hubless motorcycles

hubless motorcycles

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We rarely happen to see a concept motorcycle that features no frame whatsoever, but when we do it reminds us of John Britten’s revolutionary motorcycle from the early 1990s, the Britten V1000. This concept right here actually pays tribute to the original frameless motorcycle and it is called the Britten V1000E. It was designed by Selwyn Shadbolt and it even gets hubless wheels in order to stick to the theme.

The actual engine would be a single large capacity electric one transmitting power to the rear wheel through a shaft drive, but it is the unique shape of the bodywork which attracts our attention. In order for that to be achieved, the fairings must be molded from polyethylene, while the green color should make it stand out as being environmentally-friendly if it ever gets done at least as prototype.

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It may seem like we’ve uploaded the wrong pictures for this post, but we’ve checked it twice and this is what CGI designer Miguel Cotto imagines when thinking at the “original Harley look” 10 years from now. This sportsbike featuring hubless wheels, apparently an air-cooled engine and plenty other nonsense to think at when saying Harley-Davidson, qualifies as 2010’s most implausible concept bike.

Simply take a look at what the Milwaukee-based company was producing 10 years ago and you won’t be that far off if thinking they’ll stick to that in the future as well.

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We recently got a glimpse of the Swordfish Hubless Concept and became enthusiastic about the spokeless wheels idea, but it seems that someone got a head start.

The Hubless Monster is actually a running chopper featuring hubless wheels and the implicit advantages of this construction method: more accurate steering, lower center of gravity, increased braking leverage and less vibration. Just look at it go!

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We’re all aware of the fact that spokeless bikes aren’t quite possible to realize yet, but do insistently knock at our door and we’ll eventually have to open up. As engineers work to develop new solutions for the outrageous design to become practical, designers come up with striking motorcycle concepts ready to benefit of the latest future technologies.

Designer Alexander Kotlyarevsky’s “Swordfish” concept chopper provides the latest and the most representative image of what the industry will provide and we love it! A sleek and yet aggressive body culminating in a pair of hubless wheels is the future’s quintessence with regard to design and construction and it looks so realistic that I can even imagine myself riding one of these…and watching out for the speed bumps!

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