Honda DN-01

Honda DN-01

The Honda DN-01 only made its debut a few years ago at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, marking the first time the world saw Honda ’s “comfortable sports cruiser." In the process, the DN-01 launched a completely new motorcycle category, one that featured bikes that delivered strong V-twin performance delivered through a continuously variable HFT transmission.

After years of testing and development, the DN-01 was officially launched for production in 2009, boasting of the same styling features it had during its 2005 debut while also carrying technological advancements from the concept version.

There are many things about the bike that scream one-of-a-kind. It’s not individual parts that do this, but the combination of all these parts that make for a completely exciting set-up. For starters, the low-slung, aerodynamic form hints at the bike’s sporting intentions and is reinforced by the three-piston, dual disc brakes in prominent view on the DN-01’s 41mm front fork and 17" alloy front wheel. In addition, the DN-01 comes with an impressive 680cc liquid-cooled four-valve V-twin engine that’s mated to a continuously variable HFT transmission with a hydromechanical design that features two automatic modes and a six-speed manual mode with push-button shifting.

Put everything together and its obvious that the DN-01 is a new-age bike for the new-age customer. Fans of cruiser bikes will love the flat, low saddle, the V-twin power and the shaft drive while technophiles will enjoy the bike’s programmed digital fuel injection system (PGM-FI), the anti-lock, combined braking system, and the modern digital instrumentation.

At the end of the day, the DN-01 is a motorcycle, one that Honda engineers clearly set out to create with the intent of revolutionizing the market. The bike’s overall tenet of combining a true sporting performance with a fully automatic transmission, a low seat height, and exceptional style all comes to life on the DN-01.

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Honda is keen on finding radical new approaches towards motorcycling and the 2009 DN-01 model is probably the best example of them all. Some people love it and others can certainly live without it, but despite the anticipation of critics, the DN-01 carries on being produced in 2009. Even more, it goes for the North American market and creates an entirely new category in the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup, something that tells us that there’s plenty where this came from as long as the market is positive and responsive about the first crossover motorcycle ever made.

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Having first tested the European market with the all-new 2008 DN-01, Honda now made public the fact of selling their futuristic model in the United States for 2009. The news was anticipated by the motorcycle press and surrounded by a fair share of controversy as the motorcycle buyer in the U.S. is more into the classic style rather than the one that the still strange looking bike tries to implement.

Addressed to people translating from cars to motorcycles, the Honda DN-01 makes riding easy for the respective category of riders. It is all due to the ingenious combination between a fully automatic transmission, a low seat and intriguing design.

Accommodated in an upright riding position and without the worry of shifting gears, a DN-01 rider can fully benefit of the 680cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve SOHC 52° V-twin’s performance. The engine is fed through a PGM-FI (programmed digital fuel injection) system, complementing perfectly for the lack of gears. Ok, so it isn’t just a combination between a cruiser and a sport bike, it has similar features to a state of the art maxi scooter.

With figures such as 60 bhp and 47 lb/ft, the bike won’t be hard to get accustomed with on the newly penetrated market, but it is expected to take its time until depleting stocks.

Two colors will be available for it in 2009: Black and Candy Dark Red under a $14,599 MSRP.

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Moto journalists have had serious doubts about the Honda DN-01 going into production, but the Japanese manufacturer proves them wrong and starting with August 1 the motorcycle that blends in that much body types will begin being sold in the United Kingdom.

With this new model, Honda intends on showing its open mind in what concerns heading towards new horizons and I guess that the 680cc engine from the Honda Transalp is pretty suitable to do that.

The bike that is too fast to be a cruiser, to comfortable to be a sport bike and too aggressive to be a scooter comes with forward footboards and cruiser-like riding position, maxi-scooter handlebars and sport-tourer appearance.

It not only creates a whole new cathegory, but brings new systems in the motorcycle industry. Such a system is the ‘Human Friendly Transmission’ running in full automatic as an infinitely variable transmission, or locks into standard ratios and so provides a tiptronic-style ‘sports mode’ for when the going gets rough.

Offered for the equivalent of $18,200 in pounds, the brand new Honda DN-01 will have virtually no competition (not that there’s another thing like it on the market and the price is the decisive factor), exactly what Honda intended in the first place.

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Honda Motor, Co., Ltd. announced that sales of the DN-01 large sports cruiser will begin in Japan on Friday, March 7. The unique, low-styling body features a liquid-cooled four-stroke 680 cc OHC V-twin engine that resonates power and a new automatic transmission, the Human-Friendly Transmission (HFT), that delivers superior throttle response for comfort even on long rides, and simple operation with no need for clutch use, allowing sporty riding. Featuring Honda’s innovative (...)
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Do you remember the new bike from Honda which was unveiled at EICMA 2007? The one which looked more like a scooter?
Yes, the DN-01. And here’s the new commercial video for this bike.

2008 Honda DN-01 commercial video
2008 Honda DN-01 commercial video
2008 Honda DN-01 commercial video
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Radical new styling that grabs attention from every angle. Form-fitting comfort that invites one to both sit on and to ride. Smooth response to every rider input, reacting with exhilarating performance at every twist of its throttle, and… no clutch! Not only that, no gear changer! Is this really a motorcycle? Or is it some strange kind of scooter?

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