Honda CB

Honda CB

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This Honda CB750 café racer was created by Japanese custom builder Whitehouse together with Japanese retailer Motorimoda and it is actually called CB750 Café Type Motorimoda. What first meets the eye is the 1970s racing styling achieved with the use of modern materials such as carbon fiber, from which several parts have been made. These, together with the aluminum gas tank lighten this custom CB750 with 33 lbs (15 kg).

Underneath the aerodynamic fairing sits an original carbureted, air-cooled, four-cylinder engine that delivers 20hp more than the original production version after being tuned and getting a new exhaust.

So, with less weight, more power and much better looks, this café racer qualifies for the very special price of $29,290.

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As hard to believe as it may be, this motorcycle right here started life as a Honda CB 750 and was going pretty well until ending up in the hands of the guys at Garage Company Customs. They made it look, perform and sound even better and now call it the Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer. It looks more like a bobber than a café racer to us, but the name is the least important when looking at the actual bike.

This retains the original engine, which now breaths out through a custom exhaust system, while the modified frame and new, sportier suspensions are supposed to glue it to the road. The riding position looks a bit harsh, but does that even matter when you’ll be turning more heads than on any production bike out there, if that’s your goal. Also, beware of the paparazzi if you’re riding this custom made Honda CB around the streets of LA because they sure ruined Brad Pitt’s day and you’ll be looking like him on it. Hear that engine roaring in a short video after the break.

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Honda has recently unveiled the latest member of their famous CB series, the CB Twister, a 110cc bike that will sell in India. With styling cues similar to those of the CB1000R , the entry-level executive bike is guaranteed to stand out, but the question is: will it stay true to its name when it comes to performance?

Powered by a 110 cc four stroke single cylinder engine, the all-new Honda CB Twister benefits of no less than 9bhp and 9 Nm and it is claimed to go 70 km with a single liter of gas, which makes it a money saver right from the start. But with features such as the Tubeless tires, maintenance free battery and viscous air filter element, the small roadster also raises the standards of its class.

Different versions are available and the color options are at least attractive, so read the press release after the jump for details.

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The Honda CB450 looks pretty cool in stock condition, but riders who won’t satisfy with that can always choose the rather facile transformation into a café racer. This particular example was spotted in South Africa as it attracted quite a crowd with its 1970s rebel bike appearance.

Like most café racers, this Honda CB450 stands out thanks to a unique tank and seat unit, while the frame, swingarm don’t look like having suffered any modification and the wheels are the original ones.

The overall sporty look is completed by the bikini fairing and vented mudguard, but if we take a better look at the back, the underseat exhaust tends to turn it into a veritable racing motorcycle, which is what café racers were originally supposed to be. Also, the red/white color scheme was the adequate choice in our opinion.

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What you see here is the production version of the Honda CB1100 concept presented back in 2007. Although Honda doesn’t say a word about it apart that it will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Show next week, we can already notice that there are no significant differences between the concept and production form of what is expected to be a fresh new approach towards the original idea of an inline-four cylinder motorcycle.

The Honda CB1100 Customize concept shown in red in the picture gallery points out the new bike’s customization possibilities with parts that will be offered by the Japanese manufacturer itself. We hope the 2010 Honda CB1100 will make it to the US and us on it as soon as possible.

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What you see here is a Honda CB750 Four café racer designed and built by WrenchMonkees, a custom motorcycle company in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 85 horsepower, inline-four engine was entirely rebuilt, while the wiring, wheels and bearings have been completely replaced. An excellent final touch is given by the custom paint and satin grey finish on the forks, triple clamp and engine covers, while the headlight mesh is a nice thing to have on a bike like this too.

With a listed top speed of 112.5 mph (180 kmph) and a $30,000 (DKR 186.800) price tag, this WrenchMonkees creation shouldn’t stay long on the floors of the Danish Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Rojo Artspace in Barcelona, where it is currently exhibited. Read the specs after the break.

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We’re all familiar with the Honda CBR1000RR by AD Koncept and the French tuners are now widening our motorcycles & bunnies universe with the introduction of a new Playboy version, this time of the Honda CB1000R.

The first thing that stands out at this attractive streetfighter is the white paintjob (rims included) “spiced” with attractive graphics, including the famous Playboy logo. Also, we shouldn’t forget about the aftermarket accessories such as the engine spoiler, solo seat, rear fender and Rizoma kit composed from footpegs, crash pads, handles and many more.

By replacing the stock silencer with a SC Project GP Evo one and removing the catalizer, the overall weight was reduced with 20 lbs and the engine’s power was increased with 5hp.

We like both the CBR1000RR and CB1000R AD Koncept creations, but simply can’t understand why there aren’t any bunnies around.

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If the owner of this naked motorcycle (most likely a Honda CB1300) plans to be undetected by police radars after completely foiling the thing, then I’m waiting to hear about the results. Until then, it looks ridiculous and useless even as a form of modern art.

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Believe it or not, this here is actually a 2015 Honda CB 750 concept bike, a machine that shares nothing with the original one which, by the way, we consider much better. Designed by Igor Chak, the concept drifts away from the simple technology and elegant design, but we’d still have nothing against it if, apart from the on-board computer with multi-touch display and four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine working with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the bike would have looked less like a…brick.

The designer claims infinite electronically tuning possibilities for almost every single feature of the bike (front and rear suspension, drive mode etc) with sensors show readouts updating every 1/10 seconds even while on the way, but what’s the point of the massive bodywork? Wasn’t this thing supposed to be at least a naked bike?

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Under the motto “The Power of Dreams”, Honda caries on the legend of the Super Four, now with this CB1300SF.

Created for the Japanese TV, the ad can be promoted around the world as they don’t talk much, but the images do share information on the bike’s performance and life-long engineering. Don’t you simply forget about air flow when seeing a CB model?

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