Honda Stateline

Honda Stateline

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The Honda Stateline is an elegant motorcycle especially designed for long journeys. It features a blacked out 1312cc V-twin, liquid cooled, SOHC engine with three valves per cylinder. The unit is paired with a five speed transmission. The motorcycle’s speed is controlled by a set of front and rear disc brakes which can be combined with an optional ABS system.

Once on board you are met by a low seat height, tank mounted instruments and comfy footpegs.

The motorcycle rides on wide, low-profile tires which were especially choose to help it deliver good handling abilities. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the tires are mounted on five spoke cast wheels.

The Honda Stateline is also equipped with a single 336mm disc with twin-piston caliper up front and a 296 mm disc with single-piston caliper in the back.

The Honda Stateline is offered with a base price of $12,150.

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Overview What you notice first about the Honda VT1300CRA Stateline is its dramatic styling — part Fury and part classic roadster, complete with seductively flared fenders and beefy front and rear tires. And the Stateline’s bold presence reflects its big appetite for taking you on big adventures, thanks to its roomy, stretched out seating position and its brawny 1,312 cc fuel-injected V-twin engine. Quiet, clean shaft drive, Combined Braking System with ABS, sure road-holding and compliant (...)
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The Honda Stateline is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cruisers built by the Japanese manufacturer.

Its tasty design language represents the perfect mix between retro and modern styles. The most striking design details are the elongated fuel tank, the sculpted seat and the lean back handlebar. Needless to say, that you also get lots of chrome which underlines the unique look of the motorcycle.

As far as power is concerned, the Honda Stateline is equipped with a massive 1312 cc V-twin engine with PGM-FI. The engine delivers an average fuel consumption of 46 MPG and is mated on a five speed transmission.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the engine is linked to a beautiful two-into-two exhaust system which rewards your ears with a stunning roar.

The stopping power is handled by a single 336mm front disc with twin-piston caliper and a rear 296mm disc with single-piston caliper.

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Honda’s VT1300 line is fixing to get three new variations that are sure to drum up a significant level of interest from riders everywhere. For this particular page, the focus is on the "muscle bike" of the three, the Honda Stateline.

The Stateline has a unique design and, when mixed with modern technology, offers what Honda has described as “traditional looks meets progressive elements.” The tried-and-tested formula of combining retro looks with modern technology never gets old, and true to form, that’s the Honda Stateline’s calling card.

The deeply valanced fenders arc downward in classic retro style, yet the all-new rolling chassis and overall lines bring a fresh look to the bike. Some design features on the Stateline also pay homage to the bike’s classic styling, particularly the swept-back bars atop raked-out forks and full-size fenders spooning fat front and rear tires. Even the lights set-up was designed to provide elegance to the Stateline’s profile. The front headlamp is the picture of strength while the taillight, combined with a unique rear signlamp, provides stylish looks to the bike’s rear end.

In terms of the bike’s engine set-up, the Stateline is the epitome of cruiser power, thanks to a powerful 1,312 cc liquid-cooled 52 V-twin engine that’s mated to a five-speed transmission, producing insane amounts of power at all ranges. The bike’s PGM-FI system with automatic enrichment circuit makes for an ideal induction set-up. Suffice to say, this cruiser provides perfect acceleration on the street while also boasting of a sturdy chassis and suspension set-up.

At some point, the choice really does become clear. The Honda Stateline is a cruiser that can cater to a wide variety of clients. Whether they’re looking for classic looks, modern technology, or a combination of both, the Stateline has everything you want in a cruiser.

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Hey, Honda. Batman wants his Batbike back. We dare anyone to say that last sentence five times as quickly as possible. Tongue twisters notwithstanding, Honda Motorcycles has one again gone above and beyond with their new concept bike, the Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept.

The bike is based on the 2010 Stateline and was designed by Honda Americas’ Erik Dunshee. The bike is fueled by elegance and power with a fully-adjustable air-ride suspension and a stealthy design that carries an aura of invincibility.

In terms of design, the concept comes with a two-tone satin metallic black and pearl black paint with a fully custom bodywork, including a leather drop seat. There’s also a NAV/Multimedia with a GPS speed display, a 10" subwoofer, and 500 watts of power. The Bagger Concept also comes with a full front end conversion, including a lean 23" custom front wheel, without the designer making any changes to the frame or engine.

Likewise, the Slammer Bagger comes with a frame, swing arm, VT1300cc engine, and tank with a composite coated narrow track front rotor with a six-piston caliper and a custom-spec crossover twin pipe exhaust.

Looks and performance are two of the most important aspects of a bike, even if it’s of the concept variety. The Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept doesn’t pull any punches; it looks loaded and performs like the machine it was penned up to be.

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Honda’s latest North American advertisement is for their latest additions to their cruiser lineup, the Sabre, Interstate and Stateline models and it consists in both print and TV ads. They’re all funny and enjoyable as they try to point out the eye-catching look of Honda’s trio. We won’t ruin the surprise for you, so click past the break for the Chain Gang video. Enjoy.

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Honda’s continuously expanding line of cruisers now features a rather interesting model called the Stateline. Although part of the 1300 Custom segment, this bike displays deeply valanced fenders that indicate Honda’s loyalty to the classic retro style, while the 1312cc, fuel-injected V-twin engine is all about offering loads of torque and decent horsepower, which is precisely what bikers demand from bikes in this category. Read more after the jump.

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