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Together with the Indian Chief Classic and the Chief Vintage, the Chief Dark Horse is one of three Indian Motorcycle models that will be offered for 2012.

Of the three, you could make a case that the sexiest of the lot is the Chief Dark Horse, which comes with a matte black finish, a classic painted Indian headdress logo on the tank, a two-into-one stainless steel exhaust, a color-matched, die-cast console, a matte black teardrop headlight, smoke black (matte) rims, and a tank-mounted speedometer with controls.

As far as performance goes, the Chief Dark Horse carries the same engine as its brethren: a Powerplus 105 cubic-inch air-cooled V-twin engine with closed loop sequential port fuel injection, six-speed transmission, and belt final drive. In addition, all of those also have Brembo triple-disc brakes, 5.5-gallon fuel tanks, dual 12V accessory outlets, and claimed dry weights around 750 pounds.

The Chief Dark Horse retails for $27,999 and comes with a two-year warranty. Needless to say, it’s the kind of bike that owners will have no regrets buying.

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The 2012 Indian Chief Vintage carries the same elements of the 1840 Chief, the bike it is based on. From the the two-tone paint schemes based on the 1948 Chief, to the chrome Indian tank badge, and the fender light that will bring you back to the era where the Indian Chief ruled the highway, the new Chief Vintage is the perfect antidote to your nostalgia.

The design of the bike is straight out of a time machine. Great tan leather with fringe wraps the solo seat and saddlebags to create a distinctive nostalgic look in the Chief Vintage. It’s then complemented by b60-spoke chrome wheels with classic whitewall tires, resulting in a more complete vintage appearance. Suffice to say, the Indian Chief Vintage is a minimalist’s retro bagger.

Other styling touches done on the new Chief Vintage include fully fringed bags and deeply valanced fenders. This is the Indian bagger for the rugged individualist. Braving the elements, which are protected only by a windshield, will bring you a Power Plus 105 cubic inch powerplant that stretches its legs through a six-speed transmission.

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Not few of Steve McQueen’s toys were recently added to Bonhams for the annual Classic California auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Most importantly, the auction – which is scheduled for next month – includes a 1914 Indian Model F Boardtrack Racer.

The Hollywood legend owned the single-cylinder 500cc motorcycle untill he passed in 1980. The old Indian was first auctioned four years later. If you’re a fan of the iconic and rare piece of machinery and also want that celebrity feel together with it, find out that the auction will start at around $46K.

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With the motorcycle industry’s never ending progress as a result of new, more advanced technologies it is sometimes nice to just lay back and enjoy an awesome idea for a picture such as this one right here. It shows a 1908 Indian motorcycle and a 2008 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol racing bike. Obviously, the progress the world has witnessed in the past 100 years has been amazing, so the question just pops: what we’ll be riding when this Honda will occupy the Indian’s place in this picture?

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This year’s ‘Old Indians Never, Ever Die’ vintage motorcycle rally held in Pebbleshire, Scotland between 24th and 26th of July gathered no less than 400 vintage Indians, which is very impressive to see on the old continent.

Proud of their achievement (and this was just the second time they got together the impressive number of Indian motorcycles and owners), the organizers will release a 1 hour long documentary about it. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the trailer.

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Back in the early days of motorcycling, manufacturers didn’t just do a promotional video of the final product as it was being ridden down the highway as convincing as that might have been for the rebel riders of the time. Instead, they would have taken the viewer (and possibly future customer) through the entire building process so that they knew what they’re machines were made of.

This is an Indian Chief promotional video from their factory in Springfield, Massachusetts. At that time, there were no automatic assembly lines that would take care of at least part of the building process so it was all done by dedicated Indian workers.

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Indian Motorcycle marks the greatest 2009 comeback in the wonderful world of cruisers with their Chief lineup, the only one of the oldest motorcycle maker in America. Complex and unique, the models offered by Indian may look like impossible to beat, but Harley-Davidson and the Japanese crowd aren’t going to give up that easily.

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It seems that nowadays, old and originally kept motorcycles are as appreciated as highly developed ones that have just gone out the production line and I can understand why.

For example, this 1908 Indian Torpedo Tank board track racer was displayed at the Legend of the Motorcycle show in Half Moon Bay, CA, in May, ’08 and it won several awards, including Best of Show. That is truly worthy of appreciation for a century old motorcycle kept in original condition or, better said, a true, unrestored “barn find”.

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What you could find out from our website in last month’s news is now reality and also caught on tape. Indian Motor Company has recently opened their first dealership, close to the factory where the bikes are being produced and here’s the video from the event that took place on the 4th of October.

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The revamped American maker will inaugurate on the 4th of October its first modern day showroom in Lowell, close to the plant where the bikes are being produced. Indian plans on sharing the joy of opening the Indian Motorcycle Charlotte with fans so they will be invited on a tour of the nearby factory (Battleground Road in Kings Mountain) and be offered food, refreshments and music from Swampdawamp as well as special music guest Cottonmouth. Make sure to be there at 1pm. The company’s show trailer will be brought to the event.

On next year’s Chiefs, Indian retains the classic design, but brings great touches of modernity such as the electronic fuel injection on the 105 cubic inch V-Twin engine that produces 100 lb-ft of torque. Easy to develop soft spots for and an Indian emblem, the white wall tires are nicely contoured by sweeping fenders while the unique pin striping and studded saddle define Indian Motorcycles.

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