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An old Ducati 748 Biposto was auctioned with an estimated price of €3.000-€4.000 (the bike was sold at a final price of €2.925). The motorcycle’s specifications included a 748 cc DOHC liquid-cooled Desmo V-twin paired with a six speeds transmission. The bike on offer was an original example in red with gold wheels.

The Ducati 748 was launched in 1995 as the smaller sister to the 916 and eligible to compete in the 600 Supersport class against the 600-cc four-cylinder Japanese racers. It was available as an SP and a dual seat Biposto; the SP generated 104 horsepower at 11,000 rpm, while the Biposto used milder Strada cams and produced 98 horsepower. The SP topped out at 154 mph, the Biposto at 151 mph. A number of riders have observed that the 748 engine is actually sweeter and likes to rev more freely than the torquier 916, which probably accounted for the model’s popularity.

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A classic Ducati 900 Super Sport was auctioned with an estimated price of €2.800-€3.800 and was sold with at a final price of €1.755.

In a series of strokes, Ducati had divided its liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-valve competition department from its two-valve, air-cooled street bike fans. The 900 SS was so well sorted that it changed very little until it was replaced in 1997. The 900 Super Sport remains a definitive Ducati experience, and many have been kept for lengthy periods by proud owners.

The troublesome Weber carburettor was replaced with Mikuni flat slides in 1990, and after this tweak performance almost matched the fuel injected 907 IE Paso. The rake was steepened to 25 degrees, a shorter swing-arm reduced the wheelbase, and longer rear shock quickened the steering. Showa adjustable front forks replaced the Marzocchis, and bigger Brembo disc brakes were fitted. The clip-on bars were raised and the foot-pegs lowered.

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KTM revealed the 250 EXC-F Six days model which is a special edition especially tuned to withstand the demands of the “International Six Days Enduro” competition.

The race is a tough test for both the rider and its bike and it covers over a thousand kilometers. A complete package of high-quality special options makes the KTM 250 EXC‑F 2013 fit for this ruthless contest.

The KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days is powered by a 1-cylinder 4-stroke, water-cooled engine with a displacement of 248.60 cc. The 1 cylinder unit is paired with a Keihin engine management system which improves performance at high speeds. You also get electronic fuel injection, a 42 mm throttle body, automatic temperature and altitude compensation. Moreover, a map-select switch is available as an option and helps you chose from a variety of different engine characteristics.

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With its rugged and unstoppable character the KTM 450 EXC is able to deal with any type of terrain with poise. Moreover, its compact design and the stiff frame help it move with agility.

At the heart of the motorcycle lies a 1-cylinder 4-stroke, water-cooled engine with a displacement of 449.3 cc.

The stopping power is assured by Brembo brakes which include wave brake discs (260 mm front and 220mm rear). The further refined rear brake cylinder has a new internal mechanism that ensures less wear at the rubber seal and therefore greater durability.

The motorcycle rides on a pair of high quality KTM wheels with CNC-machined hubs. The wheels are wrapped in new MAXXIS FIM tyres which offer excellent traction.

The ride is kept in check by a front WP suspension up side down and a rear WP Suspension shock absorber.

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A classic Ducati 750 Super Sport was put on sale at an auction with an estimated price of €15.000-€20.000. This bike is in nice condition with good paint and chrome and alloy wheel rims.

When the 401 round-case 750 Ducati Super Sports were completed in 1974, two-strokes looked like they were going to dominate Formula 750, with the Yamaha TZ 700 leading the way. Ducati elected to contest endurance racing, which did not restrict engine size. They bumped up the 750 SS engine by using a pair of 450 racing pistons to create an 864-cc motor—the 900 SS.

In 1975, both the 900 SS and 750 SS used the square-case engine, with the 860 sleeved down to make the 750 SS. They were basically the same bare-bones production racers as the 1974 models, with right-side shift, a small CEV taillight, fibreglass gas tank, Conti pipes, open bellmouth carburettors and no turn signal provisions.

Only 246 ‘900 Super Sports’ and 249 ‘750 Super Sports’ were built, and an amazing 198 of the 500 went to Australia. The 1976 Super Sports would be civilised, with left-side shifting, steel gas tanks, carburettor air cleaners and quieter Lanfranconi mufflers (though Contis would usually be included in the crate).

Any 1975 750 Super Sport would be a rare find indeed these days, and this model is always sought after by serious Ducati collectors.

