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The Suzuki B-King was introduced a few years ago on a market apparently eager for a naked version of the notorious Hayabusa, but the sales charts have disappointed Suzuki and the project represents too much of an investment for them to simply discontinue it, so the solution is to make it more attractive for potential buyers. That goal appears to be accomplished on the 2010 model year, which gets a nice blue/white color scheme and 1970s style gold rims.

This is the only bit of information about the 1300cc Japanese naked, but the bike appears to be unchanged apart from that. Sure, you all could have lived with shorter silencers, but Suzuki is keen on the rocket-launcher ones, so that’s what you’ll keep on getting.

It is not yet confirmed if the flashy color scheme will be available for bikes shipped over to the US and the price will be announced.

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Café racing passionate Sivert Raask from Sweden has recently presented his latest work, the Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Café Racer, which he seriously modified using parts from his own rear-sets and accessories shop, Raask. The bike gets a Ducati 900 tank, home-made seat as well as new exhausts and bikini fairing.

You can imagine where the rearsets and new speedometer have come from, but this actually looks like a great achievement considering that the Triumph Thunderbird isn’t a naked bike, but a veritable cruiser, meaning a long way from being turned into a café racer. Yet this one is and a very nice one too.

Raask bought the motorcycle new in August and transformed it over the winter. This is by far the first café racer he built and we reckon it won’t be the last either. Just read what the man has to say about his passion for café racers:

“Café racers have always been my favourite bikes. Back in 1967 I bought a boat ticket from Gothenburg to London, bought a used Norton Atlas, then brought it home and rebuilt it as a café racer.I did the same with a Commando.”

“More recently I’ve built café racer versions of the latest Bonneville and Rocket III so when I first saw the new Thunderbird I immediately thought it would be perfect to make into a café racer.”

And he did, right before Christmas, but we hear it wasn’t test ridden yet, so we should find out more about it after the Triumph Thunderbird Café Racer starts doing what it knows best.

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Triumph’s 2010 model range has two new Special Edition models, the Daytona 675 SE and Thunderbird SE.

The British manufacturer’s high spec middleweight supersport bike, the Daytona 675 SE stands out both from the standard model and from the previous SE model thanks to new flank graphics, white striped wheel, race-inspired brake and clutch levers and a host of carbon parts from Triumph’s accessories catalogue. This bike will hit dealerships on March 1st and have a price tag of $12,700.

In what the 2010 Triumph Thunderbird SE is concerned, it comes with standard ABS and gets the all-new Carnival Red color. Various genuine Triumph accessories are available for this model too. Expect to find the 2010 Thunderbird SE in dealerships from early March with an MSRP of $18,900.

Apart from the above mentioned, both bikes are technically unchanged from their standard siblings.

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With his Nomad Project, Jason Battersby imagines the motorcycle of the future truly as a mechanical horse. This should allow riders to traverse all kinds of terrains, but I don’t know why I’m having a feeling this won’t ever see the light of day.

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This Honda CB750 café racer was created by Japanese custom builder Whitehouse together with Japanese retailer Motorimoda and it is actually called CB750 Café Type Motorimoda. What first meets the eye is the 1970s racing styling achieved with the use of modern materials such as carbon fiber, from which several parts have been made. These, together with the aluminum gas tank lighten this custom CB750 with 33 lbs (15 kg).

Underneath the aerodynamic fairing sits an original carbureted, air-cooled, four-cylinder engine that delivers 20hp more than the original production version after being tuned and getting a new exhaust.

So, with less weight, more power and much better looks, this café racer qualifies for the very special price of $29,290.

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When it comes to the future’s green bikes, the main trend seems to be towards electric power, comfort and practicability. While this concept bike designed by Nicholas Holland is anything but comfortable or practical, it does shine in the alternative energy chapter as the whole brilliancy of it spins around the idea of having an intense magnetic field (which is highly energy efficient as it reduces friction) produced by the giant loop passing through the front wheel. Apart from spinning the wheel and setting the bike in motion, the magnetic field also rotates the axis when steering.

Considering that it was designed as an urban commuting vehicle, this concept bike looks a bit too complicated, but as long as it makes everyone look like Batman’s sidekicks it’s ok with us.

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British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph has just released a video showing their 2010 models in action just so that they get our juice flowing ahead of the new motorcycle riding season. Most of their 2010 bikes are being produced with little modifications and only get new colors as Triumph, like most other bike manufacturers, likes to play it safe until the global economy starts spinning its wheels more rapidly.

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While Kawasaki discontinued their 1990s Zephyr 1100, the bike remains popular among those with an affinity for large-displacement nakeds and it even got a 2010 makeover from the Japanese tuner Moriwaki. The bike looks gorgeous with the dark blue/yellow color scheme, but this is one of those cases when the “more than meets the eye” part is what really makes all the difference.

This thing is powered by a big bore 1258cc inline-four engine breathing out through a hand made exhaust system and developing a decent 110bhp. While bringing in a new clutch and suspension, Moriwaki also fitted their latest idea for a Kawi Zephyr with a computer designed, aluminum alloy swingarm in order to stiffen up the rear end as well as make possible the use of a 180 section rear wheel and tire.

Is it just us or this is the best looking Kawasaki Zephyr around?

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Ducati’s Borgo Panigale factory turns similar to a motorcycle saloon booth every time a new model joins the lineup and this time it was the turn of the Multistrada 1200 to be the soul of the party. The first bike, a white S model to be precise, rolled off the assembly line a couple of days ago and the event took place in the presence of Production Director Silvano Fini, Ducati Motor CEO Gabriele Del Torchio and Product Director Claudio Domenicali, not to mention the crowd of proud workers. We can only imagine how satisfying moments like these are for everybody involved.

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Designer Pablo de Chaves has recently published online his latest creation which he calls 599 Blue Label. The racing bike is designed for the new Moto2 series after de Chaves worked for Bottpower’s Moto2 bike and, like all Moto2 bikes, will be powered by a 600cc 4-stroke engine. A highly refined chassis is claimed to make all the difference while the aerodynamic fairing reduces drag to a minimum and offers a lot of room for racing numbers and sponsor decals.

The 599BL looks like a fast way to go around the racing track, so let’s just hope someone decides it should actually do that.

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