, people with absolutely no talent whatsoever but definitely with a soft spot for fast food, would go to almost any lengths to look cool. This leaping biker attempts to jump over his buddy on a motorcycle doing 20mph and makes sure he won’t have any heirs in the process. Hear what he says afterwards and you’ll have a laugh crisis.

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Monster Yamaha Tech3 riders Colin Edwards and Ben Spies got into a MotoGP chitchat for BBC Sport ahead of next weekend’s Mugello race. They actually tried to make it look like an interview in which the experienced rider, Edwards, questions the newcomer, Spies, about the world of MotoGP, but the Texans actually end up talking about cowboy hats and hot sauce. See what more in the video after the jump.

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Those of you who have long been thinking at a new and interesting way to spend the summer might just be inspired by this picture. This guy removed his motorcycle’s engine and transmission so that it would lose most of the weight and added a pair of swimmers along with the massive tires just so that he would be able to spend the summer riding those waves.

We can only suppose that the thing is still capable to move on solid ground too in order to meet both requirements of an amphibious motorcycle.

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Although this is actually a commercial for a domains website, our attention is being caught by the fact that it shows a scooter rider and a badass biker passenger making “the beard” look like a fool. Well, I guess that a quick twist of the throttle doesn’t always sort things out after all.

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Ever since Harley-Davidson discontinued Buell, we’ve been getting more and more feedback from angry Buell fans, but this video is the first “official” reaction that we’ve come across. These guys took the time to make fun of H-D by appealing to the motorcycle company’s own arms such as heritage and tradition and they’ve ended up inventing the Extra Soft Tail Deluxe Hyperglide American Bald Eagle Historical Limited VXFR1200 Patriot Skull Edition.

While we can understand their anger, we just cannot take this video seriously. You see the spoof for yourself and make your own decision.

Source: A&R

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