Honda Rebel

Honda Rebel

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Meet the 2014 Honda Rebel, a classic and practical cruiser powered by modern technology. The bike sports a 234 cc, four stroke, air cooled parallel twin cylinder engine which sends its power to the rear wheel through a five speed transmission. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the engine delivers an average fuel consumption of 84 mpg and is fed by a constant-velocity (CV) carburetor (!).

The 2014 Honda Rebel’s ride quality is assured by a front 33 mm fork that offers 4.6 inches of wheel travel and rear dual shocks with five-position spring-preload adjustability that ensure 2.9 Inches of wheel travel.

The 2014 Honda Rebel’s backbone is represented by a stiff semi-double-cradle frame that allows for a long wheelbase and extremely low 26.6 inches seat height.

The 2014 Honda Rebel is offered with a base price of $4,190 and one year, transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty.

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The Honda Rebel may not be as good looking as its more upscale siblings, but certainly has what it needs to make you look cool while riding it.

As far as looks are concerned, the Rebel features a timeless design with a fat rear tyre, a big headlight and an old school fuel tank. On the comfort side of things, the Honda Rebel rewards you with a spacious saddle and a modern handlebar which offer a pretty relaxed riding position.

The bike is built around a 234 cc four stroke twin engine which offers a decent amount of power and is paired with a smooth five speed transmission.

One of the biggest advantages offered by the Rebel is its fuel consumption which is rated at only 86 mpg.

The bike rides on a 33mm front fork (4.6 inches of wheel travel) and rear dual shocks with five-position spring-preload adjustability (2.9 inches of wheel travel).

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Honda is considered one of the best motorcycle manufactures and there is no wonder why, as its products are reliable, modern and very capable. The Rebel 250 CMX250C was designed for those who put comfort on the first place and is powered by a pretty cool air cooled 234cc parallel twin-cylinder engine. The engine offers a fair amount of power to help you deal with both city and highway traffic without problems.

Apart from its capable engine, the motorcycle also features a timeless design that perfectly combines classic and modern elements. We especially like the custom-styled, chrome-plated headlight, taillight and turn signal casings. Not to mention about the pullback handlebar, teardrop fuel tank, two-piece custom seat and the bobbed fenders which further enhance the retro look of this tasty cruiser.

The ride quality is assured by a 33mm fork which offers 4.6 inches of wheel travel and rear dual shocks with five-position spring-preload adjustability.

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Classic cruising has never been a problem for the Honda Rebel . When you boast of a retro design that’s complimented by a fuel efficient commuter engine, then you can ride around town with the kind of confidence befitting the name of your bike.

The Rebel is not all about power, although it offers plenty of that in its own regard. The bike also features a design that a lot of riders can be proud of. The low-lying stance greatly accentuates the classic styling cues, including the prevalent use of chrome on the make-up of the bike. The low seat height of the Rebel is both comfortable and confidence inspiring, exuding a no-frills, all-business look that’s just right for the taste of a wide range of consumers.

Then there’s the engine. For the 2012 Rebel, Honda fitted the bike with a proven 234cc twin-cylinder SOHC four-stroke engine that’s smooth, quiet, and relatively easy to maintain. The engine is also mated to a five-speed transmission while an electric starter allows you be on your way at just a push of a button. Plus, you get the kind of reliability and low maintenance Honda is known for – all at a shockingly low price.

There is also a semi-double-cradle frame with a hydraulic front fork with dual Syntallic bushings and dual rear shocks that feature five-position spring preload adjustment, bringing together a bike that has taken the long and rich history of the Rebel name to a whole new level.

You don’t expect anything less from Honda.

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There’s a reason why novice street riders have had nothing but high praise for the Honda Rebel : it’s got the type of good looks that lasts the test of time and it’s light and comfortable enough to make for easy maneuverability. But the best part about the Rebel is that it’s one of the most durable street bikes on the market today.

The all-new Honda Rebel is no different. Dressed in delicious Matte Silver and Candy Red colors, the Honda Rebel is the kind of street bike that you’d want to be seen riding around town in. On top of that, the bike comes with a 27" seat height to keep both feet flat on the ground for better control at stops to the classic cruiser style. But the best thing about the Honda Rebel is that it has the performance to match whatever stunning good looks it exudes.

The Rebel is powered by a 234cc engine that starts with an electric push-button starter, mated to a five-speed transmission with a ridiculous 80 plus miles per gallon fuel capacity.

On the front, the Honda Rebel comes with a 33-mm fork suspension on the front and dual shocks with five-position spring pre-load adjustability on the rear. The brakes on the front features a single disc with twin-piston calipers.

Anytime you need an entry-level street rider on your garage, the only thing you need to do is get acquainted with the Rebel and you won’t have to look elsewhere for other options.

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Honda gets the bad boy out of each one of us with the 2009 Rebel. Considering the fact that people are most likely to buy it in order to save up gas money, that’s quite an accomplishment and yet only a part of the small cruiser’s big character. With a reliable and docile four-stroke engine, comfortable accommodations and great handling, I bet my money on the fact that after being introduced to cruising by this entry-level bike, all riders will see the Honda Shadow as their next goal.

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What a radical transformation! The way in which the crew at Heiwa modified this series motorcycle – one related to which you don’t hear many “wows” – is simply amazing and it shows that sometimes the real challenges consist in what is unappreciated and left behind.

Details such as the raw heat-forged shifter, the switches on both sides of the oil tank as well as the satin-finished megaphones and fittings make all the difference, but adding a N.O.S system to a 250cc engine is an idea I couldn’t have got not in a thousand years.

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Comfortable, durable and stylish, the Rebel may be the perfect entry level streetbike for a trip across town or even long-distance adventures.

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Entry-level riders eager to explore the new world of motorcycling won’t find a better riding companion than the durable, comfortable and stylish Rebel.

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