Husqvarna TXC

Husqvarna TXC

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When it comes to dirt bikes, Husqvarna is one of the best rated manufacturers and there is no wonder why, as its products had always respected the highest standards as far as built quality, reliability and performance are concerned.

The TXC 250 R makes no exception and promises to reward you with top notch off road performances. The 2014 model year comes with standard Kayaba Dual chamber forks and a revised rear shock unit. There are also new graphics and upgraded black anodized rims.

To be able to tackle the toughest tracks without problems, the bike needed a pair of tough tires, therefore the rims are wrapped in grippy 80/100 - 21" front and 110/100 - 18" rear rubber.

Power comes from a 249.5 cc, 4-stroke single cylinder, four vales, liquid cooled engine with two overhead camshafts.

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Tough, reliable and agile, the Husqvarna TXC250R is a great trail motorcycle designed for the toughest off road tracks.

At the heart of the motorcycle lies a single-cylinder, four-stroke, DOHC engine with a displacement of 249.5cc. It is also worthy of being mentioned that compared to the previous generation, the 2013 engine gets a new cylinder head (“redhead”) and Keihin fuel injection which help it deliver more power and torque.

Together with the improved engine, the 2013 Husqvarna TXC250 also comes with a handlebar protector, a new chain guide, fresh graphics and handgrips glued to the handlebar.

As far as suspensions are concerned, the Husqvarna TXC250R is fitted with a front Kayaba 48 mm fork and a rear, fully adjustable Kayaba single shock.

The stopping power is assured by hydraulic Brembo brakes.

The Husqvarna TXC250R is offered with a starting price of $7,599.

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The 2013 Husqvarna TXC310R is a tough off-roader especially created for those who want to evolve from the 250 cc segment to a stronger motorcycle.

To keep its bike competitive, Husqvarna decided that 2013 is the perfect year to make some improvements. Therefore, the 2013 version comes with a new cylinderhead and Keihin EFI system that improve the power and torque levels. Other new features that are worthy of being mentioned include the redesigned chain guide, glued handgrips, a new handlebar protector and fresh graphics.

You also need to know that the 2013 Husqvarna TXC310R’s braking system comes from Brembo, while the suspensions are signed by Kayaba.

To be able to deal effortless even with the most difficult tracks the Husqvarna TXC310R is fitted with 80/100-21 front and 110/100-18 rear tyres.

The 2013 Husqvarna TXC310R can be yours for no less than $ 7,999.

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Introduced to be ridden across the North America terrain, both these completely new models use a unique recipe that implies taking the best of both motocross and off road worlds. As a result, the TXC 450 and TXC 510 come fitted with a TC motocross engine offering better grunt and a better suited powerband, but with the convenience of an E-starter and the benefits of a six-speed transmission.

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A combination between motocross and Enduro, the brand new TXC is designed for the North American market and takes the best of both worlds: the TC motocross engine attached to a six-speed transmission, both electric and kickstart assemblies and the 18” wheels which get it over rocks with great ease.

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