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Spanish actor Antonio Banderas officially presented yesterday in Madrid his Moto2 team called Jack&Jones by Antonio Banderas, which will compete in the Moto2 World Championship.

The 49-year-old Hollywood star is no stranger to motorcycles as he bought his first motorcycle more than 30 years ago and can now brag about a decent collection involving all types of motorcycles from touring to dirt ones.

Banderas about his passion for motorcycles and racing: “I am a motorcycle lover, and I’ve been a big fan in recent years. This gave me the opportunity to compete on the inside and I didn’t have to think about it!”

For the 2010 World Championship, which will debut this weekend in Qatar, Banderas hired riders Kenny Noyes and Joan Olivé and says: “I want to be involved with the team where the riders, both Joan and Kenny, have everything they need to compete at the highest level.”

Source: motogp
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As cities are getting crowdier every day, more and more urban electric concept vehicles emerge and this precise one called the E-TX Urban looks kind of good. Entirely electric, rechargeable via an AC outlet and powered by a Roadson Etronic 16 generator developing an impressive 132.5 kw, this is the kind of electric bike a wheelie lover would ride in the future.

French designer Bako claims a top speed of 150 mph, but that’s a bit unrealistic as the 2010 Zero Street , which is now being produced, tops out at 67 mph. That’s the big and important part that currently makes the E-TX Urban a concept vehicle.

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Take a look at what the guys over at Adrenalin Moto in the UK did to a Harley-Davidson XR1200 . It looks neat and fast to us and, if you can believe it, this is actually a café racer. Harleys are probably the last bikes you’d want to modify in such a way, but the XR1200 model loves being fitted with parts such as the Ducati 900SS fairing, projector headlight, carbon fiber side panels and a high level two-into-one stainless steel exhaust system, just to mention a few.

While overall weight is reduced with no less than 83.8 lbs, the XR1200 Café Racer gets a paintjob replica of Cal Rayborn’s XR750TT racebike. The only thing we don’t like as much about it is the fairing, which kind of makes the bike look dated. Most likely a bikini fairing would have looked better, but I guess they needed wind protection.

Clearly, those brits can transform any motorcycle into a café racer. Sadly, this one is not for sale.

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The café racer style may not have started on Japanese bikes, but it does help turn some of these into absolutely gorgeous machines. For example, this 1975 Suzuki GT550 (I know, it looks brand new) is probably the coolest café racer approach on a classic Japanese bike.

Thomas Leeming from Montana recently finished building it and he doesn’t forget to mention some of the changes he has done: "pipes by Omar’s. Electronic ignition. Battery, oil tank and electrics are hidden under the seat cowl."

What we like the most about the Suzuki GT550 cafe racer is the racy and yet classy look given by the bike’s stance and the multitude of shiny bits and parts. More pics after the jump.

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The Honda XRV 750, better known as the Africa Twin, is a legendary model of the Japanese manufacturer, appreciated as being one of the most robust and reliable motorcycles ever produced by Honda.

While several rumors from last year announced the fact that Honda will most likely produce a descendent of the Varadero model powered by a V4 engine, the Italians from infomotori assure about the reviving of the renowned adventure model seven years after being removed from the Honda lineup.

Apparently, the future Africa Twin will be powered by a new 1000cc V2 engine, 200cc less than what the competition has to offer. Look at motorcycles such as the BMW R1200GS, Yamaha Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré and Ducati Multistrada for a comparison base. Still, Honda will have to ensure similar performance figures while weight should be significantly down.

Like in the case of yesterday’s Aprilia Tuareg rendering , the Honda should have chain final drive and a 21-inch front wheel.

Expect Honda to introduce the all-new XRV 1000 Africa Twin at the EICMA show in Milan.

We will come back on this subject as soon as we have more details.

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Italian motorcycle magazine Motociclismo has just revealed a sketch that they’ve put together as a result of rumors about Aprilia planning to launch a big-bore adventure tourer. Called the Aprilia Tuareg, the motorcycle would be a 1200cc adventure-sports one, which positions it up against BMW’s recently disputed king, the R1200GS and rivals Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré and Ducati Multistrada .

With that being taken into consideration, Aprilia would really have to get the most out of the 1200cc V-twin engine suppose to power their future desert bike, while also keeping it under the 200kg (440lbs) weight limit imposed by the desire for competitiveness.

As this rendering reveals, the dual-purpose bike will come with a 21-inch front wheel, while a street version featuring a 19-inch one isn’t out of the equation either.

We will come back on this subject as soon as more details are available.

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You can spend a lot of money on a custom bike designed and built to suit your taste and still feel like the thing isn’t even yours? Maybe it is because you haven’t put your blood, sweat and tears into it. Take this case for instance. This 1976 Honda Gold Wing GL1000 powered by a gold four-cylinder engine was found on eBay and after being bought and given a magic touch, it has turned into a veritable café racer.

A simple look at it is enough to suspect this bike required some serious modifications, but we’ll have to say that a black and gold paint job, new tail section and fairing as well as new exhaust pipes do the trick in this case. The rest is just what makes the bike feel like belonging to a rider – all the time and energy put into it.

So, was it all worth it? Well, the thing is now Bike of the Month, March 2010 over at Naked Goldwings, so you decide.

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There are plenty of ways to customize a motorcycle, but we’ve never heard or seen cartoon characters decorating the bodywork of a motorcycle before. Well, there’s a first time for everything and this one comes form the 2010 Moehaku event in the Sankaku Complex.

The auto and moto show there saw plenty of manga motorcycles, as they are being called after receiving the anime characters and we’ve come to find these actually make Japanese bikes look more authentic.

Also, kids love the two-wheeled beasts with their favorite Japanese cartoon characters on them, but we all know what their fathers love and it all sits underneath the shiny paint and picturesque decals. More pictures after the jump.

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Until we’ll be able to fly our way around the cities, designers will be coming up with interesting solutions for our urban transportation needs and one of them is precisely the Taurus concept vehicle.

Designed by Erik Lanuza, the bike is more like a Segway you sit down on and works on the same principle. This means the self balancing vehicle, which features sufficient safety mechanisms, responds to the rider’s front-rear body posture in order to move forward and stop, while direction is changed using the bull-like handles.

Light, rather small and easy to park, the Taurus looks like it can make life easier in the city, but also cleaner as it would be powered by zero emissions electric motors, making it eco-friendly also.

The reason why these sorts of concept vehicles are being released is to test the public. So, would you ride such a think if it would see production?

Source: atcrux
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Motorcycle designer and builder Andrew Morris is the kind of fan that gets stuff done from special reasons and he recently presented his 250bhp turbocharged tribute to Barry Sheene at Goodwood. The bike is called the Icon Sheene and dubbed ‘the ultimate road bike’. A simple look at it is what it takes to understand why.

When asked about his favorite Grand Prix motorcycle road racer Morris said: “Barry Sheene was a hero – of mine and everyone else. I believe the Icon Sheene is a fitting tribute to this remarkable man and I’m very fortunate to have his family’s backing for the project.”

Source: MCN

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