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If you’re a married biker, you better hide this from your wife because you might just get into trouble if caught looking at it.

Indeed, Kawasaki motorcycles are know to be very “satisfying”, but I guess nobody thought at this before.

Kawasaki Love Positions? If there’s a girl involved, I’m in.

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Confederate Motor Company has presented to the public its third amazing example of Hollywood-worthy design and engineering in the form of the 2010 Confederate P120 Fighter. Even after the Hellcat and Wraith models, the P120 Fighter still looks like an alien rode it here from another planet. At least that’s what the crowd at the Quail Lodge seemed to be thinking this past weekend. The friends at autoblog were there and caught some nice pictures of the new bike, a 120 units Combat Edition.

Although it is scary enough from a standstill, the Confederate P120 Fighter relies on 160 hp and 145 foot-pounds of torque to keep things interesting once on its seat and it is all due to the 120-cubic-inch (1966cc) V-Twin motor. That’s the only thing that looks familiar on the bike.

Hit the jump for more details in the press release.

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MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi came in first this weekend in the Czech Republic and so managed to stand 50 points apart in the overall provisory top. Teammate Jorge Lorenzo wasn’t that lucky as he crashed out during his attempt to take the lead.

Dani Pedrosa was the second rider to pass the finish line and Toni Elias occupied the third position of the podium.

Read the race results after the jump.

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Chicara Nagata is an extremely dedicated custom motorcycle builder. He spends up to 8000 hours to build works of art such as the ones that he presents in the attached video. These are displayed at the Ippodo Gallery in NYC and sell for over $1 million each.

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Is it for real or is he acting? That’s the first question that goes through someone’s head when hearing about Justin Timberlake mounting and riding a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle. But it’s for real. The 28-year-old celebrity was pictured as a Harley bad boy just yesterday after lunching at Italian restaurant Cafe Med in Los Angeles. He was also wearing a very shiny half-helmet and a jacket from his fashion label, William Rast.

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Lazareth’s four-wheeled blast that is ridden like a motorcycle and is best known as the amazing quad of Batman junior, the Wazuma , has a mind-blowing price of 198,900 euro (around $284,300).

There’s nothing quite like it on the market, so we’ll have to wait and see how many wealthy people are willing to pay that much on a 500 hp machine that features no safety system, such as ABS or traction control.

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Ducati collectors are now offered the chance to bring a new rare piece of history to their spacious garages. This Ducati Supermono can be found on eBay UK and a trained eye will immediately recognize it as being part of a 70 examples lot that came out the Bologna factory back in the mid 1990s.

Weighing in at 269lbs and disposing of 81hp, the Ducati Supermono was created for track use only, where it is perfectly able to make quite an impression even today and compared with modern bikes.

This particular one is the 14th Supermono in the limited edition series and it was manufactured in 1995. What makes it even more special is its “new” condition, but also the fact that it is one of just 25 of the 572cc models produced.

The bid starts at £50,000 (around $84,000) and it ends today. Good luck!

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Matt Mingay is a stunt rider from Stuntz Inc performing on Harley-Davidson motorcycles such as the 2009 Fatboy and Ultra Glide as well as the Muscle and the Nightster . As crazy as it might sound, this guy manages to do with these bikes what few sport bike riders can with theirs.

Harley-Davidson has teamed up with Firestorm for the making of this video, which looks almost unrealistic due to the type of bikes involved. Believe it, it’s real!

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The Bumble B-King is the idea of a UK-based Suzuki dealer called West London Suzuki. The bike is inspired by the Chevrolet Camaro car called ‘Bumblebee’ from the Transformers movie and gets a similar paint job. Apart from the lively yellow color, this limited edition model also comes with Yoshimura exhaust and a crash protector kit (not shown in the present picture).

West London Suzuki does not mention the number of bikes that will be produced, but we hear that the price will be around £9500, which translates in $15,763. A color-matched helmet is included in the price.

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Orange County Choppers was commissioned by Siemens to build an entirely electric motorcycle in order to raise environmental awareness. Given the New York-based custom motorcycle builder’s tradition of building noisy and very spectacular choppers powered by a good old V-Twin engine, Siemens’s proposition might have sounded a bit unusual at first, but it was a challenge waiting to be taken.

The end result was unveiled yesterday at the Time Warner Center by Siemens and Paul Teutul Senior itself and we must say that it looks as good as any other OCC creation so far, if not even better, given the futuristic tendency.

But while the looks aspect is discussable, the incontestable fact is that the 27-horsepower electric motor from Advanced DC powers the Siemens electric chopper to a 100+ mph top speed. The six batteries take five hours to charge and supply the bike with electricity for around 60 miles, which is quite decent.

OCC built the Siemens bike in a single month and it is all on tape and scheduled to air on TLC on Thursday, October 22 at 9PM.

Siemens plans to take their bike on a worldwide tour in 2010 and then auction it and donate the money to "a charitable cause that will help benefit the environment." Yes, that means you can even end up owning it if you’re a man with deep pockets and the fact that OCC says that it currently has no plans to mass produce an electric chopper until demand is here, makes this creation even more unique.

See a video from the event and read the Siemens press release after the break.

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