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As the 1970s wound down for Ducati, designer Fabio Taglioni found himself back in favour and produced a rabbit out of the hat. It was the 500-cc belt-drive camshaft V-twin Desmo Pantah, whose racing sibling, the TT2, would hand Ducati four Formula 2 world championships between 1981-84. Taglioni’s design was significantly smaller and quieter than the outgoing bevel-drive twins, as well as much cheaper to build. When the engine was boosted to 600 cc in 1980, the few teething troubles were solved, and the 600SL gained a better fairing and a hydraulic clutch. Electronics were by Nippon Denso, brakes were by Brembo, and top speed was increased slightly from the 500SL, at around 124 mph.

One of these classic models was put on sale with an estimated price of €3.500-€5.000. The bike on offer is finished in the distinctive silver fairing with red inserts and gold Campagnolo alloy rims, presented in good original condition aside from its modified fairing. At the heart of the motorcycle lies a 583 cc SOHC Desmo V-twin engine which sends power to the rear wheel through a five speeds.

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Japan was one of the biggest markets for Ducati in the 1980s but limited sport bikes to 400 cc, so smaller versions of the F1 were sold there as the F3 from 1986-88. A similar restriction in Italy was set at 350 cc, and a red and white F3 was sold there in, only available in 1986. The Japanese 400-cc F3 generated 45 horsepower, while the Italian 350 F3 made 42.5. Basic suspension was fitted to the little bikes: 35-mm Marzocchi forks and 260-mm dual discs with Brembo callipers. The two models each weighed 364 pounds, and the 350 F3 was tested at 110.8 mph, which is quite respectable.

A model of this type was auctioned with an estimated price of €4.000-€5.000. The motorcycle is a Special Edition in sound original condition, with a tasty red and white paint and a dual seat. Power comes from a 349 cc SOHC Desmo V-twin which is paired with a five speeds transmission.

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A unique Ducati 750 SS Corsa was auctioned with an estimated price of €40.000-€60.000. The bike was ridden by former Ducati test rider Carlo Saltarellie who partnered with four-time world champion Walter Villa in the Misano 12 Hour Endurance race in 1978.

The Ducati 750 SS Corsa is fitted with an Imola fairing and 1976 series NCR tank/seat unit. Power comes from a 750-cc Desmo V twin engine which remains one of the most significant two-wheeled designs ever created. The engine is mated on a five speed gearbox.

In terms of suspensions the Ducati 750 SS Corsa comes with Marzocchi special forks and Marzocchi adjustable rear shocks.

Other features include twin Dell’ Orto PHM 40-mm carburettors, a front oil cooler, endurance lights, competition exhaust, Veglia tachometer, lightweight clutch and flywheel. It has an original NCR frame steel “molibdeno.”

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The 350 EXC-F was especially prepared by KTM to be able to race in the "International Six Days Enduro" competition. This is the toughest competition today, and covers over a thousand of offroad kilometres, which means that the rider has to spent approximately 40 hours in the saddle.

The motorcycle is built on a lightweight frame made from high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel. This frame construction offers a first class lateral stiffness and is able to absorb jolts introduced by the suspension system without problems.

Power comes from a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition, liquid-cooled engine which has a displacement of 349.7 cc. The engine is combined with an advanced Engine Management System which works in conjunction with electronic fuel injection and a 42 mm throttle body.

Other features include the 4CS closed-cartridge fork from WP Suspension, black anodised handlebar with KTM Six Days logo, full rear brake disc, Camel SXS seat and a exhaust silencer with Six Days anodising (anthracite) and Six Days logo.

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The Ducati 916 was launched at the Milan Show in October 1993 and made even more of a splash than the Supermono did the year before. While the engine wasn’t significantly different from the 851, it was designed to be easier to service—which was a huge advance—and observers commented on the beautifully detailed workmanship. The engine developed 104.3 horsepower at 9,000 rpm, according to Cycle World, but improved aerodynamics made the 916 significantly faster, clocking 10.72 seconds for the quarter-mile at 130.62 mph and a top speed of 159 mph. The 916 won every magazine’s Bike of the Year award for 1994. The example on offer is a totally original and well-maintained example, in the less common and more attractive bright yellow colour, with gold wheels.

It is powered by a 916 cc liquid cooled DOHC Desmo V-twin engine which is paired with a six speed transmission and has an estimated price of 3.500-€5.000.

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