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With its classic design language, low slung stature, massive windscreen and the special seat design the Indian Chief Vintage LE is certainly a looker. This interesting motorcycle combines perfectly the Indian style with traditional elements and modern accents offering a fairly unique visual experience.

The most striking style details include the classic two-tone paint scheme, chrome highway pegs and the arrow-style shift rods.

The motorcycle is propelled by a Power Plus, air-cooled unit with a displacement of 105 cubic inches which sends its power to the ground through a six speed transmission.

The ride quality is kept in check by a 41 mm front fork (travel 4.25") paired with a rear single shock absorber (Travel 2.90").

The Indian Chief Vintage LE sits on 16 inch rims wrapped in 130/90-16 front and 150/80-16 rear white wall tyres.

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Indian is building a lot of anticipation for its new 2014 Chief. But after releasing the first image teaser followed by a small video, the company didn’t leak any other detailed picture of its new model, so everyone is eager to see the new Indian in “flesh and bones”.

The good part is that we have only 10 days left until the big revealing and Indian Motorcycles has already publish event schedules.

In the latest press release Indian confirmed that the 2014 Chief will make its worldwide debut on Saturday, August 3 at 999 Main Street at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame.

The event will be spiced up with live music, the presence of Mike Wolfe, a video tribute to the company’s history and test rides.

The 2014 Indian Chief will be available with a starting price of $18,999.

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Meet the Indian Chief classic a unique cruiser designed for those who like to travel with style. This unique motorcycle comes with a tasty design language that evokes the glorious past of the United States.

Our favorite features of the Indian Chief classic are the Indian Script tank design, warbonnet front fender and the two into one stainless steel exhaust system.

At the heart of this beauty lies a PowerPlus, air cooled, 105ci engine which delivers more than enough power and torque to help you deal effortless with highway traffic. Its power is kept in leash by a six speed gearbox.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the motorcycle rides on 16 inch wheels shod in 30/90-16 front and 150/80-16 tyres.

This exotic motorcycle is offered with a starting price of $26,499 and comes with one year warranty.

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The Indian Chief Vintage looks like a blast form the past. Its unique saddle, the Indian Scrip Tank design, the chromed spoke wheels and the tear drop halogen headlight combine to offer a timeless style.

Needless to say that the motorcycle was also designed with ergonomics in mind, thereby once on board you are welcomed by a comfortable saddle, a large wind screen and a perfectly angled handlebar which offers an upright riding position.

Other features worthy of being mentioned include whitewall tires, black and polished engine with chrome covers, chromed tear drop halogen headlamp, quick release saddlebags and two into one stainless steel exhaust system.

At the heart of the Indian Chief Vintage sits a Power Plus, air-cooled engine with a displacement 105 cubic inches which sends its power to the ground through a six speed transmission.

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The Indian Chief Dark Horse is certainly a stunning motorcycle. Due to its blacked-out appearance, it’s impossible for it to pass down the street without catching everyone’s attention.

It comes with a tasty warbonnet headdress tank design, matte-black spoke wheels, black engine with chrome covers and a thick, double-stitched solo black seat. You also get a massive headlight and a blacked-out exhaust that further enhance the “badass” look of the motorcycle.

This attractive design is backed up by a pretty lively Power Plus, Air-Cooled, 105 cubic inches engine which is mated on a six speed transmission. You’ll be happy to know that the engine is fed by a 5.5 gallon fuel tank which offers a pretty generous riding range.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse can be yours for no less than $36,899 and comes with two years warranty.

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All three words in the name of this bike exemplify the kind of machine this is. The Indian Chief Classic is as iconic a line to ever come out of the Indian Motorcycle brand.

Its design is simple in order to take advantage of its no-frills characteristics. Air-brushed pinstripes, a tear drop head lamp, a glass front fender light, a black and polished engine with chrome covers, a solo seat available in black leather, chrome-spoked wheels, traditional black wall tires, and the signature Indian script complete the custom quality paint on each and every Indian Motorcycle, including the Chief Classic.

The classic looks are a sight to behold and although the design is relatively light on details, the Indian Chief Classic more than makes up for in its performance. Thanks to a modern 105 cc Power Plus engine that comes with a full chrome package and a 2-into-1 stainless steel exhaust system, the Chef Classic is the kind of classic cruiser that holds more purpose and function than people think.

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Together with the Indian Chief Classic and the Chief Vintage, the Chief Dark Horse is one of three Indian Motorcycle models that will be offered for 2012.

Of the three, you could make a case that the sexiest of the lot is the Chief Dark Horse, which comes with a matte black finish, a classic painted Indian headdress logo on the tank, a two-into-one stainless steel exhaust, a color-matched, die-cast console, a matte black teardrop headlight, smoke black (matte) rims, and a tank-mounted speedometer with controls.

As far as performance goes, the Chief Dark Horse carries the same engine as its brethren: a Powerplus 105 cubic-inch air-cooled V-twin engine with closed loop sequential port fuel injection, six-speed transmission, and belt final drive. In addition, all of those also have Brembo triple-disc brakes, 5.5-gallon fuel tanks, dual 12V accessory outlets, and claimed dry weights around 750 pounds.

The Chief Dark Horse retails for $27,999 and comes with a two-year warranty. Needless to say, it’s the kind of bike that owners will have no regrets buying.

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The 2012 Indian Chief Vintage carries the same elements of the 1840 Chief, the bike it is based on. From the the two-tone paint schemes based on the 1948 Chief, to the chrome Indian tank badge, and the fender light that will bring you back to the era where the Indian Chief ruled the highway, the new Chief Vintage is the perfect antidote to your nostalgia.

The design of the bike is straight out of a time machine. Great tan leather with fringe wraps the solo seat and saddlebags to create a distinctive nostalgic look in the Chief Vintage. It’s then complemented by b60-spoke chrome wheels with classic whitewall tires, resulting in a more complete vintage appearance. Suffice to say, the Indian Chief Vintage is a minimalist’s retro bagger.

Other styling touches done on the new Chief Vintage include fully fringed bags and deeply valanced fenders. This is the Indian bagger for the rugged individualist. Braving the elements, which are protected only by a windshield, will bring you a Power Plus 105 cubic inch powerplant that stretches its legs through a six-speed transmission.

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Not few of Steve McQueen’s toys were recently added to Bonhams for the annual Classic California auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Most importantly, the auction – which is scheduled for next month – includes a 1914 Indian Model F Boardtrack Racer.

The Hollywood legend owned the single-cylinder 500cc motorcycle untill he passed in 1980. The old Indian was first auctioned four years later. If you’re a fan of the iconic and rare piece of machinery and also want that celebrity feel together with it, find out that the auction will start at around $46K.

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With the motorcycle industry’s never ending progress as a result of new, more advanced technologies it is sometimes nice to just lay back and enjoy an awesome idea for a picture such as this one right here. It shows a 1908 Indian motorcycle and a 2008 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol racing bike. Obviously, the progress the world has witnessed in the past 100 years has been amazing, so the question just pops: what we’ll be riding when this Honda will occupy the Indian’s place in this picture?

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