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Even thought the Nevada Classic retains the Moto Guzzi look that has gone around the world over and over again, the 2009 bike is an absolutely modern version. Fuel injection is being used for a less-polluting engine and a stronger bang while its design makes it perfect for nostalgic riders. These will definitely appreciate the 87% brand new bike. Let’s see what it’s up to!

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When buying a motorcycle, some riders look for speed and others for comfort, but the most challenging part for motorcycle makers was to build one machine that meets these two requests. There you have the incredible Honda Goldwing meeting the comfort standards of even the most demanding riders, but you still have to earn enough money to buy and maintain such a model. The guy who did this to his Kawasaki Ninja clearly doesn’t, but we certainly can’t blame him for that. This is just an original way to make sure he still has a vertebral spine in his 70s.

Who among you will do the same thing to their sports motorcycle?

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Tron Legacy will be launched in 2010 as the continuation of the 1980s Tron and it will feature a new Tron light cycle. Given the fact that the Tron server is supposed to have improved its game for the past 20 years, the new bikes are now even more aggressive, but still quite unrealistic.

The teaser trailer of the new Tron has recently been released and it shows Jeff Bridges playing the role of Kevin Flynn again, which makes the sequel even more veracious.

Hit the jump to see a pair of light cycles dueling.

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Buell has recently launched the 2010 lineup and the implicit press release for it. From there, we’re caught up by the Lightning series, one that is diversified and so allows different categories of riders to find their place on one of the three models available: the XB12Ss, XB12Scg and XB9SX.

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This video is apparently one that shows nothing new in matter of crashes while drag racing. The rider of one bike released the clutch too fast, gave the bike too much gas, the front end lifted from the ground and he totally lost control. We can understand that. What we can’t understand is where that photographer was running to so fast that he couldn’t even managed to stay on his feet.

So know you know why people argue that much about author rights.

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We recently came across an out-of-the-way combination between a motorcycle and a coffin. No, we’re not aware of any biker actually crashing into a coffin. In this case, the coffin plays the comfortable role of the sidecar, which is attached to this pretty stock cruiser.

The bike is not even a herse and it is frequently ridden looking like this. What is your opinion about it? Or, better said, how do you think the passenger in the right feels like?

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We often hear people saying that, looked from above, the Ducati Monster has the general shape of a woman. Although, we didn’t go the whole way with the investigation, de decided to add a few “interesting” photos so that you can make your own and best idea about the bike and that possible resemblance with the shape of the sinuous woman body.

To be honest, this is no more or less than a reason to add these cool sexy pics, so enjoy the photo gallery!

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Buell’s entry-level segment is pretty much sorted out by the 2009 Blast model, a small, light and versatile motorcycle powered by a simple, but claimed very fuel efficient, 492 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine.

Among all models of the American motorcycle manufacturer, this is the only
one that gets a nice European look, but features such as the aggressive wheels, one-piece seat and belt final drive still set it apart.

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French tuner Ad Koncept has come up with a very interesting way to customize the 2009 Honda CBR1000RR , not that much in matters of technical upgrades but more in terms of extremely attractive styling. The new Playboy scheme looks simply awesome on the standard fairing, but we do notice the Ohlins suspension, new Brembo brakes and LeoVince exhaust as well as the Rizoma special kit that was added to the bike.

The new special livery is sure to make this bike stand out even more, especially if it is ridden by one of those bunnies that we all like.

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