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Lucky us, a few minutes before the MotoGP race at Mazda Raceways Laguna Seca, we just got a hold of the precious full access pass to enter the pre-grid. Finally, we could get up close and personal with all the riders. Even Valentino Rossi could not run from our lens. The atmosphere on the grid was crazy. Imagine, a hundred photographers trying to get the money shot and TV hosts from all around the world fighting for the last words from our favorite champions. The riders are real pros, keeping their cool as if nothing was about to happen.

Enjoy the gallery.

After today’s qualification for the MotoGP at Mazda Raceways Laguna Seca, we headed toward downtown Monterey to see the traditional Cannery row meet. Lot’s of bikes and among them a some very interesting custom and exotics such as the rare Honda RC45, Bimota 3D or a cool Kawa Turbo. The ambiance is typical of South California meets, bring family and friends of all ages.

Check the out the gallery, and now that you know where to go after the qualification laps, see you in Monterey next year.

We ran into Top Chef’s Fabio Viviani at the Red Bull Grand Prix in Mazda Raceways at Laguna Seca. Although Fabio was deeply focused on the track, he still took time for a pose. Fabio was cheering for the Italian Team, while climbing up the hill toward the best spot on the track, the famous ’Corkscrew’. At the end of the qualifying session Valentino Rossi, the fastest Italian on two wheels ended up at the 2 position.

TopSpeed with Top Chef's Fabio

Ducati presented at Mazda Raceways Laguna Seca a new version of their middleweight supersport model. The 848 Nicky Hayden Edition was unveiled by the Ducati Star itself and it will be produced in a limited number of 100 units and sold only in the USA.

What sets this bike apart from the standard model is the special Hayden paintjob and the pilot’s autograph on the gas tank, but also the $14,495 price tag (only $500 more than what you would pay for the regular version ).

This bike is the first Ducati to receive an official racing paint job as far as we can remember. It does look very good, but we prefer our Ducati plain red, away from the busy Japanese paint jobs.

Enjoy the gallery.

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BMW Germany launches a limited edition version of the G 450 X model. Called Factory Replica, the bike is meant to celebrate BMW’s full-season participation in the World Enduro Championship (WEC) as well as the good results obtained in the German Cross Country Championship (GCC) and the third place in Erzberg Rodeo.

The Factory Replica features graphics that were inspired by the above mentioned competitions, but also a stainless steel Akrapovic silencer and an extra chain guard.

BMW fans of the respective competitions should start digging in their pockets for €8,759 ($12,260) because BMW offers the G 450 X Factory Replica starting July 15 and until September 30.

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Christian Audigier has teamed up with Rever Corsa to create a special edition Ducati Monster 1100 . The bike’s choice is anything but random. Given the fact that the fashion designer worked at a Lamborghini Murcielago and a Ferrari Ferrari F430 Calavera in the past, the bike simply had to be made in Italy and what better choice than a new, big and red Monster model on which the dragon-tiger and gold paint to be applied.

The few but stylish touches of magic radically enhance the already consecrated Monster looks and show how unique style always comes at a cost. In this case, we’re talking about a $55,000 price tag for the limited edition Italian piece of motoring.

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Italy provides some of the most beautiful, high-performing examples of naked extravaganza (at least in what motorcycles are concerned), machines that end up setting the trend in their category and which will undoubtably end up museum pieces once their era is gone (yep, that’s hard to believe for me too).

Two such machines are built by Aprilia, the Tuono 1000 R and the Tuono 1000 R Factory, and are claimed to be leaders of their class as a result of being derived from their superbike siblings, the RSV4 and the RSV4 Factory . While we haven’t yet tested these bikes, we must say that the performance numbers (139hp and 107 Nm) speak for themselves.

Aprilia offers the Tuono 1000 R as a base model and the Factory version is no more than a lighter one as a result of being fitted with Ohlins suspensions and different carbon fiber pieces.

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Apparently, this guy considers himself a smaller Shaq O’Neal and, so, it is inspired by the famous big guy’s jumps over cars and barbeques to pull out this very stupid and unsuccessful attempt to jump over a speeding Kawasaki Ninja. Now that’s a very nice way of making sure that your family jewels will never be productive again!

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Roaring Toyz has just finished customizing this Suzuki GSX-R 1000 for Mat Mladin! Does the name sound familiar to you? Mat Mladin is the winner of six titles in the AMA Superbike Championship and the recent founder of Bike Gear Warehouse Company, which is also the reason why he ordered this custom made motorcycle.

The Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 by Roaring Toyz will be officially unveiled in two days at Laguna Seca and it will then start a promoting tour for the newly born company on all the tracks where AMA Superbike rounds are planned. The bike will then be taken to Australia (Mladin’s home country), where it will be used to promote Bike Gear Warehouse in their job of distributing Roaring Toyz custom sportbike parts.

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We rarely get to see an entirely new and truly amazing addition to the supersport category, but the year 2009 has been very bountiful from this point of view and, at least now, nobody has reasons to complain. While Japan carried on the refinement side, manufacturers in Europe concentrated on adding new, fierce competitors to challenge the old square in Japan. Ducati was already a strong player on the market, BMW introduced their all-new and extremely potent S 1000 RR and Aprilia comes with a unique recipe for success, one that is resumed by the RSV4 Factory model name.

Features such as the new 65-degree V4 engine displacing 999.6cc and the new ride-by-wire engine management system as well as the multi-adjustable perimetral aluminum alloy frame and Öhlins Racing suspension are sure to position the 2009 Aprilia RSV4 Factory on a well-deserved place in the top three greatest liter bikes on the market today.

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