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A French fan of Suzuki has imagined the Japanese manufacturer’s 2010 model range and put his Photoshop skills to work in a quite successful (in our opinion) attempt of showing how the B-King , GSX-R series, GSX650F , SV650 , SV1000 and DR-Z400SM might end up looking in the year to come.

While the visual changes imagined for each motorcycle aren’t dramatic, this might very well reflect reality for models which won’t be significantly upgraded.

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Harley-Davidson has recently launched the 2010 model range featuring nine brand new models. This is the effect of the company now investing in the brand, despite poor sales. The expected result is to conquer the new generation and so bring a new wave of Harley buyers.

The new models address to all kinds of riders and benefit of Harley’s new plating process called "Midnight Pearl" and used to add a nice detail to components such as the headlight cover, timer and derby covers, fender strut covers found on the CVO Fat Bob.

While the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110ci V-Twin engine is supposed to get at least a 50bhp power increase, the rest of the models will get "slammed suspension," and many many options such as a “flame paint scheme,” "a larger front wheel," "a new tail light assembly," " a slimmed-down exhaust," "new paint schemes and styling details" as well as a "a low, light and lean extreme profile”.

Hit the jump to read the official press release.

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It attracts with its simple and yet modern design, it is made in Italy and it will never disappoint when it comes to grabbing a handful of its throttle. Yes, it is the 2009 Moto Guzzi Breva 750, a bike that is light and very agile. These features make it perfect for female riders and there is also an optional low seat for that reason. The lively new colors and the less polluting engine will definitely attract an even larger category of motorcyclists, especially in Europe.

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Ronnie Renner broke his own world record established last year at the famous Santa Monica Pier, when he jumped 59’ from the ground with his KTM motorcycle during the third edition of the Red Bull Experiment.

Last Saturday in Chicago, the daredevil managed to reach 63’ 5" from the ground and his performance was certified by Guinness World Records, making the American motocross star the main attraction of the Red Bull High Rise event.

“It’s been crazy. I’m so pumped to have done it,” said Renner after his jumps. “What a killer vibe! All these people coming out to see me and they were psyched. I could hear the crowd cheering.”

Hit the jump to see the video from the amazing event.

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There’s nothing quite like combining work with relaxation and during our short trip to Constanta, Romania we happen to come across a Kawasaki VN900 Police Bike, which simply couldn’t miss from our vacation picture album. I started sharing impressions about the bike with the policeman and then asked him if he was kind enough to let us get a few pics of the bike that he was so proudly riding and he was ok with it.

Apart from Harley-Davidson, we didn’t happen to see any cruiser type police bikes so this Kawi got our complete attention before another police officer radioed in a hazardous situation and our point of admiration hit the road with the sirens on.

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Last week we made a post regarding the new Aprilia Tuono V4 , which was caught testing at the Mugello track and although we pretty much figured out the bike then, these latest spy pics of the same bike at Misano come to complete what we earlier wrote about this Italian piece of machinery.

As you can now better see, the bike is no more or less than a naked Aprilia RSV4 R, but we can now get a better glimpse of the small headlight unit and the exhaust, which looks like a modified rocket launcher. The bike is expected to feature a little bit of plastic on the sides, but nothing to set it way apart from these shots. They actually look like made by the Italian manufacturer itself.

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Even thought the Nevada Classic retains the Moto Guzzi look that has gone around the world over and over again, the 2009 bike is an absolutely modern version. Fuel injection is being used for a less-polluting engine and a stronger bang while its design makes it perfect for nostalgic riders. These will definitely appreciate the 87% brand new bike. Let’s see what it’s up to!

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When buying a motorcycle, some riders look for speed and others for comfort, but the most challenging part for motorcycle makers was to build one machine that meets these two requests. There you have the incredible Honda Goldwing meeting the comfort standards of even the most demanding riders, but you still have to earn enough money to buy and maintain such a model. The guy who did this to his Kawasaki Ninja clearly doesn’t, but we certainly can’t blame him for that. This is just an original way to make sure he still has a vertebral spine in his 70s.

Who among you will do the same thing to their sports motorcycle?

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Tron Legacy will be launched in 2010 as the continuation of the 1980s Tron and it will feature a new Tron light cycle. Given the fact that the Tron server is supposed to have improved its game for the past 20 years, the new bikes are now even more aggressive, but still quite unrealistic.

The teaser trailer of the new Tron has recently been released and it shows Jeff Bridges playing the role of Kevin Flynn again, which makes the sequel even more veracious.

Hit the jump to see a pair of light cycles dueling.

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